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How is it that long three-day holiday weekends seem much shorter than your regular, quickie 2-day weekends? Oh, how I pine for the days of financial stability without working for someone other than myself. Soon. Not soon enough, but soon.

Back to work this morning – listened to report from over the weekend and it sounds like a few of my patients aren’t doing to well, which will make for a busy day. Chris is flying to Atlanta, as we speak ( I type and as you read) – – I won’t go into the details of my neurosis suffered every single flippin’ time he flies. Someday, I will overcome this.

Odds and Ends from the weekend:

–> Spent the day at the family BBQ yesterday. It rained. Again.
–> My sister and her husband were conversational with me. Very odd.
–> Found out that I may be hosting the family BBQ on July 4th. Eeek!
–> Had the worlds most wonderful hug this morning before Chris left.
–> Two cars = he drives himself to the airport. Unsure if I like it.
–> My dad has been under the weather for a few weeks. I’m worried.
–> My daughter has her talent show tomorrow. I’m excited for her.
–> My son graduates 8th grade next week. One down. One to go.

Alright. Alright. (grumble). Time to make the donuts.

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  1. I wondered that myself. Why does a longer weekend seem so much shorter than a regular weekend? The world may never know. Still sux! So your sweetie is coming near my neck of the woods! I left the Atlanta area Sunday. Back in my own little hole in the ground I call home. I love to travel, but I think I love coming home even more!

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