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I’m nuts and crazy. Both, at the same time.

For those who have been reading for awhile – you know that before quitting my job and taking the leap into full self-employment with my hosting and design biz, I worked as a Registered Nurse in hospice.

When I left, I walked away from 15 years of a career dedicated to nursing. My burn-out level was pretty high. My boss, at the time, stunk. Overall, I was ready for the leap and for the move.

What I didn’t count on was missing my patients and the work that I did.

I happened to get an email from the office manager at the home hospice I used to work at. When I left, I remained with them on an ‘on-call’ basis, only. Except, I got so busy with my business that I failed to call them for work when I wanted it. Truth is, I didn’t want it – at the time.

She emailed today, out of the blue, just wanting to know how I was doing and if I was still alive because they hadn’t heard a word from me since September.

I called her. We chatted and caught up a bit – – she passed the phone around so I could chat with my old co-workers. One of those co-workers, it turns out, was promoted to the position of director and she and I chatted for a long time.

One thing lead to another, and the next thing I know – I’m back on their ‘active’ list for on-call nurses.

I agreed to take on-call for them two days a month. I can’t really committ to more than that, at the moment. But, I miss the people and miss the interaction that I used to have when I wasn’t working from home. So, I think this will be nice – – and if I can’t handle 24 hours a month doing something that I really do enjoy, then there is no hope for me.

In the grand tradition of nursing facilities abusing their nurses . . she’s put me on call tomorrow night. No time like the present, right?

The conversation went something like this:

Tina: Well, that’s great – – we really do miss you and I could really use your expertise.

Me: Thanks – I miss it quite a bit and think it’ll be nice to get out and do the ‘patient’ thing a couple times a month.

Tina: Which reminds me – – can you work tomorrow?

Me: Gee – Tina. I’m SO happy I called you today!

She roped me in.

I haven’t done it in about 5-6 months – so wish me luck!

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6 thoughts on “Back in the saddle”

  1. It really as more to do with getting my sorry ass out of the house more often, and creating the reason to do it. Otherwise I’d sit and work in my little hole in the wall all day long.

    Of course, the extra dough never hurts 🙂

  2. you know you can just go visit them….. lol. Oh well Glad you are getting back into that, to be honest I thought you were still doing it anyway, in any event even though you are doing very well in your new proffession it never hurts to keep your oar in with the nursing.

  3. I’d say good for you and good luck, but it sounds like it’s more good for them and I know you’ll do great. 🙂

    So am I the only one visualizing Lisa showing back up to work wearing only chaps and a cowgirl hat???? 😈

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