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Ahh…it’s nice to get away, but always a good thing to come back home again.

I spent the weekend in Atlanta – flew out Friday and just got home this evening. It was a nice weekend..good to get away for a short time. The Murder Mystery Dinner was fun, too . . it was a fun whodunnit type thing.. we all had to dress up in costume and all – – I was a 1940’s-style investigative reporter (I’ll have pictures later). That was Saturday night – the rest of the weekend was just pure relaxation and time spent with friends.

Today – was a bit stressful. Chris was supposed to fly home with me – however, when he went on-site to deal with some of his client’s issues, they found that they needed him on-site a few days more and he couldn’t fly home with me. So Tammy took me to the airport and I flew home by myself (sniff sniff). The flight was delayed a bit – which is no big deal. When I got to the airport in Milwaukee, I had to hunt down the truck (Chris had driven himself to the airport earlier in the week – – on Friday, I got a ride down from my dad so that we didn’t have BOTH cars in the $10/day parking garage). I had no idea where he parked it – – and I kept hitting the panic button on the remote thingy — but I was hearing nothing. After about 30 mins of searching, I finally found it.

Only to find the battery completely dead. Apparently, Chris used the radar detector on the way down to the airport on the morning he went – but never turned it off. It was plugged into the lighter (hooked to…the BATTERY!) and it doesn’t shut off when you shut the car off. It couldn’t be THAT simple, could it? It has it’s own on/off switch which he left ON!

So, the battery is dead. I had to call airport maintenance and sit and wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. Until they finally came to give me a jump.

Finally – I was on my way home.

My phone rang. It was my daughter informing me that I needed to pick up milk and coffee (I was out of Espresso Beans!!! THAT is a crisis of monstrous proportions!). So, fine – – I go pick up milk.

Then I pull up to the drive-through at Starbucks to get the beans. I sit there at the little drive up microphone/speaker thingy and wait. “Hello??” And wait. (louder) “HELLO???” And wait. Finally, I pulled up to their window – and no one is there – yet, I know they are open because I see people inside. So, I pull around and pull up to the speaker thingy again. And wait. “Hello??”

The guy finally takes my order. When I pull up to the window he says “Were you just here and drove around?” I say “Yes” – “Sorry,” he says “the battery in my headphone thing was dead and I was getting it changed.”

What is this? The night for dead batteries everywhere??

I take my beans and finally go home. I started out my day at the airport at noon and finally walked in my door at 9pm – – and it’s only an hour and 30 minute flight!

Time for bed for me. Tomorrow is a new day – – and, thankfully, I have milk, coffee and NO flights to catch!

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10 thoughts on “Back Home”

  1. Glad to hear you made it back safely and have some fresh coffee to enjoy.

    Oh by the way, I tried to post earlier this morning but the battery on my laptop was dead.:)

  2. Funny, Bob :”>

    Oh, and this morning? My son woke up late for school and I had to take him in. The battery on his alarm clock was dead.

    True story.

  3. Maigh – There’s absolutely NO excuse for my behaviour. I’m sorry and beg forgiveness ^:)^

    The trip was sprung on me kind of last minute by that well-meaning boyfriend of mine who thinks I have nothing better to do than to hop a flight to Atlanta to have dinner!

    I swear… now? The next time I’m down there I’m just gonna have to stalk you, after all your whining! :-ss

  4. Likely story. I’m just sayin’ that you and I in the pubs in my hood would be somethin’ else.

    I don’t blame you for letting your man monopolize your time…if I had one maybe I’d care less about you visiting me!


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