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At the age of 35, our local school district is responsible for making me a grandmother, my 60 year old mother a great-grandmother, which makes my 12 year old daughter a mother.

For the weekend, only. Her name is Layla.

My daughter is going through some Family Living program called “Baby, think it over” – geared towards teaching teenagers about parenthood and toward the prevention of teenage pregnancy by showing the kids that parenthood isn’t as cool as it may seem.

Does it seem cool? I can’t imagine that it does.

Anyways . . . . .

My daughter comes home today with Layla. Not just any baby — but bionic baby! Layla is electronic. She is activated at a certain time (we activated her today at 4pm) and she is ‘on’ for the next 72 hours. She has a head that goes back and fourth – – so if you don’t support the head…she cries. LOUD. She only stops crying after you’ve rocked her gently for at least 45 seconds.

Believe me – – Layla has motion sensors, so she knows if she’s being rocked or not. She’ll stop crying after being rocked — and start crying again if she hasn’t been rocked enough.

She cries if she needs her diaper changed. No – – she doesn’t wet or anything like that. However, the diapers have a sensor in them – – which reacts with a sensor in the baby’s back. There are two diapers – – each have different sensors. So you can’t just move the sensor around to make it think the diaper has been changed. It is expecting you to take the diaper off and put the new one (with the different sensor) on. That is the only way Layla will stop crying.

You know the baby’s needs have been taken care of when it coo’s.

Layla cries when she needs to be fed. She has a bottle that has a sensor in the tip — that reacts with a sensor in her mouth. She makes sucking noises when being fed – – and cries, immediately when you remove the bottle – – if she isn’t done eating. When she’s done eating – – she coo’s. You remove the bottle – – and she instantly starts crying – – because she needs to be burped, of course. You burp her by patting between her shoulder blades, gently.

Again with the sensors! She knows if you’re patting her – – and when she is done – – instead of cooing, she will burp.

Sometimes she will just be fussy and cries for no reason – – and won’t stop for up to 6 minutes. There is nothing you can do at this point except wait it out.

And, of course – – she sleeps.

She is programmed to do these things at various times during the 72 hours the ‘mother’ has the child. I imagine that my daughter will be a tremendous crank by the end of the weekend…because Layla has been activated for a total of 5 hours so far . . . and my daughter thinks that Layla has already lost her charm.

You can read about this program at this link: Baby, think it over

Oh – and my daughter has to wear a ‘sensor’ bracelet. It’s one of those plastic wrist bands, like the ones they put on you at the hospital – – ones that you can’t get off unless you cut it. It has a sensor in it, as well. So Layla will start to fuss and cry if her mother isn’t close to her. If my daughter cuts the bracelet off – – Layla will cry all weekend, non-stop.

Layla has a recording device inside of her which records the entire 72 hours. When she turns Layla back into her teacher – – the teacher removes the recording device and will be able to grade her on how long it took for Layla to have her needs met. She’ll be able to see if Layla was rough handled or neglected . . . or shaken. It will tell the teacher if Layla cried for longer than 60 seconds. That is how my daughter will be graded

I think it’s an interesting program. As I’m writing this entry – – my daughter came into my office with Layla, very upset because Layla has been crying for 5 minutes and won’t stop no matter what she does. My daughter was near tears herself – – frustrated….said she tried absolutely everything and Layla still won’t stop crying!!

I said, “Sometimes babies do that. They cry and fuss for, seemingly, no reason.” Then I explained the definition of ‘colic’ to her. I lead her down memory lane back about 11 years and 8 months and told her stories about a very cute baby girl who had colic and would cry for up to 2 hours at a time, no matter what the baby’s mother did to soothe her. It can be a very frustrating and helpless feeling – – but that particular baby’s mother never received a class on parenting, so she should consider herself luckier than most.

This should be quite a weekend around here!

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  1. Im now taking this class,(child development)Im in 11th grade right now and also 5 months pregnent, I wish they would have offered this class when I was in 8th grade but maybe this class will prepare me, I get to take home the, (baby think it over) next weekend and I’ve got it for three days, I hope I do well.

  2. Hey.
    I did this program last year and it was hard work. I had the baby for just 2 nights and it was really scary. It woke up crying at like 1am and i just couldnt cope. They are really delicate things and it does make you ‘think it over’

  3. Ive had the baby think it over doll simulator before I had it for 3 nights and it was kind of hard at first but by the second night I knew the cries and everything I do believe that this it is a really good thing for teens to do it does change your mind about alot of things.:grin:

  4. I took the baby think it over for three nights also. I named mine Kideki. I was a little nervous at first but the funny thing is, in the end, the program didnt work as it should have. Instead of being happy to give it back to the teacher like most of the other kids I wanted to keep my baby forever. It was hard, yes, and there were nights of little sleep, but I clung to that doll like a real child. The hardest thing was trying to care for it in a moving car (just hope you have someone ELSE to drive you…) but the thing is even tho the doll ONLY showed the BAD things about parenthood (the crying, the fuss, the constant attention needed, etc) I still wanted to keep it. I would have liked better if it had something like a tickel sensor so I could have actually PLAYED with it like a real baby too but I still loved it. Im looking into getting me a doll to have and keep for my “maternal mood swings”. I cannot afford a kid right now as much as I want one and so Im hoping the doll can serve a new purpse by giving me the joy of having a kid without the constant cost until I am financially ready to have my own…..
    I just thought I would share my UNIQUE story with you.:razz:

  5. i think that the babies are great and they are a really good idea, im in year 11, i get to have one of the babies over the weekend, i cant wait! i think that every school should have them they can change teenagers ideas about babies! ๐Ÿ˜†

  6. Hi everyone,
    I just heard about this Baby Think It Over thing and it sounds so good. Anyone that has actually had one can u please tell me what it does and stuff, i’m hoping to get given one in yr 8,9 or maybe 10.

  7. Lisa – I have read it. Did you take home Baby Think It Over? If yes, please can you tell me you’re ‘story’?! ๐Ÿ˜†

  8. Is there anybody that would be kind enough to tell me what Baby Think It Over is like, what it does, how it works. e.t.c. please. oh and what year I will be able to take one home in, i am now in year 8. please write bk – somebody!! ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Elly, I pretty much told my daughters story in my post – I have nothing more to add to it. She was in 7th grade when she went through the program.

  10. hey guys
    “baby think it over is not all fun” its cool to carry a baby around once in a while,but it is not even real, :roll:plus it wakes up in the middle of the night,:cry: and screams, just wait till u have it for a couple nights, u’ll change u’re mind. But good luck, and yeah it sure is a good way to show all those people out their, that baby’s are not all fun, and that they need alot of attention and care!!:???:

  11. I had the baby think it over doll. Mine didn’t cry all day during school on friday except for 2 times cuz’ the velcro on the diaper came off. when i got home it had been atleast 2.5 hours since it had last cried. i thought she died. i called my teacher (make sure you get your teacher’s phone#. it comes in handy)and she told me to put her on her stomach. It took a while, but she finnally cried. i was so happy she didn’t die ‘cuz 400pts.:shock: is a lot to lose. In the end i started just carrying the baby in my arms everywhere and not in the car seat ‘cuz my baby had gotten a couple of death threats from my period 5 class:twisted:. I wanted to keep her. :idea:My friend and i are thinking about splitting the cost and buying one and having a rent- a -baby :lol:where ppl at our church could barrow it for a small fee per day so we can make enough to buy another one so we can each have one. well good luck all of you!:mrgreen:

  12. I Have the baby for 4 days now becauase on monday it is a labor day and i am in 8th grade i was very excited to get it but the only thing that bothered me was that one time the head went back and it was fussy so it didnt stop crying until like 10 minutes but i still love it and i dont want to give it back but i will so that is my story,.

  13. Thanks for sharing, Cassie. My daughter did the program over a weekend last October, on Halloween weekend. She was in 7th grade and wanted to go trick-or-treating . . so we borrowed a stroller from a neighbor and she took the baby with her. I thought it was a nice way to show her how babies really affect every little thing you want to do in your life. When you have a baby, you always have to factor that child into every single, living, breathing minute of your life – – even trick-or-treating. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck with your ‘baby’!

  14. Hey Guy’s My name is Christine and I love the thought of being able to have a baby think it over I get mine over october 29-1st and so Im really excited I had to do the sympathy belly and I loved it I cant wait to have the baby or my own for that fact. But I will wait a wile a long while!

  15. I just recently took BTIO home at the beginning of October. I am 18 years old in high school and taking a course called Family Studies. We have to do a big project for the BTIO and when i had the baby i swore i was going to throw the thing out a window but i kept up and eventually came to the conclusion that i dont wnt children anytime soon because i lost so much sleep and like i said i am in high school so when i gave it back i was so releavedt that it was not a eal infant and thaht i only had to take it for three day but it was a good experience because now know whats it’s like!!!:eek:

  16. Excellent, Amber – thanks for sharing that! That is exactly what the program is for – to cause you to think it over. I think too many girls just don’t think about it until it’s too late. I was one of those girls – – I was 20 when I had my first child. Not that I regret it now – – but if I had it to do over, I think I would have rather had my kids at an older age.

  17. where could i buy a baby think it over. i dont want to spend load of money tho a second hand 1 would do. but where can you buy them from? please email me bk:lol:

  18. I get a baby in January…I am in the 8th grade and I had an aunt who had a baby young. I wish she could’ve done this program. Although my cousin is adorable:razz: i wish my aunt would’ve waited. Although I am excited about recieving my “baby” I am not sure how well I will handle the whole “mommy” thing! I also need name ideas if anyone could help me I like the names Devan and Peyton for a girl and Conner and Braedan for a boy but I am having difficulty with a middle name that goes with Tooley (my last name) any ideas just write em in here!

  19. i live in australia and dont mind having to order from the states
    but does nyone know where i can get one of these dolls?

  20. HI! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I had a baby think it over before, i used the standard one though, all you have to do is put this key in its back untill it coo’s :roll:, this year i get the real care baby :lol:, where you feed it change it burp it rock it and all that good stuff. I loved mine last year ๐Ÿ˜› it was a lot of fun, watching how people reacted to it, even in a bad way, It taught me a lot about parenting, im ready for it but im just not going to have any kids yet. Oyeah Im in 11th grade! CLASS OF 06 BABY! ๐Ÿ˜†

  21. I’m in grade 12 right now, and guess who’s sitting right next to me right now? Good old Baby-Think-It-Over AKA รƒโ€ฐtienne! It’s my first time with it, and so far it’s cried once, when I was in my University English class, for about 45 minutes. It was hard, but my teacher was amazingly undersanding about it. However, I was walking outside my class with the baby, and a substitute teacher started yelling at me for “Not being responsible with Baby-Think-It-Over” …I found that ironic – I mean if I wasn’t responsible, wouldn’t I be neglecting it? Anyway, I think it’s a great programme – I’m not planning on having kids until I’m done university, have a successful, happy career, and have a spouse or someone to have the baby WITH! But it does get extremely frustrating when you have to take “รƒโ€ฐtienne” to class with you, in class. WE jsut ahve the standard doll – shove a key in its back (nice when the keys don’t fit as they are… bah!) But “I will survive!” this weekend! Happy Hallowe’en everyone – be safe!!!!!

  22. Hey all, I was so excited to get my baby think it over, but I have it from Oct. 29th till Nov. 3rd. I have no school when I have the baby that’s good because I wont have to deal with him in class, but it’s also bad because I can’t contact my teacher child development teacher if I need to. The first time mine cried it needed feeding, I was on the bus everything went well, but when I was home for an hr. it needed to be fed again then burped then changed all in a row and when I went to change Dylan the ID wasn’t being taken because his outfit kept getting in the way so that was counted as a missed care then when I finally did change his diaper his head went back I immedeately picked the head right back up, but it was screaming then. I’m not a rough person I’m a gentle person, but the head is so delicate and flimsy it’s hard to do ALWAYS WATCH THE HEAD! I hope all goes well the rest of the weekend, but while reading on here people have been saying it’s hard and you lose a lot of sleep and those people only had it for like 2 or 3 days and I have it for six. If you’ve had this program before and have any advice or encouragement can you email me it.

  23. When my first born was 2 days old, the Midwife came to check on the baby and my (now ex) wife. Baby was fine and she gave her to me to hold while she checked the wife. I talking to the midwife as I walked across the room smacked the babies head against the dresser. I can remember how bad I felt, she turned out OK though so no harm done.

    BTW newborns are easy, once they start walking then the hell begins……. or even worse once they are 17….

  24. I got the baby oct – i’m a senior in high school. I thought it was going to be easy because I was older and thought I was ready to handle responsability as having a kid so i was exited to take the baby home to see how it would be. When i got home i was I showed my mom and she thought it was a good idea for me to take care of a baby, She didn’t help me with anyhting so I was by myself.It was a good experience and it open my eyes of wanting a kid to at a young age i did’t like waking up at the middle of the night and having the baby at all times.I wanted to go out with my friends well i didn’t cause of the baby. It was a challenge fo me but i think that baby is a good idea to give away those baby htink it over dolls for teens that are thinking of having kids.

  25. I got the baby in oct for a weekend it was hard work it would cry every 2 hours and it would bug me u have to hold the head for the doll not to cry it was so frusturating and i was really mad abut it i almost started crying ๐Ÿ˜ฅ all i wanted was to turn her off i now for a fact that i don’t want kids right now.all i wanted is to ignore her ๐Ÿ™„ at first i was exited but then i just wanted to get rid of it.

  26. how can i get one of these dolls if my school doesn’t offer them cuz i’ve loved them ever since my sister got one from her school i’m in 7th grade Dedee

  27. You guys are all crazy to think that it’s great to have a baby. I was just like you, and I now have an 18mth old daughter at age 20. I was 18 when I got pregnant. Luckily I got married and things have worked out, but most girls are NOT so lucky. Being a mom is HARD work. You get NO sleep, NO “me” time, and they lose their “cuteness” after the first sleepless night! Baby Think It Over is NOT like a real baby! I had one in high school, so I know what they are like. You all need to graduate, go to college, then get married and raise a family if you want. Don’t do what I did, I regret not being able to have more time for “me”! I can’t stress enough how hard it is to have a baby. They take time, money, and more patience than you’ll ever know! WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT to have a baby!!!!! Don’t ruin the rest of your life b/c you think a baby is cute and fun to show off! You are NOT ready to handle a child this early girls!

    If anyone wants to talk to me more, you can email me.

  28. Kids are great, and I wouldn’t swap mine for anything in the world, but Kristin is right, don’t rush into it, have a life bofore you burden your self with a child, it might sound selfish when she says she wants “me” time but she is so so right. Children are totally absorbing, 24 / 7 / 365 / for the rest of your life, that is not the same as a weekend make sure you are 100% ready for that before you take the plunge, because there is no turning back. My mother had me at 17, my wife had our eldest at 18, now she is 18 herself, we are mortified at the thought that she will get herself pregnant, not because we don’t want to be grandparents (man thats scary!, i’m only 35) but we do so want her to have a life of her own, well and now I think of it I sure as hell don’t want to be a grandfather either!

  29. I just gave my baby think it over back today. I had it for 48 hours. I think that it was the best experience; however I miss it too. I was up from 1-5 in the moring burping, feeding, and rocking it. I dont want a child at any time soon, but I enjoyed the baby. Actually I want to buy one. Even though it did drive me nuts a lot.

  30. I hade the baby 5 times and im geting it in 19 days again… i love it i think it is so fun … ya the wakein up in the night isnt but the rest of it is… it is so fun 2 take it 2 the mall u get the best looks i took it 2 times in 8th 2 times in 9th 1 time in 10th and now one time in 11th soon… any one got storys 2 tell jsut right then i love reading them

  31. i no how any 1 can get one 4 a weekend if ur in high school and live in buffalo new york or aroudn ther emila me if u want info

  32. I have the baby right now! I named her Mae. Mae is rather annoying, and needs an hour of care, every other hour. I know I wont be getting any sleep tonight! Anyway.. I think it is a great program for people my age (17-18).. and even younger kids. It teaches them before they get ideas. I only have Mae for 2 days.. one night. I would have had her for a week, but there are too many kids in my class, and everyone has to have a chance b/c it is required by the NYS law. Well I gtg.. shes crying now!

  33. yesw, i just wantted to know watz the best thing to do to keep a good scroe i get my baby thibnk it over monday and im real nervous just because we get a grade on this and i iwant to know how to care for:wink::eek::?:

  34. Elizabeth Fincher

    I had the baby think it over twice not once but twice! the first time i took it home it was awful my baby had colic! The second time i took it home was this past weekend and it was good Friday and saturday but lastnigh and this morning was awful because it would wake me up every hour. I think that last nigh and yesterday it had a cold because it would cough and the 2 seconds after that it was fussy for like 4 minutes. That baby will really make you think about becoming a parent at your age but I want a Baby Think It Over doll.:roll::grin::lol::cool:

  35. thats cool lol but does anyone have the answer to my question please help me out a number of u have bought them so u must know eher from lol :mrgreen:

  36. Just wondering if anyone knew where and if I could buy a baby think it over. I hear they are great for starting babysitters.

  37. you can go on this website called google or actually go to ask jeeves and type in how can i buy a baby think it over and it should take you to a website where you can buy it. holla back

  38. hey i saw the web sight on the baby think it over and i do not wont to spen that much money on one do u no were i can find one that does not cost that much or was used beofre? please e-mail me

  39. Hey everyone.

    I haven’t taken the class yet but some of my friends have and they didn’t even want anything to do with it so i took care of it for them all i have to say is if you have it good luck because they are all different. one of mine woke up every half an hour to an hour and the other one only woke up once the whole night but i really enjoy taking care of the babies they are so much fun and i can’t wait to get mine mext semester if you have any questions about the baby think it over like how to take care of it you can e-mail me and i can try to help i probally can though not physically but verbally. well talk to you later. My e-mail is
    Good luck to everyone who has that class but i think it’s easy. At least the taking care of the baby part. lol.:lol: Chat with you later. You can write me when ever you want and i will respond as fast as i can. Does anybody know how much they cost and where you can buy them if you do please e-mail me.

  40. I really want to know how to get one and how much they cost so if any one has any info please send it to me thanks.:razz::wink::smile:

  41. i have 1 now– i have 2 turn it in 2morrow. i’ll kinda miss vivi, kinda wont
    she was sweet, but she cried nonstop 2 nights ago
    i have no clue why u p.pul want to buy 1

  42. I’m only 17 and I just got the baby today,but I think it’ll be a success to have it because I really love babies!!!!!!!!


  43. Well, I thought I would post really quick just to say how excited I am. I am in Parent/child Development class and we are just starting to take babies home. I know its going to be hard work but I am so excited. I am scared though I am not gonna want to get rid of it because when I babysit actually babies, no matter how fussy and stuff they are, I never want to give them back to the parents. So I don’t know but I cant wait to take it home! I will probably send an update when I have the baby and when I give it back. Thanks too, this site really told me what I am getting myself into!

  44. ๐Ÿ™„ will someone tell me where i can get a baby think it over doll coz i missed out in school and not i want one to see if i want a baby ๐Ÿ˜› please email me thanks x x x

  45. :smile:i had a great experience with my doll it was hard the first night but after a while you get used to the crying levels and what they mean overall it was a great experience i recommend these dolls to any teens who think they are ready for this big responsibility but i bet it will definitely make them think it over

  46. HEY I just got my baby on Friday till now its been great I named her Itszury.Me and my boyfriend are taking part in this its fun to see him enjoing it to.We plan to have one some day:razz:

  47. having the baby think it over doll had change my mind about having a baby because it was just too hard to take care of the doll and i am not ready to have a baby anyways

  48. I just had the Think it over baby for 5 days cause i’m 16 and i was thinking about having a little baby but the think it over programme changed my mind big time. I was up all night for 5 days by the end of it i was a mess cause my baby cried all the time. It was just to much to cope with i thought i was ready but i don’t think that anymore. regards Kirby

  49. hey i am in the 10th grade and i was wondering since u had the baby then maybe u can give me the website to look at all the different types of babies avaliabe cause i am the class president and i need to know the different kind we can get for the freshman next year, it is my decision.

  50. oh man! i had the baby think it over for three nights and four days and its near killed me… i havent be able to go out, and it wakes me up everynight at least 3 times. i know that this had made me think about my desisions about having child right now.

  51. i’m doing this program at the end of this week for the weekend its quite different to the american way because we dont get the carrier or push chair but we get one of those carriers you put on ur belly if you no wat i mean i can’t wait it shud be good most of my mates have done theres some had gud experiences with baby and some had bad and i’m hoping mine shud be good, but i’m going bowling with this guy with it he’s going to be the dad for me for a day so i won’t be alone looking after it and i have loads of support from my mum and dad as well xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  52. I need a baby think it over gor my next project for school please e-mail me and let me know whhere I can purchase one

  53. Hello i live in the channel islands and i have done the baby think it over project 4 times and once u have done it once u can do it over and over gagin i have also been in the local newspaper and on channel news as i have helped with the project so much, if u have any comments obut the project just email and i can tell u! my email is

  54. heya its me kelly again! this is my last day of having my baby girl chelsea!!!! im going to miss her! shes is soooooooo pretty must take after her mum lol! i have enjoyed these 3 days i got to share with chelsea. But it did make me realise it is hard work and i just aint ready to have a baby eyt. So yes, the baby think it over progamee has changed my mind about having a baby, thankyou!

  55. For the record, that jeanette (up there) was not ME. It’s a different “jeanette” … check the link. Twasn’t me.

  56. Hi,I have had baby think it over home before from school and it is tuff! I only got 2 hours sleep and i started haullucinating the morning after lol

  57. I am getting ready to take home the baby think it over, this weekend…yahoo…lol we only get to do it for 24 hours..not as long as some of you all.

  58. I didnt get a baby…i had already changed to computers but some of my friends got them. I dont plan on having kids until im out of college and married. But I have always loved babies and my collectors doll that looks really real isn’t good enough for me. So since im turning 15 in august, and its a really specail birthday…im begging my parents to get one for me. If you know how I can get one cheaper than what the company sells them for($525.00) please email me. Thanks:lol:

  59. hi i had the baby think it over for a weekend from friday evening till monday morning it was hard to start off wiv cos i couldn’t stop it cryin:cry: and the nights were bad also but i suvived to tell my tale lol :mrgreen:

  60. I’m in 10th grade and taking a class called child pshycology in school. I have my baby think it over now. I have only had it short time and so far it’s really fun…I hadn’t had it for the night though yet. I named mine Charlie, hes a boy.:???:

  61. Hey guys,
    I got the BTIO when i was in 9th grade and it was great. It was alot of hard work but I did it. Now I have a little girl of my own. She is 9 months old and the BTIO is nothing like a real baby. But its pretty close.I think everyone should do the BTIO Program at least one time when they are a teenager.

  62. Hey Everyone,
    I had the baby think it over last year in the ninth grade…When i was three months pregnant. I had to keep it for seven days.Now I have the real thing. Her name is Addison. The BTIO is nothing like a real baby. I love my daughter. I just wish i would have waited till I was out of school and had a job and husband. For all the girls out there, Wait till your ready to be a mother.

  63. Hey i was just wondering if anyone could help me, i have the baby and it was activated around 3.15 pm, it is now 7.10pm and hasnt cried? umm i really hope it isnt broken, can someone please help me ???:cry:

  64. I have the baby think it over now. Ive had it since 7:00 this morning. It is now 1:18. My “daughters” name is Ari Guy and shes Native American. I think this is a great experience and I wish I had the class earlier then I could have had her twice. Maybe my mind will change after a couple of days, but thats okay. I hope this proves as a good learning experience for me. I was pregnant before but I had an abortion.
    Having this baby for one day makes me wish I didn’t have an abortion, but overall, I think it was the right solution.:wink:

  65. Well i had a baby think it over for 6 days and i loved it. It let me see what it was like to have one. I loved my baby!:lol: I want to know where i can buy one so if anyone has any info to where i can buy one at a cheap price contact me PLEASE!! :mrgreen: Thankyou!

  66. HELP!!! I have Baby Think it over now and i think she is dead. I did not roughly handle her. She just stopped doing anything since Saturday at 5:00 pm and it is Sunday 1:25 pm. i do not know what to do! Can cell phones cross signals with the chip and shut it off? Does neglect or abuse register if the baby does not cry after being slapped? I am really nervous and i want my baby to wake up! How do you know if it is on quiet time? PLEASE HELP ME FAST!! Email me at or IM me!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

  67. If anyone knows how much they cost and where or how to get a baby think it over doll please email me. Title the email “baby think it over info”.
    I have done the program twice and have been very successfull.

  68. ok i have this “doll” and it doesnt work!!!:mad: me and my friends have it and it will never cry it is so annoying it is boering the only time it crys is when its head will tilt back our teacher probobally programmed it wrong we have the “doll” for baby sitting though but hearing these storys were interesting i know it seems weird but still well i should get going i wrote alot good luck

    ~Sammy~ age 12 grade 7

  69. I found this while looking for a link to adequately explain my project to a friend of mine, because as of now I have my BTIO. And let me tell you – worst. project. ever. My bracelet doesn’t have a sensor on it, and I have tiny wrists, so I managed to get it off and strap it to the baby’s hand – makes it much easier to keep the key in when it cries in the middle of the night. I’m a commitment-phobe and have never wanted children in the first place, so this entire experience has been useless to me. Our instructor is great, so if we fail because we’re heavy sleepers or whatever, she’ll let us do a paper on teen pregnancy instead. Thus, I could care less about my ugly fake baby. You can have it.

  70. I going to get the baby this weekend every one said that it is not fun at all so wish me luck Holla….

  71. Hey, I havent had the baby yet. But i am going to get the baby think it over this weekend. I was told by the other people who have had it last weekend it really sucks. But I dont know and I am having it over my birthday is what really sucks.


    P.S. If you have any advice please email me.

  72. wow this is the post that won’t give up!!!! pretty soon it will eclipse W’s re-election in importance…. oh wait silly me, this is way more important than that.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  73. Hi My sister brought one of these baby think it over dolls yeaterday. I was so excited and I still am. I am almost more excited about it then she is. I am going to have to tell my school about these because I think that it would be a great experence for a lot of the girs at my school. My sister actually brought one of the older models were you still have to use the key and all. I would rather have the one that you use the bottle or breast feed them, don’t worry there is a cup with cencers that goes over your brest and have to change there diper and stuff like that. I think that would be very cool. I am so excited to get mine. I can’t wait.

  74. I got one of those baby think it over. her name was Mia Brown. I got it when I was in 8th grade at 13 years old. See I wanted to get her on a weekend because i usally never have anything to do on a weekend. But I was in soccer at the time and when I got the baby I had a soccer pratice that night so I had to run across the field when the baby cried. so at that point of time it was hard. But to me it wasn’t really hard getting up in the middle of the night. After I brought it in I kinda missed it and really wanted it again. I heard that when you get into a tech. High school that you have to have it for a month. Which i can’t wait to do. You know whats weird is that I am looking on ebay right now and trying to get the baby think it over. Well thank you for reading my story.

  75. im doing the class at my high school. in the 12th grade. from what i read on everyone elses. you guys only have the class for a few days. we have to keep our babies for an entire week! nothing like a real baby. head is too sensitive. but its not all about caring for it. its showing what you are going to miss when you have a kid. so think it over! no more going out on the weekends and hanging with friends things like that. its a pain but you get use to it.
    i cheat my way out tho. you can put the diaper over its head and it thinks its drinking. the baby doesnt know the difference between the diaper sensor and the bottle sensor. its a cheap way out…but i never planned on getting pregnant being a boy…and never plan on getting anyone else pregnant ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. :shock:i hate this thing so much. i am 17 and i do not want kids at this age. i knew that before i had this stupid baby doll so i really am not learning anything from it. i am the oldest sibling and cousin in my family and i have been babysitting since i was about 6 so i know what its like to take care of a real baby let alone a stupid plastic baby doll. although it does smell really good, it isnt cute at 1, 5, 6.. in the morning when it is screaming at the top of its lungs for no reason at all. the best advice i can give is get some serious duct tape and tape its forhead to its chest or legs so it wont flop back because thats the biggest problem with it. i would never hurt a kid or neglect a baby or anything but this is a baby doll and i am having a really hard time feeling any compassion towards it. i thought it was going to be awesome to have one for a few days because all my friends have done it. needless to say, its not awesome. its annoying. another funny thing to do is go to the bowling alley with it and wrap it up in blankets and then when you go to bowl put it on the floor next to you. or just leave it laying on the floor somewhere and walk away. it’s really funny… peoples reactions are hilarious. minus the dirty looks. they really think youre a young mom and they give you really dirty looks. i hate this thing and i dont know how im going to deal with it tonight. when it wakes me up i might have to go put it in the garage because i have never been as tired as i am today. once again, i did not want kids at 17 before this baby doll, and this thing sure is not making me want them for about another 10 years. key words here, duct tape.

  77. oh my god beau WHY DIDNT I READ THAT YESTERDAY? i just finished feeding this stupid thing. im going to try that. i am trying to take the easiest ways out of this.

  78. i Had it and it was great up until it woke me up in the middle of the night because i had it last weekend which was my birthday adn it really sucked. I got off with like a total of 24 hours of sleep becasue it didnt cry after 7 pm on Sunday. How did everyone else like there babies???My dad wasnt to happy. My mother justed loved it. Plus i had the new baby which is a neck baby so if you dotn hold its neck it will all of a sudden start screaming it really sucked!!!!!
    It you just want to talk you can email me at!!!


  79. wow i was just reading a lot of these.. you people who want to buy them are INSANE! my 8 year old sister wants my mom to buy her one. i gaurantee after 2 nights it will be placed gently in the oven. by me. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  80. sarina.. my mom was looking on ebay for my sister and thats where she found them for around 50 i believe. otherwise theyre like 400 or something outragious and ridiculous. if you haev never had one before take a class in school.. dont go spend your money on it because there is a huge chance that it will annoy you to death.

  81. I am now a Senior in college and I did the Baby Think It Over program when I was in 10th grade in high school. It was a great program! I had Harley (my baby girl) for Halloween as well and I dressed her up as a pea in a pod and took her with me! I didn’t want to give her back either! Now here I am about to start graduate school for human sexuality and I want to work with teenage expectant mothers. A lot of it has to do with the BTIO program! I guess I can say it changed my life! HA! Actually just the other day my fiancee and I were having a conversation about what to name our children and for our first girl we decided on Harlequin Saige, Harley for short, and actually he came up with it and I then laughed and had to explain to him that Harley was my “first daughters” name! Anyway, I think it is a great program and should be available in all high schools and even maybe through churches! Once I get my first “baby” for the program I want to start in my area for teen expectent mothers I plan for my fiancee (husband by then) and I to have it on for a few days just to see how we do!! Anyway, just thought I would throw in my two cents!! If you want to email me my email is

  82. :twisted:That doll is stupid and nobody is going to want one. Trust me if your 8 year old sister or brother wants one let them take the class first. The doll needs to be killed and then nobody needes to take them home. If you want the baby you wont once your older sister or brother has it. You will want to give it to your mother or father but they wont take it. The baby is not somthing everyone wants to do. But there is always a way to take the class and then not take the baby home. There is an alturnate assignment it s called a class paper on babies or bbay think it over or something like that. You will think it is very fun but really it isnt that fun. Take the advise from someone who knows waht they are talking about. If you have any questions email me at tweety1990s@yahoo.com๐Ÿ˜›

  83. Hello, I’m Alice and I have a “Baby think it Over” right now…Any advice from anyone for how to get enough sleep. Lots of homework, chores, parties, and a baby can really be hard. Since I’m a very light sleep and definitely do not instantly fall asleep…any idea. I really don’t want Baby Think it Over to keep me grumpy for three days and nights!

  84. Oh yes, unless you’re 100% positive you love babies and are willing to care for a doll of which you have no emotional attachment to, do not do this. I would definitely take the alternate assignment if I had to choose again. This baby shows you the hardships of having a baby, not the joys, really.

  85. Hi
    i am a fifteen year old in the 10th grade, our school did a program in grade nine but i didnt find it that interesting all you had to do was use a key. but next weekend is victoria day weekend and i have it for the whole weekend i would really like to know how hard it can be, i have never hought of having kids young and nor do i intend on it. but the ones we have now are just like the one in the story. so if any one has anything to tell me about them i would love to know because i am a little worried that i wount do good even with prior experiance with a real baby.
    thanks Erin

  86. hey, i’m 15 and in gr 10 and for about 2 years now I have wanted a baby, reeeeally bad. I dont know why:oops:. I babysit alot and I love kids. I’m not going to have a baby yet, but it would be awesome to have a baby think it over. My school doesnt offer the program ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
    I have looked all over ebay, if any one knows where I could get one, that I could afford, I would be soo greatful:grin::grin:
    feel free to email me!

  87. steffi howarth

    hia im getting a baby think it over doll and im a bit nervous!!:sad:im not sure if i will beable to stop it crying!!:smile:i hope it all goes well tho!!:???: xx

  88. I have had the opportunity to experience Baby Think it Over two years in a row. The first year I was set to have it on a moderate level. I loved it and I have been wanting to become a mother. Considering I had not learned my lesson from the first experince I requested the second baby be set on a hard level. I found it even easier and more enjoyable than the first. I loved waking up to care for my baby, I loved hearing it cry for me and I hated giving it back. Through years of consideration, I have come to the decision that I am one of the rare teen women who can actually pull off being a mother. Not because I want someone to love me, but to love and devote every inch of my soul to them. I want to laugh, I want to cry, I want to drop to my knees in awe of my child. I have considered all factors of my life and nothing seems more right. Of course many are disgustd by my decision, which doesn’t seen to bother me at all. I’ve decided that it is much easier for me to follow my heart than to hide my desires in shame. Nope, I REFUSE TO BE ASHAMED OF WANTING TO MOTHER A CHILD AT THE AGE OF 18. It is only human nature and every woman, no matter what age has the right to want a child. Teens should not feel guilty about wanting to be a parent, guilt however should come to those who want a child for the wrong reasons. -18 year old woman

  89. steffi howarth

    hia i have had the experience of a baby think it over doll and i am finding it really cool!!:smile:i have had the baby one day and one night so far and i love it to bits!:smile:i was woundering whether you can hire the baby think it over dolls without going through school! if anyone knows how and where you go about hiring one could you please let me know!!:smile:i was also curious how much they are to buy and if anyone knows where to get one from!:smile:so if you could let me know id be greatful!!:grin: thanks x

  90. :shock:iam going in to 6th grade next year can anybody give me advise i am so nervous HELP!!!!!!!!!

  91. Im in the 10the grade and i have the baby doll for the weekend. She is quite a hand ful. But i have it almost on a schedule. I can also recognize the cries pretty well. So i know exactly what she wants. But gettin up in the middle of the night is the worse. I wake up in the morning and feel exhauseted. i dont know how my mom did it.:shock: But its a great experience to go through.:roll:

  92. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ i wish someone would have talked to me earlier sometimes i have a one year old son and it can be so diffucult at times. i hope you guys all know that. its not a good thing to do. don’t get me wrong i love my son but at times i wish i would have waited for someone i really loved and til i was finacially ready for him.

  93. i have mine right now its not so bad but not fun either so annoying when it crys and your hand gets tired holding the key there:sad:

  94. i have it 4 skool its a gud thing it mad me and my mates think about not having a kid and now in yr 10 they wont us to have it again and none of us wont it

  95. I took the baby home 4 the weekend it was ๐Ÿ˜Ž at first but then a little ๐Ÿ˜ณ coz pplz always was looking at u strange it really makes u think! ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. :razz:where can i get one.
    i am 24 and my husband and i are interrested in doing that before we actually decided to have one.

  97. I’m Jessica, I’m 17 and I’m in a Living and Working With Childern Class in Grade 11.
    Last week may 20 to the 24, I had Baby think it over.But it was an older model. It just crys at random times. And You put the key in the back. It’s head doesn’t move , but my teacher says there are sensors in the neck, and knows hot and cold, so you have to dresss it apporiatly. I wish my school has one of the newer ones, like Layla. I found mine,Tatiyanna, wasnt very much like a baby, and I said if all babies were like this jeez I would have ten, which is not the case. My school cant afford any new ones quite yet, but I hope they will.

  98. Thank you for sharing your daughter’s story with everyone. I am getting my Baby tomorow and I will have it for a three day weekend (memorial day weekend). The crazy thing is, Im taking it to disneyland with me tomorow. I just hope that I dont get too attached because that would make me soo sad to give it up. Oh and by the way my baby’s name is Makenzie Aubrey. Lets hope that I can find a stroller by the time I am ready to go to disneyland!:neutral:

  99. hia! my little sister took one of the dolls home for a weekend and i think it it just like a real baby! i have a daughter of my own which i had when i was 14 years old! ๐Ÿ˜• i wouldnt swap her for the world and im still glad that i decided to keep her!! my friends all think shes lovely too! i had her when i was 14 and im 16 now! shes a gem! shes going through the ‘terrible twos’ at the moment though!!!:wink: i would like to say to any teenage mums, it gets hard some times but when you look into your babies eyes you realise just what a pleasure they are!! :mrgreen: xx

  100. hey people!! just lookin at da kewl site!! i am a teenage mum too! i have one 3 year old son and im pregnant again at the moment!!:smile: i agree totlly with what ellie may wrote!:smile: my baby is a super star! he was such a good baby and im hoping my lttle girl will be the same when she arrives!! :mrgreen: rosie-16yrs x

  101. Would like to know if this a program
    is a must would very much like my daughter to understand what a kid is all about, commitment..!

  102. i’m taking care of my baby right now and my teacher didn’t explain it very well i didn’t know that there was a cencor in the hospital bracelette and i cut it so i could shower my baby didn’t stop crying for hours because i was doing everything wrong i didn’t know tha key had to be in his back while i feed him he’s been fed only 2 times in the last 48 hours and i know my grade will be reflected but i didn’t know how to work this stuff i feel so fruterated but im glad i found this website now i understand this more thank you

  103. Hey we wasn’t going to have this baby but then a girl @ our school was pregnant last year and they woke up tot he idea, that just cos we’re christian doesn’t mean we can’t get pregnant, etc. i’m the school capt and 7 weeks pregnant. we’re getting the baby doll soon which will be an experience and a half for us all. looking forward to it but worried because it’s all so real to me !?!

  104. Well i got pregnant when i was 9 and well the guy then commited suicide he killed my baby now i live at some hobo’s court with a shack and 1 computer. life is terrible love can take you down guys are mean except ones who you feel badly about etc.:sad:

  105. What I would like to know is whether or not the schools offering this program have any boys in them. I didn’t see any posts from guys except dads with daughters in the program. Young men also need to have this experience. They can’t go through life thinking that they will not have to be responsible for their children.:???::!:

  106. hey your site is great! i am also a teenage mum! i found it really difficult…. i will tell you my story! i was 13 when i got pregnant with my boyfriend! of course when i told him i was pregnant he ran a mile! he had nothink more to do with my family. then i found out i was having twins and i was so scared it was unreal! when i had my twin girls it was horrible! my birth was long and painful and i ended up having a c-section! but when my girls arrived i couldent do much for them as i was still in so much pain! but a few months down the line and i was looking after them properly! my mum was very supportive throughout! then when i reached 15 i discovered i was pregnant yet again!! my new boyfriend was very good and he stuck by me and my girls like glue!! we had another beautiful little girl!! this birth was easier than the last and it was a quick labour. i do find looking after 3 little babies quite alot of hard work but with the help of my mum and boyfriend i get through life! my little twins are called ellie and anna and my little girl is called codie! they are my life and even though i am only 16 years old i wouldent change it for any think! my little girls are well behaved now they are 2 and a half years old and codie is almost 1 yr old but when they where babies it was streeful! i thuoght i would tell my story just to let any mother to be out there who is worried know that even at the most stressful points i managed to pull through and i had 3 babies not 1!!! im still with my boyfriend and we hope to have more children in a few years!
    jenny aged 16yrs!

  107. WOW!!!! your story really impresses me jenny. you must be a very strong person to have had to cope with that amount of stress at 13 yrs old. well done keep going luv!! i am 27 and i had my son jake when i was 24 and i thought that was young! but i now know how young people can be and i respect you alot!!

  108. i had the baby think it over doll for 3 nights and 2 full days, she hardley cried while we were in the house but everytime we went out she started to cry:cry: no matter where we went it was quite stressful:mad:
    but i made it in the end lol:lol: i was reading the story bout jenny who ad 3 kids at 16 i couldn’t do it

  109. when i was in a cafe with it i had it in my friends sis pram a oldish woman and man walked passed and said ooooh our stacey would like to have one of them i thought to my self she can have it then i said to my friend shell not wan’t one after shes had it for a couple of nights. emily ageed 14 xx

  110. hey i had a baby think it over doll when i was younger and mine was really good! she acted just like a real baby an i became quite attaached to her! i was readin jennies story about her havin twins at 13!! i was 13 when i had the doll but i couldnt imagine havin 2 dolls at once!!! and she ad 3 by the age 16!! poor her but then again i bet they are all so beautiful!!! joanne-17yrs

  111. well i thin thats disgraceful. having kids so young is BAD MANNORS. i dont care wot the background and stories these young mothers say its terrible. the poor chil wont be looked after properly and it wont have hardly any love at all. i think it should be a rule if anyone has a baby under 18yrs it automatically goes up for adoption. its just dreadful and if any of the people who have signed this page want to say any think to me about my opinions then write it on this page and i will reply. and might i say i think that jenny should be taught a good lesson by someone for having children so young. good day.

  112. Catherine – well, gee . . if everyone were as perfect as you appear to be, young motherhood wouldn’t be a problem, hey?

  113. well i hope that comment wasnt aimed at just me because if it was it just shows how stupid you are to agree with young motherhood and you are proberly one of these KIDS who got pregnent at 13yrs old. i mean its just disgusting. if there are any more comments like this one bring them on because im very opinionated at times especially when it comes to matters concerning poor children who are brought into this world without any thought or love in their future lives. babis deserve a chance and mothers under 18yrs old cannot give children chances. they are still too imature and childish. i mean its just so pethetic young motherhood. any one feel free to write me a comment back on this page. its terrible.

  114. Well, Catherine – it was aimed at you, sorry to break it to you. In a perfect world, there would be no unplanned pregnancies with women, young or old. But we’re human, after all – and accidents do happen and it’s not a perfect world.

    I don’t recall where I stated that I actually agreed with young motherhood – perhaps you can show me where I said that, exactly?

    And, no – I’m not a kid. I’m 37 with two teenagers of my own. One of which is a teenage daughter with whom I am very open about when talking about matters related to sex, birth control and the like. I don’t want her to make the mistake that so many kids her age make.

    But you know – – if it happens, and I hope it doesn’t, I’m certainly not going to call her disgusting or stupid.

    Funny thing, though – – my mother was 17 when I was born. I was raised in a very loving, warm and suppportive household. I had all the love I could ever possibly want – and more. I guess that kinda dispells your myth about young motherhood.

    I mean – – there are kids who are born to adult women aged 20 and above who are raised in awful homes without love. I suppose you would want restrictions and laws against them, too?

    Ahh . . if only you were queen, hey catherine? ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. oh just stop with the sarcasticness. just admit it to yourself that im wright because i no i am.

    i dont wanna hear ur life story women ya no! i mean ur life aint gt nout to do with me its just my general opinion on repreduction in general so there.

    in my opinion its still wrong and actually if i was the queen of england i would most definately ban any one under the age of 18 from keeping babies if they have them, its simply disgusting.

    my eldest daughter is 26 and she is settling down with her husband but she is very responsible and sensible about decisions WHICH MAY RUIN THE REST OF HER LIFE. she doent go and have a child to look cool like most young mothers do.

    so what ever you say i no im right. its terrible. and mabye you where an acception for being brought up in love because most babies who are in that position are most definately not brought up in love.

    wright back. if you feel any need to.

  116. oh yer and i forgot to say if anyone else reads this disgussion feel free to join in with your opinions too. but i dont need back up on my FACTS.

  117. well i had a kid wen i was 10 and i had 6 by the age 17. i fink kids r gr8 an mine r ace so poo to u catherine! your opinion smells and you are a big pooy stuk up bum cow! i fink havin kids young is fun an its a hobby 4 me so der. kelly age 18.

  118. i am in 9th grade and i have a baby on the way:???:. i didnt know what i was going to do but my parents were very suportive and i took a couple corses that allowed me to bring home the think it over doll. It helped out alot and i think it is an awsome program for teenagers to see what its like to be a mom for a couple days:smile:

  119. i am scared about having a kid at 15…. but i am going to love it more than anything in the world ( i already do) i plan to do what ever it takes for my baby to have a loving safe home. and if i cant then i am going to have to find someone who can.

  120. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ the baby think it over drove me up the friggin wall!!! it kept me awake at night and cried all hours of the day for no perticular reason. although it did change my mind on having a baby, i realised that i wasnt ready for the stress and pressure that comes with parenthood.:grin:

  121. ๐Ÿ™‚ i had a vitual baby a while ago it was about 3 months ago i think there great and soon i am getting another one to take care of da only downside i had iz i did not alwayz wake up for the crying in the night and over 4 dayz i let him cry for 250 miniutes:lol: but i miss it ๐Ÿ˜† and getting him back in a few weeks!

  122. I had the baby think it over for a week and a half..and I liked it so much, i want to have my own kids..But I’m only 14..I guess it had a weird effect on me ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  123. ๐Ÿ˜€ Hey ๐Ÿ˜€ just came across this website when i was searching the baby think it over program….
    I’ve left school now, but i had the choice to take home the ‘baby’ when i was in yr10. I had it twice ๐Ÿ˜€ and enjoyed every moment, i spent with the baby (ours was a little boy called Jordon) and he was sooo sweet ๐Ÿ˜€ had soo much fun with him. The first time i had him was at the weekend i was due stay at my best mates house and to attend a party, so we were gonna take him, but got kayti’s parents to baby-sit, we took it in turns to wake up if he cried, so we weren’t tired in the morning at all. ๐Ÿ˜€ Which was a good idea!! The 2nd time i had him, this was at a weekend again, i was goin to a party on the friday so again i stayed at my best mates, and got kayti’s parents to baby-sit, the sunday morning i was going to the seaside so i had to take Jordon with me, and believe me i had soo much fun, even though he wasn’t real, i was soo proud and felt happy to push him along the sidewalk, and just watch people giving me funny looks! if i could i would jump to the chance at taking him home again. If anyone wants to chat, and ask for advice on looking after the ‘baby’ then don’t hesitate to add me on msn:

    Natalie: Aged 17 ๐Ÿ˜† Got photos of him aswell, when he stayed at mine ๐Ÿ˜†

  124. I have the old aby right now. we only get it for one night. it’s the one where you put the key in the back.

    does anyone know, when you put the key in is it supposed to keep crying or is there no noise until it coos??
    if i turn the ket one way it keeps crying, the other way there’s no sound, and it just keeps crying. i don’t knowwhat to do!
    i can’t wait until i get the real baby next term. it will e so fun!

  125. you put the key in its back, then it beeps (if its the one i had) then it will cry again untill you successfully complete what it wants. then it coo’s. x ๐Ÿ˜› x




  128. anyways i was here and readin this “baby think it over” sound really cool im only 17 old years goin on 18 old years in nov 10 05 and im goin be sr in high school i wish that my school had that cuz sounds like fun….. it makes u think bout having kids at a young age i wish that looked at this be4 and everythin but i didnt but oh well anyways can someone tell where to find one at i think it will help me out for the furter and ya’ll will what a baby feels like but thin u dont know what the pain feels like havin a baby tha stuff really hurts and everythin like that…but im sayin i had a baby but my freind had baby and she say its hurts like shit and i hope that i become a mother one day…….anyways later…….here is my email if wanna asked me bout my friend and everythin my email is or

  129. this is poo! i h8 my pooy doll! it wakes me up an annoys me! i think i mite of killed it cuz i chucked it against a wall about 3 hours ago an it aint woke up! ha ha! oh well! i hope it is ded an it stays ded 4eva! its so poo! if it wakes up i wil prob brake it agen!! hahaha! i dont care it so borin an poo! haha!

  130. i had the baby think it over doll when i was in the 11th grade. i had it for a week and it was ok i like and hated it. it kinda made me think. i still ended up pregnent but i am glad i toke the class and got the doll b/c then i would have never been prepare for what i am going throught :smile::cry::mad::mrgreen::twisted: but i have never been so happy

  131. hi ppl
    i ad a doll simila 2 this 1,
    but mine wasnt as gud as this 1 sounds
    i wud like 2 but 1 can any1 tell me wer i can buy 1 frm please?

  132. i did this a few years ago (like 2) i only had it for one night and it was not as anvanced as the one you had. it had a chip in the back and diffrent keys. I also had a car seat in my car. I did not find it that hard just because i will take my godsons for like a week at a time and right now they are 3 and 19 months so i have learned that it is hard work. But for anyone that does not have kids they watch for longer than a day it helps alot…

  133. im 12 and my sister had a baby out of wed lock. she didnt have those program when she was my age or she wouldnt of had my nephew. im looking to buy a baby think it over so i can show my 11 year old sisters what its like to have a little brother or sister.

  134. if im successful i will be teaching the think it over programme in my local area. i have five children of my own young people have no idea how hard it is.this is just a toy you have for a weekend a baby is for life 7 days a week 52 weeks of the matter how old they are you never stop worrying about them. ps i missed my friends birth by 4 minutes this afternoon. she has a beautiful girl.

  135. I’m taking a parenting course in school and have the baby this weekend. I was looking forward to it for ages:x. As i speak Logan (that’s what i named him)is sitting in my arms. He’s so cute when he coos\:d/, but it’s heavy carting him around during classes. I also had to leave class whenever he cried. I didn’t spend a lot of time in that class, lol. Good thing my friends gave me the notes i would need. I’ve spent one night with him and he let me sleep of a total of 8 hours, it was great i was expecting a lot less. I do have a headache though from his crying.We were allowed a baby sitter key which i took just in case. It came in handy today when i had to do something and i left my sister to look after him. However when he started to cry she touched the key to it’s back and it beeped 3 times instead of just one and stopped crying, it hasn’t cried since. I really hope that it’s not dead. Is there any way to check that it’s alive without ruining my grade by letting the head drop?
    I was also wondering do you leave the key on it’s back when your tending to it or just touch it to it’s back?
    How do you know if he’s been handled roughly? When he’s fussy i pace and kind of bob him around getting him to stop but i’m not sure if that would be considered rough handling. Please answer my questions soon i only have 2 more days with him and need help desperately. I’ve tried contacting my teacher but no reply your my last hope for a good grade.

  136. hey Kristy. has it criend yet? if not, try laying the baby on it’s stomache. that is what my teacher told me to do when i called her when i thought mine was dead. after awhile, hopefully it will cry. anyway, i have had the baby think it over doll 2 times now and i got an a both times. i love them! i m in 11th grade. YAH! almost through with high school! ๐Ÿ™‚ hope this helped, or that your baby already cried!

  137. If u didnt do the baby think it over and your teacher wanted u to do thereport abot BTIO Substitute Report watwould u put.Becaouse last year i didnt and now im not doing it again.Idecided to do the stupid report. And know its hard.

  138. My name is Laura I had a baby when I was 16 I am now 46. It was very hard being a teenage mom you have to grow up fast.I wish that I could have had a baby think it over program when I was in school.I know that I would have waited till I was a lot older.My 14 year old daughter Alisa has her baby think it over till Oct. 31 she told me I’ll be a grandma to her cats , she is going to wait a very long time befor she even thinks about having a baby.Alisa is trying to sleep now do to the 3:00 crying and having to care for it.I really think that a class should be given to all teenagers so that they can see just how much responsibility and care it takes having a baby. I hope that all of the teenagers that read this well wait to have a baby . Injoy your life and have fun ,finsh school,go to collage , and get a good job first. 8 years ago I got my GED . My kids are age 29 and 23 and 14.We well miss are baby think it over her name is Mercedes.

  139. Hi, i have a baby think it over, but its not as high tech as the one you have described, and lucky for us, we dont have the key attached to our wrists at all times, its onlyy on a bracelette that you can slip on and off, and the baby doesnt require a diaper change, and it doesnt cry all that much… i find it unfair really, that a 12 year old gets to have a baby that keeps her up half the night and tired for school, yet a 12th grader gets it easy… 8-|… isnt it suppose to make you NOT want to have babies.. i like mine, i dont want to give her back on monday… haha! But anyways, hope you had fun… bye bye

    Elsipogtog Canada

  140. hey:) I’m Kamila. I’m sixteen I’m from Poland and I live here. I had simulator 3 weeks ago. It’s exciting experience ๐Ÿ™‚ My baby name is Olaf. It’s bautiful baby:D I think that this programme is very good and educational. I felt really mother:] I went everywhere with Olaf and my friends. I was even in church:) ohhh probably nights was the most difficult but I manged very good. I was 100% correct care:D:D:D hmm… I’m sory becouse could to make a mistake in my notice. invite to my blog:)

  141. hey guys i had the baby think it over at first i actually thought it would be fun caring a baby and i thought it would be easy cause i had babysit before but guess what it aint easy at all soon as it starts crying youll get tired of it and u would want to get rid of it cause it wakes u up at the middle of the night think about teens do yaw really want to have babies wking

  142. i get to have my baby think it over tomorrow, i cant wait:D! any ways, i know where you can buy a doll. if you go to ebay and type in: baby think it over. you will find some and their only 56 bucks, thats cheap for how much they origionally are.

    cant wait til tomorrow,

  143. hello,
    I had Baby think it over just like 3 weeks ago and i am in 8th grade. i had to take it to church and this old person loolked at me like i was a teen mother i felt very bad but when she was looking at me that way i was feeding it so i hope she new it was a doll. Oh i named mine Domonique.

  144. I really want a Baby Think It Over. There is one on e-bay right now but I can’t register on e-bay because I’m under 18. I want to buy one and keep it for a couple of weeks and then sell it to my school because we only have 2. Some schools in my town have 2 of every ethnicity, but we only have 2 caucasians. So if anyone knows a place where i can buy one let me know!

  145. i’ve got the baby at the moment…it’s not so bad but i’m getting sick of it pretty quickly.. I can’t wait to give it back

  146. hi i want 2 no who sells baby think it over dolls aswel i want 1 really bad but i dont want pay 2 much 4 1 thnx plz get in touch :)>-

  147. I am 14 and in the 9th grade and will be getting my baby soon too. I am so nervous :-ss I want to take her to a movie. ;)) My mom is going to kill me. I hope I do OK. [-o<

  148. Hey Girls!
    I’m now in the 10th grade and will getting a “Baby think it over” tomorrow. I had one in 7th grade and it was exausting. I think that these “babies” are a good thing and that at some point in time, they should be required to do by all students in high school. :d

  149. i think this is so harsh, we dont have baby think it over dolls here i dont know anyone around me who has had the chance for one.. i live in south britain and i reallllly wanna try one im 16, anyone know anywhere to get hold of them?

  150. well im gonna have baby think it over next week or hopefully not this weekend anyways ours are real basic its just a key to feed them and stuff but the high school a couple miles away has the ones that actually wet and they have a certain food type substance that you actually feed them but anyways i think we have too much work for the class having to funiture the whole house down to the last penny and can of food but ill stop cuz i just have a habbit of going on fore ever

  151. hey my friend is 18 and wants a child!! she belives by having one that she will be I know thats not true!! I wish she could take that baby home and see how fun it is!! do u guys have any advice on how to get her to see my side!?? thanks

  152. :d Hey everyone I’m getting my baby think it over on this Friday 12/9/05 or Saturday 12/10/05 I am excited because I’ve done the baby think it over program at my school before it was fun because I like babies and babysitting. My baby is a boy and his name is Balin. If anyone want’s to purcahse a baby think it over then IM me on LiLColie77777 and I might be able to help someone get a cheaper baby think it over than from google. Wish me luck

    Nicole 15 years old ๐Ÿ™‚

  153. :(( I have the baby think it over right now, and I am in 11th grade, its hard and not fun, when you are trying to sleep it cries, and its annoying when you are out with your ffriends, I think in a way this is helpful ,I am engaged and happy about it,he wants kids, and now I don’t want to do anything with him, until I am good and ready, I have decided I am adopting

  154. I had the baby think it over a few years ago in high school, and i would like to purchase one now. They are so expensive though! If anyone knows where I can get one for cheaper, IM me at alicat108, or email me at Thanks!

  155. hey guyz
    my name is mindy I have never had Baby,Think It Over but my friend’s sister
    got one in school. They seem really cool
    and i am trying to find one so if you know
    a good web site to buy then besides or Ebay please let me know……beacause i really want to find one
    my E-mail adress is XPERFECTANGEL92X@AOL.COM
    SO THANKES FOR EVERYTHING and good luck with Baby, Think It Over THANKES ๐Ÿ˜ก

  156. Ali um there was one on ebay that was very cheap but someone baught it!!!! Thats the one i bid on Im so mad but ill try it again I guess ebay is way more cheap to get the think it over babies well talk to you on IM or something.


  157. Hey,
    I get mt baby this coming friday and i am way excited i cant wait hopefully i get a girl!wish me luck

  158. my name iz chelsea and i am 13 years old. i read everything possible on baby think it over! i think they are the greatest ever and i want one really bad so that i can be a good parent when i grow up! my dad will buy me one but but they are all so expensive and i don’t want him to spend all that money. where could i get one the cheapest?? and how much do they coast?? i also want this for babysitting purposes!! Thanks!!!:d

  159. I had The Baby Think It Over doll and it was alright and it didn’t help me it just made me want a baby even more and i got pregnant not even 3 months after i had the doll and i ended up keeping my baby And LET ME TELL YOU HAVING A REAL BABY IS WAY DIFFERENT AND WORSE!!! Its Hard To Try To Go To School and take care of my baby at the same time but i just have to think she needs me,i love her and i got to do this for her ive got to finish school so i can help my baby get the things she needs and diserves i am only 16 years old and my boyfriend has left me and he says the same things that most guys say your a whore and thats not my baby but thats the price he payed when he slept with a 16 year old girl being 21 himself I Dont get child support my parents didnt support me they thought me having a baby was wrong! right now im staying with family they have helped me out so much but i think the baby think it over program should be taken out of the schools because there were 30 young women in my parenting class and out of them 30 kids 8 got young women got pregnant that year after bringing home baby think it over doll And Most of them were planning on not having children until after they had graduated college i know some of you must think im wrong but this is the truth and i have just found out today that my friend angelica is pregnant with twins and she had even taken home baby think it over this is one of the problems with baby think it over is these young girls get attached to this baby and they think having a real baby would change things and let me tell you it does changes things you cant have no time for friends and no “me” time

  160. Hey its me again i have my baby think it over rite now its fun but not when it wakes you up during the night!i got a boy and named it tyson he is asleep rite now but earlier he was crying!i dont want to give him back tomorrow:((

  161. hey kortnie i think that the baby think it over program helps alot and that it was your choice to have a baby and that baby think it over DIDNT MAKE you have sex

  162. we only have to keep it for one not it is already getting on my nerves, i am letting my dad take care of it lol

  163. when i was in tenth grade we had to take the baby home. it was just like the way it was described above. your every move was recorded you had to wear a device on your ar to give the baby the care it needed… we had the doll for 3 days boy you should’ve seent he stares everyone had questions and what not but i thought even though the baby bugged me to death that it was great learning experince. i’m aked if i had to do it all over again would i do it:-?hmmm i really don’t know i’m kinda debating that right now. but hay those of you who are not in the 11th grade if you think tghe baby project was terrible…wait until you do the research paper!!!!

  164. The “baby think it over” is one annoying baby. I had to delay my dinner and had to quit studying my calculus book for a quiz we had tomorrow because the baby kept crying every 15 minutes until it was 2am when he finally when to sleep. At 4am it cried again but didnt wake me up. At 7:30am it was crying again but ironically my little brother took care of it when he really wanted to throw it out the window. At 8am it was off. When the teacher took our babies to examine them with a computerized machine.He gave us our scores. It looks like a receipt lol.. except it tells you your baby statistics,if its dead,bad parent,etc and you can compare your stats with others.

    On the receipt i had following scores:

    Head Support 2 = Excellent score. Ironic, because i was the only boy with a baby and the rest of the girls had horrible head support scores. One had 15! ALWAYS SUPPORT THE HEAD. Don’t let his head just go back. I never let that happen. But if it happens to you don’t worry its not dead. The world’s record for that is 187 times. After its off then you can wobble his head. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rough Handling = 0 Perfect score! Like I said I really took care of that crying machine.
    Compare to the girls. I beat them again.

    Feeding = 7 Note:I didn’t have the baby bottle. Just put your finger on his mouth. duh!its a computer.. it cant tell what’s in its mouth.
    Neglect = 7 whatever..

    Crying time = 165 minutes Well,735 more minutes and I break the record. Many girls had a lower Crying Time than me. If you let it cry a once or a several times and Don’t do anything its ok its not going die but it can lower your score.

    Diaper change 2 Good Score! I believe I beat the girls in this one. The baby has a sensor near its buttocks. If you try to remove and put the same diaper;the baby will know and will cry at a much higher sound decibel,and it will die.

    Note:The baby doesn’t die I was kidding but it will insult you in baby language.

    There were more stats like caring,etc,etc,etc but the teacher said they are useless so i didn’t program my neurons to remember them.

    What else? Well,that’s enough information to satisfy a BTIO rookie. So,yeah a straight-guy who did not want to do this baby $@$@ and does not want a baby.For now. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Beat the girls at what they’re suppose to be good at.

    Tips: If you one a good Head support score-Always support the head.

    If baby cries,burps, or talks, always put the ID on his back so it knows its you. Then rock-it,pad-it,change diaper,and all that baby stuff.

    Guys if you one to kill your doll for the pleasure of laughter just wobble its head or put your favorite rock song on and then nod his head.

    Sometimes the baby starts to dance for no apparent reason. Just change diaper.


    I hope you the reader finds this extremely long passage very helpful.

  165. Hey, i am 13 and i REALLY want a baby, i am currently doing loads of research as i want to try and stop myself from wanting a baby, so i decided the baby think it over would be a good idea! I live in Sheffield and i just wondered if anyone could give me contact details about them (for the uk), as i want to get my school to start offering the program to people like me who wants one, but i got a feeling i will be the same as heather (post 6) and not want to give it back lol
    love laura xxx

  166. Hello all..
    I have had the baby think it over sumulator for a week, and I’m going on my last couple days with it..and I love it! I love baby’s and I think that they are a great learning expereance! I’m 14 years old and I am searching on the net to try and buy one for myself! They are an awsome way to discover first hand what it’s like to have a chile, with out actually having one!


  167. I always wanted to do this program cuz I think its a really good idea to have teenagers to really “think it over” when it comes to having a baby. Apparently, my school was too cheap to have the program so we had to walk around with hard boiled eggs instead. I’m 22 and I still would love to do it. One of my coworkers had the baby think it over for the weekend and she had to care for it while she tended to customers at work. I helped her of course but I would love to do it myself. I just think it’s a lil too pricey. I’d rather rent it instead but I don’t think thats possible.\:d/

  168. OMG i love the baby think it over at my school the one i just had u dont feed and stuff thats next year the one i had you hold a key in it wich is coneted to ur rist and if u take it off u fail the class im going to buy one as soon as i get 567 dollers from the sight or catolog unlike everyone in my class i had it for 7 days and i took it to the renisance fare that was fun and funny so cool.the resson i had it so long was i have to ride an bus the dosnt get to school till 8:20 cuz where i live and i leve 2:20 so i had the teacher give me it when i was in her class the day befor i had it then 3 days latter we had a 3 day weekend the day i had 2 hand it in but i was ok with it. i did it 3 times 2 i keep talking my teacher in2 letting me do it for fun and i bring the battierys yha we had to do that in the first place i love takeing it i can waight till i get the one u have to feed change and so on

  169. the first time i had it over halloween some little kid put abuse on it the hit it and pulled its head thank god it wasnt a realy baby

  170. i had the baby it was the most annoying tyhing that i have ever had the cry sounded like a dying animal and it bugged me and yes i want kids but i dont want a baby to sound like its cry is of a dying animalbut i toook the baby up in a glider which then i had to take the bracelet off but it was one where it was a key yes my school is poor but neways the teacher threatened to fail me b/c i took it off for a saftey hazard so since then i never got along with my teacher

  171. I have it now. Im in a parenting class and im 14, a freshman in highschool. Its my second night, and im so….tired. His name is Adam, and hes finally alseep

  172. Baby think it over is nothing like a real baby.
    Alot of people that has been around babies and had baby think it over.

    I am a mother at the age of 18.
    My son was 2 months old when I did baby think it over. Man was that fun. They seem to tag team and took turns on crying and wanting my 101.
    It was hard.
    Before we got to take the baby home we had to wear the pregnanice belly for a day. That was 25 more pounds added to your own weight. It as cool.

    My adives to you all when u are doing baby think it over.
    Go in it with a postive mind and u will have fun. I fu go in thinking about how dumb this is and a waste of your time. Your time with the baby is going to suck.


  173. :)I had one of the virtula babies think it over. it was good it showed me how much care a baby needs. and you have to stop what your doing and go to the baby. mine was a girl and she was really cute. and every body liked her. i wouldnt mined haveing another one again.

  174. I do want to have kids, but after I’m like 30. I know what kids require, I babysit ALOT and even the young’uns- as young as 3 days old. So yes, it is hard. But if you’re the parent, it’s your job to take care of them.

    So far, I don’t think anybody over here has gotten pregnant…and we don’t have BTIO. My sister’s old school had it, but she never got a baby. So anyways, babies are hard. And you were like that once too. So in a way you are repaying your parents!

  175. (:| i wish our 8th grade class had gotten them in 6th grade. i became curiose and a boy and I, we didn’t exactly have sex, but i think i got pregnet of am just sick. can you tell if someone is pregnet by cheeking if they have a high pulse?

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  177. i want to get a baby think over to just try it out. Does anyone know any orgiznizations that let you try it and they research it. My school doesnt do it and im a little upset. I would want one for myelf but they are 500 + i obvisouly cant afford that im only a freshman. I would like to try this otu soo bad….


    email me at
    if you know of anything


  179. i first heard about baby think it over in school. before that i always wanted a baby they were so cute but when i was holding the baby it was quiet then it started crying for no reason then i thought it over im only a teen i dont want to think about baby’s yet. i am 13 years old now and i waqtch my baby cousins and they get annoying after a while, but to spend all day with them will get me tired. ๐Ÿ˜ก i love baby’s but not if they are mine and will keep crying like the DOLLS were. and then my teacher mrs. horesko took out a crack baby and i felt really bad. i dont understand why everyone does drugs. 1 its not COOL at all and 2 you look dum and smell wierd doing it. its that simple dont do it. thanks to mrs. horesko i am interested in baby think it over. even this kid i like justin ford was about to cry. that was the last person i thougth would be crying. well ok he almost started crying anf i thought it was cute. but anyway when i get older i am going to make sure when i am pregnant that i dont do anything stupid… oh yea i also learned you have no control over the baby’s they have all the control on you…
    much love, paulina janice vargas^:)^(*):(( they always cry… much love, paulina janice vargas…… from: conrad weiser middle school

  180. :x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x let me just say that if any one wants a baby get a baby think it over manager to tell you about baby’s..:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x much love again, paulina janice vargas

  181. i took a class last year when i was in tenth grade. the class was parenting and i got the baby think it over. my best friend and i had it at the same time. this was nice because it helped us to learn exactly how hard it could be. i really enjoyed learning in that class.

  182. i just bought a baby think it over doll. well its not called baby think it over anymore. its a realcare baby. i had it in the eighth grade n i cudnt stop thinkin bout it since (its been 7 years!) i cant wait till it gets here in bout 11 days. yea it was expensive (550.20!!) but i kno its gonna be worth it. i cant prolly sell it on ebay if i ever get tired of it. if anyone wants to kno, although i kno im the only one crazy enuf to spend that much money on a doll, the website is

  183. im crazy enoth to buy one im saving for her and a him IM GETING 2 and a caryer well the 2 pack thing i even got the new catolog if u do get sick of it i will be willing to buy it from u

  184. Hey,
    I’m getting a baby think it over in March from my school for a weekend, and i can’t wait, althought i think it will be a lot of hard work i think i’ll enjoy it because i love babies so much. So hopefully the doll won’t put me off having children but will show me that it would be hard work having a baby as a teenager. And now i’m already thinking of names for the baby think it over.

  185. aaliyah! me and my friend were wondering how you have brought your baby we are really intresed in buying one and would like u to tell us how to go about it please it would be handy as we have tryed every were and had no sucess! ur well lucky

  186. hi katie,
    well i was searchin online for baby think it over n it directed me to i had enuf money for the doll and to buy it clothes n accessories so i was like why not. i used my credit card online on their website n then i called them the next day to see if it went through. im so excited cuz anthony is comin next week on wednesday. their number is (888)830-1416 in case u cant get to the website. good luck to u n to maria!!

  187. btw most ppl think they cant get a realcare baby cuz its only for school but thats not the case nemore. u can call n when they ask for a company name just say its for individual use. for all of u who r crazy like me. well im not obsessed enuf to actually join (yet!) but they have good tips on how to take care of the doll in case of stains n stuff.

  188. I’m now in Family Consumer Science class, and I’m in 5th grade. My partner Tyler and I have been working with her for about a week now, and she’s pretty cool. We don’t have to take her home or anything. She never cried for us yet, but her head does tilt back if you don’t hold her correctly. Then she will cry for about 45 seconds and you have to rock her. Then she will stop crying. You have to read books to her, learn how to help her when she’s choking, and she’s really neat because she turns on and off. She has really taught me how to help and take care of infants.

  189. Hello,
    I recentally participate in the Baby think it over program and I tore me apart!! I am in my nith month of pregnancy at 14 years old and not getting very good sleep anyway but the one night I did the think it over baby kept wakeing me up every hour. I was so exzalsted that when I woke up and it was morning My REAL baby had nuged her little foot RIGHTINTO MY RIB CAGE! So to top it ALL off I was tired and in pain!!!
    I am scard of what the future holds because the baby think it over was REALLY hard I wonder iF REAL parenting is as hard!!!???? I hope not!
    ♥ Kendra

  190. Hi,
    last year i took the course (Gr11) an i enjoyed it i thought it
    was fun..but i only had a old generation baby where you jus turn the
    key in it’s back.. but i would like to buy a realcare baby is there
    anyway to buy one without using credit cards?!

  191. Hey IM Going To Get The Baby On Feb.24 2006 And I Cant Wait!!! See In My School There Is A Get Real Program Where You Lear All These Things And I hope I get A Hispanic Baby.:

  192. does anybody know any cheats for the baby, to make it easier? lol im so lazy, i dont want to take this thing home

  193. Im a junior in High School. The experience was mostly good for me. I had 0 head support failures. Plus a good read out. I didn’t enjoy not getting a lot of sleep at night though. If i had to do it again I would. But it’s a lot harder then it looks.:d:)>-

  194. You guys think you had it hard most of you only had it for 2 or 3 days I had mine for 8 days. tell me what you think of that one.

  195. Mine had 109 mins. of crying time. When I got it it had brand new batteries and when i gave it back they were dead!!!8-|:o

  196. hi aaliyah

    i have looked on the website and i didnt think that they would sell them as indival use but as u are getting one they do

    how much in pounds did u spend on it do u have a buggy and things.

    i cant wait i am saving up now for one now do u have msn so that i can say in contact as u do share the same intrested as me

    once again thanks very much for ur help

  197. aaliyah

    do u have ur baby now
    is it a boy orgirl what r u calling it

    how long do they take to come

    i will keep emailing u to find out some information and to see how ur babys coming on

  198. hi katie

    i just got my baby yesterday! i turned him on right away he was so cute. its a native american boy n i named him anthony rami. my msn is i usually takes 2 weeks for the baby to arrive but mine took a LOT longer.

  199. hey i just had the baby think it over and i had her for 7 days.. i loved the program i am actually looking into buying a doll of my own.. i really enjoyed it i actually cried when i returned it. i hope ya’ll like it!!!!

  200. hey i just had the baby think it over and i had her for 7 days.. i loved the program i am actually looking into buying a doll of my own.. i really enjoyed it i actually cried when i returned it. i hope ya’ll like it!!!!\:d/

  201. I had the BTIO in november and it was great. I got it around 2 o’clock on november 4th and it didn’t cry until 7. When she did cry I didn’t even know what to do. My teacher never showed us how to insert the key. I did a good job with 0 head tilts, 13 minutes of cry time, and 1 rough handling. The rough handling was from a bumpy car ride. I want the baby on a harder setting next time. I had it for the weekend and it only cried every four hours. I enjoyed the program and want to do it again. if anyone was wondering you can bid on a baby at ebay. You just type in baby think it over in the search bar and it brings you there. That’s all! R.I.P. Claire( my baby)

  202. hi aaliyah

    do u take ur baby out everywhere with u? do u have things like a moese basket and that for him as he will need to sleep safe at nite? i have added u on msn and i will hope to speak to u sonn bye

    from katie x

  203. hi aaliyah

    wat did u rite wen it said about the Organization name on the catulog? because i want one for ms use only so what can i rite becasue i have the money for noe now


  204. Im 19 years old from Norway and I really want to buy one. We dont have baby think it over on our school:( Do u want to sell one, or now where I can buy one? (Not so expencive)
    Plz, thnx!
    Hope u understood my english:)

  205. Tanja, you can bid on one at Ebay if you type Baby Think It Over in the search bar.:d

  206. I cant wait I get the baby next weekend I cant calm down. I have cleaned my room and set up the chlothes and i set up a blanket/w a pillow under it for the changing table. I know Im obsessed (The first step is admiting you have a problem right) ๐Ÿ™‚

  207. Im in the 11th grade and I took child develoment just for this, at first it was fun and i loved it:x I had a girl her name was malinda but I took it to get more extra credit a couple days b4 just for one night and brought her back she was good she did not wake me up at night at all! just a 12-1am feeding/everything eles and i was off to bed till 6 30 and i did not get woken up at all! but this weekend my teacher gave me a boy and told me it was a girl(she did not look!) and he (damian) was way way worce he has to be fed/burped/fuss/changed twice in a row! that takes and hour and then it sleeps for an hour or two and back to doing it! also its says it will only fuss for 3-6 min that is a lie i tried to feed it, change it, burp it, rock it and nothing worked and it cried for an hour! and hour when all i wanted to do was sleep and during the week i never get enough sleep so i catch up but i have goten like no sleep im going crazy here all you get is the bad stuff none of the good stuff! I hate it and my teacher said there is a way to turn it off but that is a lie! belive me I tried! this is dumb it teaches me nothing if i had this in the 7th or 8th grade maybe but 11th come on i stated all the * bad stuff in the 8th grade i just want to get so sleep with a real baby they have daycare! and then you can sleep and when they way 20 pounds they sleep throught the night. I hate this and why dose my teacher have to lie to me saying there is a way to turn it off this is so dumb! i still really want a baby the guy who made this made it way worce than it really is he just dose not children having children then why do i get to be a child with a robo child?:((:(:((:-w:o[-(:((

  208. Do you have the baby right now mikkI? I hade the btio last year and it was easy but now I get it next weekend and im scarred its going to be horrible. :(:(:(

  209. I had a realcare baby and i enjoyed every minute of it, i had fun and learnt all of the things required to look after a baby. Everyone a knew who had the baby couldn’t wait to get rid of theirs but i must be weird because i wanted to keep mine forever, i would happily do it all over again, infact if i had the money i would buy myself one, im that sad, but unfortunatly i don’t ร‚ยฃ500!! :(( i would recomend it to anyone even boys cause it makes to realise what is involved when looking after a child/baby.

  210. hey i am getting the Baby for the BTIO program on March 31-April 3rd and her name is brooklyn. i have a few questions about it. Like do they move like a real baby and does the cry sound like a real baby and also do they fit in newborn sizes clothes just please email me back and let me kno thank you:)

  211. Hey brittany just to answer your questions, they don’t move like real babies but their heads do tilt back and if you don’t support their heads then they will scream for up to 1/2 an hour. They have many different cries for each of the different things they need (eg feeding) and all of these cries are recorded from a real baby, so yes they are exactly the same, and any other noises they make are also recorded from a real baby (eg coughing). The only size the babies go in are new born clothes, any larger they look like their drowning

  212. hey aaliyah
    i just wanted to let you konw that i am so jealous that you’ve got a realcare baby. I was just wondering how long it took you to save up or get the amount of money you need to buy one? please let me know because i am really interested in buying one

  213. hi katie j

    i am jealous and have looked every where for one of those babies and cant find them any where have u tryed that website that every one is meantioning cuz i have just tryed it if u want to share informarion with me then add me on msn and we can looked together kk look forward to hearing from u


  214. hey brittany
    if you live in america go on and if you live in the uk go in and it gives you all the information you need about buying a realcare baby, you can also buy accessories to go with your baby hope that helps!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  215. hey katie
    i really want a baby but it is soooo much money, but im going to save up for one, even though my parents will never let me buy one. Im going to start saving up for it now but it will take me ages seen as it is ร‚ยฃ500!! are you going to get one/save up for one?

  216. hey yeah i am going to try to and yeah i live in USA but my parent might get it for me fo rmy birthday if i really want one. yeah they are expensive you said that teh newborn clothes fit but what about preemie clothes are they too small because i have a few outfits in newborn and one preemie andi was wondering if that fit so yeah well i added oyu to my msn so ttyl buhbye

  217. I had my baby boy this weekend his name was camden dakota. I loved him ๐Ÿ˜ก it was awsome When Im older im going to get one (im 16 so in my 20’s) ๐Ÿ˜‰ it cried a lot during the day and not so much in the night . This program definitly did not work for me b/c now I want a real baby. Oh well though.I know I’m not old eniough yet but when I get marryed I cant wait.;)

  218. Hey Brittany
    im not sure whether they realcare babies fit into the preemie clothes ๐Ÿ˜• but the newborn clothes are slightly baggy so im sure you’ll have no trouble in getting them into the clothes.

    p.s thats not my msn address, it is a different katie, but if you give me your address then we can talk

  219. Hey guys, I have baby on thursday until money morning, I’m excited, I am also 4 months pregnant, so it’s also there to help me understand the constant demand of baby throuhg the night. I’m in grade 11.

  220. hey brittany
    it would be great to chat to you to cause everyone in my family doesn’t understand why i want a baby think it over, they all think im weird

  221. I really want one of the babies. I have the money for it and have done research. See I’m homeschooled and missed out on the project. Also because of resones i wont talk about I was suposta have a baby and didn’t. My mom thinks this a stupid waist of money. Its my money though. Anyone have any ideas on how to maturly get my mom to see that this isnt stupid?

    email me!


  222. katie j
    hey add me toyur msn and everyone elso so we can talk mine is

  223. hey brittany
    i will add just as soon as i get my laptop fixed and my other pooter doesn’t have msn
    ill talk to you very soon
    look forward to hearing from you

  224. this is to katie j and brittany

    i have looked on ebay and brought a baby on there and its on its way as we speak. but the bad thing about it i have only just realised that im expecting a baby of ma own i have added u both on msn i fink and i will keep u in touch about the real care baby and i will let u no when there are some on there that u can buy. i am expecting ma baby in july some time so i would be selling ma baby on ebay in a couple of weeks. i am aboutfour months pregant and only just found out so im hoping that everythink is going to be ok. the real care baby is a boy im calling him ryan

    speak to u both soon
    hope u have luck in finding one


  225. hey kaie if you decide you do not want your real care baby i am willing ot buy it from u instead of putting it on the internet oh and congrats on the new baby let me kno how everything goes well i ttyl onmsn ok buhbye

  226. hey katie if you decide you do not want your real care baby i am willing ot buy it from u instead of putting it on the internet oh and congrats on the new baby let me kno how everything goes well i ttyl on msn ok buhbye

  227. hey katie if you decide you do not want your real care baby i am willing ot buy it from u instead of putting it on the internet oh and congrats on the new baby let me kno how everything goes well i ttyl on msn ok buhbye


  228. Hey guys! I have the baby think it over right now! Mine is a lot diffrent though. When it cries you just have to stick a key in its back and hold it there until it stps crying. You still have to hold it right though or it will cry. I guess i got a really old one..oh well! lol \:d/

  229. hey brandy thats kool what is oyur babys name and is it a girl or boy and i not sure if its old or not do u still have to change the diapers nad stuff well ttyl buhye

  230. hey Brittany all we have to do is to stick the key in its…we don’t have to change its diaper or anything..its really easy..put it is also really heavy…i got a boy and named it Brent Ryan. too bad i have to give it up tomorrow because i don’t want to..but i kinda want to..not really though! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  231. I spoke with someone today who owns a BTIO. She says the fit perfect into newborn size clothes and they are typicly too big for preme. She and her husband bought the doll because they cant have children of thier own. she says there “daughter” is a real blessing and the only disapointment is when you hold her next to the real thing. She is going to send me photos of thier baby so if any of you want to see those when i get them i am happy to share.

  232. aww thats swwet lynn and yeah i want photos

    hey yeah i think oyur baby is old becaus eht enew babies haved iapers oyu cahnge and bottles and alot more stuff i am getting a girl and i nemed her Brooklyn Brynea so yeah well w/b everyone

  233. No your baby is not old. It is made my a diffrent company. Its called a “ready or not tot.” While they are a older style that dose not mean that she herself is old.

  234. Does anyone have a photos of the boy BTIO? A friend and myself are cruiouse to see what the diffrence is.

  235. I’m just curious…but why don’t the couple who can’t have kids sign up for adoption..thats what i would least they don’t have to pay foe the diapers and stuff!\:d/ lol in fact i’m going to adopt kids when i grow up..probably a chinese baby girl…and oh yeah..i had to give up my btio today…I miss my little Brent! :((

  236. Why does everyone want a btio? Are we in the 2nd grade wanting to play “dollies?” Well If you want a btio then all you have to do is go buy a doll at walmart and make it pretend cry. I think you all are crazy if you want to put up with a baby when you don’t have to 24/7. I hated mine when it woke me up in the night..I thought it was part of my dream at first..then I relized that it was that baby again! Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed having my baby..but why would you want to buy one??? I would much rather save up and have a real baby (and 15 years from now) because if you think about it..these btio are just dolls and dolls can’t give you the love or the cute baby smile like real babied can do…i’m just saying people! :)>- Peace out

  237. I know this is my 4th comment in a row but all well….i just read some old comments and this one girl asid that “i thought my baby was dead.”..i was just wondering how can a doll wasn’t even alive to start out with..and if in case you are wondering,yes i am blonde and i’m proud. \:d/

  238. Ok so she and I are wondering how they make the boys anitomicly corect. Sue us! but it anyone wants to help us ease our minds… let me know. Leave your email on here if u have photos and I’ll send u my email

  239. I hear what your saying brandy
    my parents think im stupid for getting ready to buy one but see i plan on going to school to become a phycologist the specializes in teens. I plan on useing her now to learn how she works and then useing her later to help teens who are sexualy active stop being that way.

    so my resone is for a good cause. plus i plan on giving her the last name of a friend of mine who passed away. He always wanted a baby and died before he got a chance. So she will be in loving memory of him.

  240. Lynn..I guess you are buying not just for fun but for buisness too..i think it is great that you are wanting to buy one to help teens see why it is so hard to have a baby….I just thought that you and everyone else just wanted to buy one just for fun…i think that people do buy them for fun…but you are going to buy yours for a reason other than there just fun and i think that is great! and I’m sorry that your friend died. ….To all the people out there who want to buy a btio for “fun”…i have 2 questions for ya…1.) Are you crazy? and 2.)Where do you get the “fun” part in it?

  241. J. I already know that they have a penis. I had a boy one and i was curious so i looked. it had a penis about the size of my pinky. it is plastic and small and it has the penis and the balls underneath so there you go girl…anyways why do you want to see a dolls penis when you can always see a guys…lol….j/k! \:d/

  242. i have this baby right now her name is Emily im soooo tired of her. if this weren’t worth marks i would just leave her to cry but only because she is a doll. yesterday i broke down and Cryed:((because i just wasnted2 sleep but cudnt cuz everytime i did she would cry. i know now that i sooo am not ready for parenthood and i do not know how people my age do it.:)>-peace out! -Danielle-

  243. ok well i havent been on here in a while neways just to tell everyone i am getting my BTIO baby friday. its a girl and i love babis so i am excited to finally get to see what it is like besides jusst babysitting and hey katie try to get on msn

  244. woo!! im soo excited i get my baby this weekend!! hehehe… its a girl and ive called her Krystal…
    haha me and mi frend wanna go to the movies..:p LOl we’ll see what happens! wish me luck!!!!

  245. good luck claire!! i am also getting my baby brooklyn this weekend. i get her thursday through monday!! i am so excited instead of going to a movie we are going to the mall!! well ttyl buhbye

  246. i dunno, but i am buying a little girl. Her name is gonna be Madison Elizabeth Warner (last name is a friends who passed away. He wanted a baby and never got one) I am buying a “reborn doll wig” on ebay and I will attach it to her head to make her even more real. For anyone wondering btio’s need a size 15 in those wigs. But yeah I am saving up mioney to get a lil boy too. I am going to rename Maddie when i get the boy that way they will both be like twins and have ryhming names. Anyone have and boy/girl rhyming names?

  247. corey and tori
    andy and kandi
    Sandy nd randy
    Mandya nd randy
    brandy and randy
    ummi dunno i will think

  248. Well i got my baby today!!! yay neways she hasnt started crying yet so everything is good lol

  249. this is cool almost all of us are getting babies this weekend. I get mine tomorow . I already had it once but I lost my score sheet :-” (not realy I just want it) and I now have to take it again. I also have a speech meet so my friend is going to take care of it. yea its gonna be so fun. :d

  250. i gpt mine tdat thru mon. she is really good .i let one o my guy friends hold her and he dropped her head back erri was soo upset with him but hey he is a guy LOL neways me and my bf are goiung to the mall sat. yay Welli named her brooklyn brynea what did yall name yours

  251. woo i got mi baby… shes sooo cute!! shes got one of those funny heads tho… heh… mine cried like as soon as i received it.. grr! heh i give it bak on monday…
    good luck for evry elsehu has got it this weekend!!!

  252. When I first heard about the Baby Think It Over program I was in my late 20s and had recently lost my first child to SIDS. I desperately wanted a BTIO doll to help me get over the guilt I felt, that I hadn’t “done enough” for my baby. Due to various factors, such as not being in the US and not being a teen, nobody I contacted was the slightest bit interested in helping me out. And, as far as I know, it still isn’t available here (Australia). I can certainly relate to the girl who commented here that she wanted to keep hers!

  253. well i have to bring my “baby” back tomarrow ๐Ÿ™ she was funn and everything but dude she was hard work well i will talk to everyone later so buhbye

  254. lets just say…that it was the worst experiance ever, it woke me up 5 times during the night, and i still can hear the baby scream at night…..even though i gave it up about 3 days ago…:((8-|b-(:-@#-o#-o#-o#-o#-o(:|(:|:-\:-<#:-s

  255. welli gave the baby back today i got a 97% not bad but neways i dropped her head wice and my brother knocked her out of hte carseat but other than that it was good so yeah i had fun but i was glad to give her back

  256. I think the btio is weird! my baby was possesed the key kept falling out when ever i made a slite movement and it cried like 5 times the first night and like 4 times the last night. i hate it O i had a girl and i named it malibu barbie because of my friends dared me to. so yea i hated it so much.

  257. ok so, my mom went out and bought me a “baby born” doll. She goes, “here its the next best thing and it dose not cost as much.” I tried to be nice but when i took it into my room in threw it in the back of the closet and thats where its gonna stay. Its no where near close. The stupid toy dont even make noises. All it dose is drink watter and pee the water back out. :-w Not impressed at all! Neways I’m still looking for a btio and i am going to get one if i have to do it behind my parents backs. so there!

  258. I got to take the baby a second time and it was the worst! She was on the hardest setting and creid every hour. I think i only got three hours of sleep monday and tuesday night. I miss her and want to hold her again, but that cry just gets on my nerves. I still want one. I just want to hold it. I need a break from the cry for a while. They’re so much fun when they don’t cry to dress up and hold. I guess they are somewhat real. Too bad the company can’t get together with the makers of Babyborn and make one that does all and cries. Good idea huh?:d

  259. well i miss my baby so i went out a bought me a reborn baby and name d him Ethan Blake

  260. ha ha ha ha to evryone that has it….boo hoo boo hoo to everyone that has had it and misses their baby….YES YES YES to those who is glad to get rid of it!!! :d

  261. well i love babies so i enjoyed the BTIO but now i have a “baby” named ethan blake that i love so much and he isa lot better than btio

  262. I had my BTIO for 3 days. I had the one with the key in the back. It was a boy, I called him Matthew.:d AT the end of the weekend i was tired and frusterated but i still want a baby so i guess it didnt work. LOL!!!!:) I miss my little guy. :((

  263. I am currently caring for the baby think it over, It kept me up all night last night.. Its a cute Japanese girl model I named Motoko, but I usually just call her Momo. This experienced has taught me a lot about parenting, and its actually made me more appreciate the work my parents had to do to raise me. Even so, I can’t wait to get rid of her tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well I gotta run, she’s crying again..

    … If you put the sensor from the diaper over its mouth when its hungry you don’t have to hold the bottle..;)

  264. @ Madolyn
    Losing an infant to SIDS is an unpreventable tragedy and its NOT your fault. I lost a little brother and a little sister, so I know how hard it is to have to cope with the loss. SIDS is a terrible thing to have happen, just remember that they are in a better place now.

  265. i haven’t had the baby yet and if i don’t get one soon i am gonna ask for one for christmas:d. and becuase i haven’t had it yet i really love to hear you people talk about your experiences with them. and i love to hear every detail so please e-mail me with your stories even if you post them here just take the time to paste them and stick them in an e-mail!
    thanks, “curious”

    my e-mail address is KNIGHTS585824@AIM.COM

  266. HEY PPL!!
    IT IS A BLACK gurl AN IT IS CALLED kimmy!!
    I woz rele happy b caze i wnted a black 1!!

    IT has’nt cried much @ da mo, bt it will scream in da night!!!


    It is hard 2 try an figure out wt Kimmy wnts bt i’m sur i will get da hang of it!!

    i av it 4 5 days!
    kimmy looks rele cute in her pink hooded outfit!
    BLESS ER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  267. hey everyone.
    I just got baby-think-it over today. (Named her Dekota) But since my class doesn’t have much time with the babies (we have 2), we have partner’s and I only have it for 2 days. I’ve been careful to hold its head.
    When I first got the baby, it was quiet for the whole period, accept in the last 10 minutes, it started to cry. 5 minutes after the bell went, I was STILL feeding it. I have it in my one arm right now and have been rocking it for 30 minutes…not fun..well it’s not that bad though. I’m definatly going to wait till im at least done university and have a good career, to have a child.

    Well good luck to everyone else that gets one of these babies.

  268. Hey,
    I have to take the baby home next weekend ๐Ÿ™ Im reaaly nervous and scared that i will do somthing wrong and get a really bad grade for it. I dont know how to take care of a baby but all of my friends say its not hard, bu tim just really nervous.:):”>/:):o {PEACE OUT:)>-}

  269. You’ll probably do fine. Always hold the head. If it’s the one where you just put the key in, always have the key nearby. The one with the bottle and diaper, always try the bottle first. That’s all I have for advice. Bye!

  270. hey its really easy to take care of just rememebr to keep everything close nd you will do good.

    hey i havent lefta comment latelt so i decided to umm well i could never find anyone to sell me a btio cheap so i got my ad to buy me a areborn and he is just soooo cute well i have a webiste if anyone wants to visit it thanks

  271. Brittany there are three on ebay right now. I know because i am waiting until the end to bid for one of them. There are two that use the key and the one i want that uses the bottle. The one with the bottle is a white girl and the other two have keys. They are an african american boy and a white girl.

  272. HEY JESSICA!!
    DW u will b fine @ lookin after the baby!
    The baby will either need burpin,feedin,or nappy change!Sometimes the baby needs attention (one time i stroked my baby’s head an she liked it,she went asleep!) lol lol.
    Mi 1 woz rele cute (a black gurl called Kimmy)!!
    It woz sumtimes hard wrk bt i gt through it!
    An soooo will u!


  273. I really want a BTIO, but the ones on E-Bay don’t have heads that fall back and that’s what I want. I also want the ones where you put the key in the back. I love these things and think they are so cool. I had one twice this year and I still didn’t learn my lesson. Oh well, I guees I’ll have to keep looking. Or if any one wants to sell one for cheap I’ll surely but it from you. Bye!!

  274. Katelynn,

    Britt and I both have dolls off of Ebay that are called reborns. They look more real then the BTIO. Their libms are weighted as well as thier head so that all flop back. Some of them have sound boxes inside but for the most part they make no noise. They come in all diffrent types. I recomending investing in one of these before you spend $500 plus dollars on a BTIO. I love my reborn very much. Britt and I are both looking at getting a second one. Right now she has a boy named EATHAN BLAKE and I have a girl named NICHOLE LEE (CHLOE for short)

    I know its not the same but it really helps you think over getting a baby think it over. Trust us!


  275. hey this is britt

    and i love my reborn and BTW lynn i spell his name Ethan but good try. yeah reborn are very preciuos well ttyl buhbye

    ps lynn get on MSN messanger

  276. there is wonderfull mums in waiting for babies to call there own, sometimes this gives the mother of a new born a chance to have her own life but still be able to keep in contact and have a say in the parenting of her child this is a wonderfull idea and gives someone a chance at being a loveing mother to your child …

  277. I took the aby think it over simulator last semester in school, I had it twice, each for 3 days. I will admit the first one was kinda hard but, I was tryin to juggle parenthood and cheerleading and school. The second time I had a blast. In fact I’m trying to convince my parenthood teacher to give me another one. It’s a great program and even though they’re not real it’s a rewarding experience.

  278. i wish i could get the BTIO again but we are only allowed to have it one time errrr i also wanna buy me one but they cost alot of money so i thinki will stick with my reborns well ttyl buhbye ps if you wantme to post a pic of my reborn just let me kno ok well bbuhbye

  279. hi my name is Donna and i am doing my final big huge HSC society and culture assignment on the ‘baby think it over’ program and how it affects teens whether making them not want kids or want to have them more. so i need as many of you ppl out there to help me. if u have had the “baby” and have an opinion that u want counted plez email me @ but i mostly need teen parents (mothers and fathers) to tell me their opinion of the ‘baby’ and its realisticness and how it affected your choices to have your children. i would really appreciate ur help :)>-[-o< plez help me!

  280. hello my name is jessica,
    i had the baby last year in 8 grade over memorial day weekend. We did not have school the following monday or tuesday so i thought ahh it wont be that hard so i decided to do the baby for 5 days. but not only did i do one baby i did 2! LOL twins. Zachary and Sarah. The were the same kind as Layla. the real care generation. it was alot to keep up with because it seemed that even know they were not on the same scedule that they would always cry at the same time! I was so excited to take them home but in the middle of i was about the cry sitting there feeding both of them. and of course a 45 min rock sesion.LOL. Then on Sat. we had a bombfire to go to. so i lugged the two of them there. YES some help! my friends were so willing to help me. plus zachary was on a preemie baby scedule so he needed feed atleast once every 2 hours. even during the night. We had to change them and wash there clothes and stuff to. i also had to take the two of them to a doctors appointment for my mom. They really did teach me alot! The last day they were on i was excited for them to turn off. but once they had turned off i was upset. to make alonger story short i ended up getting one of my own. 4. allison, madison, carter and aiden! I love my babies to death. but i am sure not ready for a real one!

  281. oh and i took it home almost every day! which was my teachers challange to me! LOL Speaking of which my lil maddy is on now, gtg she is hungery!:)

  282. awwww i wish i had my own btio!!!! i miss my lil brooklyn well thats kol that oyu have four if anyone know where i can ge my own let me kno i do wanna buy one cheap

  283. Im with Britt. I’ve been looking for a while now and even on ebay they either are the ones with the keys or they want more then a new one cost. If anyone is wanting to sell one or know someone who is please let me know.

  284. Someone who doesn't like you

    I think you are all stuid if u are willing to post ur personal info to the whole dang whurld. So, good luck with that all yall stupid ‘minor’ parents. I bet your kids will grow up and have kids at like age 3. And then u will look like this: :((

  285. On May 10 , 2005 – 2:45 pm
    shawna Said:

    hey, iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm 15 and in gr 10 and for about 2 years now I have wanted a baby, reeeeally bad. I dont know whyops:. I babysit alot and I love kids. Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm not going to have a baby yet, but it would be awesome to have a baby think it over. My school doesnt offer the program
    I have looked all over ebay, if any one knows where I could get one, that I could afford, I would be soo greatful
    feel free to email me!

    … Is there anyone who can delete this, PLEASE!!!??!

  286. :d hi, i have currenltly got baby think it over for the weekend and she is actually sitting on my lap whilst i am writing this, lol for the few minutes she is quiet. i am in year 10 at the moment and think that this is a brilliant prgramme. in the time that i have had baby think it over i have really enjoyed it even though it has been hard work especially attending to it in the middle of the night. looking after baby think it over as really made me realise the responcibilities of a teenage mom and how they must feel. in the time they i have had baby think it over i have taken it shopping and some of the remarks that the public make to you can be really humiliating and nasty until they realise that it is a doll, some people understand and others jump to the conclusion that the doll is real and can put you in an awkward position and all i wanted to do was go back to the car and go home, although so far i have enjoyed my experience with baby think it over and will be upset to hand it back i deffinately do NOT want a real baby at my age!!!!! so all the girls that think babys are cool take a baby think it over a doll and i guaratee you will think it over!!!:d

  287. I have my BTIO right now for 5 days. Everyone else got 3, but I wanted 5. I want more! Im in 11th grade. I got a male baby and I named him Jaedyn. It’s cute to see my bf interact with it. We’ve been dating nearly 2.5 years. Anyways, I will cry when I have to give it back!!

  288. HI:d i am so happy i get the baby on friday may 26 it will be so awesome my sister went though this program twice aww but the baby is so cute and i can’t wait till i get mine it will be so awesome i am in grade 7 and i am in the program at the circle but ill hate to go though the pragnance it will be awful but i love the baby part so yeah I am just waiting for someone to talk to yeah c yall **smooches**

  289. I just did baby think it over last weekend and while I had the baby I thought is was kind of hard. But now that I have returned Grace (doll) I want her back sooo much. I actually got the best grade in my class. I only let her head drop once on accident and I had one neglect. I neglected one rock which the teacher said was ok because I probably just confused it with her being fussy. But all together I loved the doll and wish I could buy one. If any one knows how I could buy one please tell me!!!

  290. I’m not sure what you mean by what bracelet we only got one the only people that got two bracelets is the ones that needed a babysitter bracelet. Plus didn’t they tell you which one and didn’t they put it on you. If you have your normal bracelet and a babysitter one then you use the normal one first. The only time you use the babysitter bracelet is when you have to go to work or whatever than that bracelet is used only because you can’t be with the baby. If you have some sort of other bracelet thing that must mean you got the newer babies. Baby think it over 2 is probably the one you have I had Baby think it over the first addition. But I loved the baby and now I want a real baby of my own even though it’s supposed to make you not want the baby I guess it kind of had the opposite effect on me.

  291. well i am sry i cant help you with the braclet thing the teacher knows whichone to use. well iam sittin here thinkin abou twheni have mt “baby” brooklyn yeah well sh ewas fun but when oyu accedentally leave her diaper and stuff in the car when you are in the middle of the mall and shestarts crying then it become harder lol well i really hope i can get up enpough money to buyone so the girl that live around me can have it for a weekend . well i start my job today i and i think i am goingot save up some money to buy one and liek rent it out to someone like 15 dollars a weekend or so wel ill ttyl my ride is here buhbye

  292. I only have my baby for 17 hours, but I think it’ll drive me crazy. I’m only 13, and I have a baseball practice and piano lesson tomorrow night (when I get the baby). I also have a 7:00 morning band practice the next day. I have to take the baby with me to all of them. The baby I get cries, but all you have to do is put the “key” in the back, and rock it. You don’t need to figure out what it needs, and it only cries until you put the key in it’s back. You don’t need to support the head or anything! My school won’t allow you to have it longer than one night, because their are too many kids in the course, and we borrow the dolls from another school. I can’t wait to have the baby, but the teacher sets the settings (cranky, easy, medium) and such, and she is not terribly fond of me. I also have to walk home from school with it (which is about a mile and a half). I carried my friend’s baby for her the other day, and people gave me such dirty looks, but it was quite funny. I think they just gave me funny looks because everyone says I look like I’m in fifth grade, and that’s just a bit too young to be having a kid.
    daisy out.

  293. oh i kn how you feel weh i go to of the bus with mine ppl were starin and ugh i was like”what”? lol i am buiyn one soon i hop edepends on if i finally ge ymy birthday mone y or not

  294. I have some of the money, but the one I want I have to get on Ebay because the company doesn’t make it anymore. I want the one were you have to hold the hyead and hold the plastic key in its back until it coos.

  295. I dont know what to say other than i have never had the doll. I talked to my husban and we talked about it and we bought one she will be here June 20th. I cant wait. We want a baby so this is our child. She will be very well taken care of. Anyways. Ill keep in touch and ill send pics if anyone wants to see them email me.

  296. I have this baby right now. It’s actually on my lap. It’s sleeping, because I can hear the breathing noises. I’m in year 8. And yesterday, it was hectic. I kept freaking out, and I was dead tired. Thank god my friend helped me. The weird thing is it didn’t bother me while I slept last night.. just woke me up really early. Even though it’s a pain, I still love it. I can’t imagine giving it back. I even dressed it up using my sister’s old clothes. And when the blanket is not around my baby, I put it around him thinking that his cold. I guess I can say, I’ve grown attached to it. But it really made me think. Before I was thinking; “Oh, when I’m 18 I wanna start my family.” Now, I think I’ll wait till I’m OLD.

  297. I’m in currently in 8th grade. And coincedentaly have the Baby right now. I’ve had it for about two days now, and am returning it back to school tomorrow.

    Honestly I think that it is a pain. I find it kind of shocking that some people actually want to buy it! (I hope to those who do buy it, the best of luck.)

    I have the model, that needs head support. And it just screams whenever it goes back. (On accident, of course.;) )
    But after the first day, you’re pretty much sick of its crying.

    It does impact your life for those couple of days. And kind of informs you how much care a child needs. But at the same time, this baby stresses you out. Since it is part of my grade, I stress to be the “perfect” mother. Which is very hard, because I am far from it. And it is nearly impossible to get any work done for long periods of time.

    I also dislike it, because unlike a real child, it is unable to show any emotions, other than its needs. And it can’t and wont accept any affection other than what is programed for it to need.

  298. I am having the baby this weekend and i am in year 10 at secondary school
    all my friends have had the baby and this weekend its my turn!! i helped my frienbds and it is very hard work!!
    just hard to cope because you dont know how long they can cry for!

  299. Well i we are trin to pick out names for our new daughter when she gets here. Mercedes , Rachel, or Erin. with all 3 the middle int will be “D” And Last name will start with “M” SO let me know what one i should pick. I like them all. So let me know everyone. Thanks

  300. :”>:-w:-?/:):o:o:x hi my name is Brittany and i am in grade eight and i am 9 months pregent and at my school you have to take baby think it over home in grade eight and they made me take it home any way and i teel you it is easyer to take care of baby thnk it over then it is a real baby and i am do any time now and it is hard . so i hope what i said can help you a little bit and you will not have a baby till you can take care of it so bye and i hope i helped

  301. ๐Ÿ˜ก i had the baby think it over baby or 5 days , I too miss it very much. i have taken the baby with the key in its back, the newer baby with a wrist sensor and the drug affected baby( that doesnt stop crying) I miss the baby and i to would like to buy one for my “maternal moodswings” if someone has a used baby and is considering selling it. please contact me at Thank you!
    – kassi:x

  302. My first experance with BTIO was a standered boy I had in 10th grade. I had him over the weekend. I loved the doll so much that I volenterred to take it home again in 11th grade. Then in 12th grade my school bought some of the new real cares. My home econ teacher let a few of us that she trusted take one home for the weekend so she could let us give her feedback and she could figure out the programing and such. So I got one then. In my freshman year of collage I was doing a paper on teen parenting and she let me take one again over the weekend.

    My sophmore year in collage I found out about the Neonates company (sister CO to Realityworks)literly the week before the company closed. My fiance knew I loved the dolls so he bought me a non electronic Caucasian Male Neonate. Right after he proposed to me he bought me a Caucasian Male Real Care off the internet. We treated Jayden as a child to prepair ourselves for parenthood. We ended up with the help of my high school teacher setting up an account with Realityworks. We ended up selling our RealCare to upgrade to a RealCare2 last year. A few months ago I sold my RealCare2 so that I can upgrade to a RealCare2+. I’m now awaiting the arival of my “son” a Japenese(the new face molde) named Spencer.

    I’m currently a mommy to two Neonates (both non electronic) a Caucasian male and Native American female. And I’m also a mommy to two standard BTIOs an Aferican American male and Asian female. I’ve been hunting for a Hispanic female preferable Neonate, or standard BTIO.

  303. Well i got my baby last week Sorry it took me so long to repost. I have been so busy with the new baby and everything is going great. We have yet to pick out a name for her though. Anyways It took them forever to get her to me. I have a “Ready or not tot ” for sell if anyone is wanting one. I will sell her for $300.00 She has everything you need for her. I bought her brand new and just tested her to see if we wanted to buy the BTIO or not. Well we did so please feel free to email me at The websit sells the dolls for over $400.00 so this is cheap she is brand new. So if anyone knows anyone lookin let me know thanks


  304. ๐Ÿ™‚ i am 18 and i ended up taking baby think it over home well the standard one i don’t think it really helped any i mean i got to see it could be alittle of a pain and stuff but for the most part it only cryed 1 time every 8 hours and and all i had to do to stop it was put a key in the back
    i thought the hardest part was going places with it and also watching a 2 yr old and a 5 yr old when i had it but other then that it hasn’t discuraged me from wanting a baby actually now i want a baby so i guess the program didn’t work for me i know something u don’t want to hear but it’s reality and life who knows if it didn’t work with me it probably didn’t work with some others so i just decided to post this message

  305. Ok so its been a while since I’ve been on here. I am selling my reborn baby. I have photos. He comes with 3 boy out fits and one girl out fits. Plus a toy high chair that i used for him. Im asking for about $300. i bought him new for $650. He is an ashton drake and if your interested please email me and i’ll give you futher detail.

    p.s. the money goes toward my non-profit chairty group who wants to buy a btio to use with trouble teens.

  306. I did this program 2 years ago and took a baby, Josh home. I actually enjoyed it, but Josh was a well behaved baby. He hardly cried but I wasn’t stupid enough to think all babies are like this. I found the program really helpful, although it made me want a baby more than I did already!
    But I knew I wasn’t ready to become a mother at just 15.
    My friend, Sarah had a baby in March this year. A real life baby at just 16 years old! Me and my sister looked after him for just one day and by the end of that day we were totally tired and cranky. He really took every bit of energy out of us that we had and were glad to give him back to his over tired mum. Although she is a fantastic mother, I cant help but feel sorry for her as she has given so much up to take care of Elliot.
    I have only one piece of advice: Use protection!

  307. I loved the baby think it over project, I’m getting a job this summer to pay for one, that project really impacted me, and I didn’t want to give away the baby when I had to even if it was an older model (With a key and all, it still cried) annayway so many people complained about the project but I loved it. I didn’t want to give my Shane back ๐Ÿ˜› It made me want kids more but I’m only fourteen so I get the realcare babe instead…

  308. I had baby 4 almost 2 weeks and its truly a experience u learn so much concerning the child and its well being its a fun but yet educating experience. :d

  309. amy aka babi a

    hiya i have got the thinking it over baby for 6 days and 5 nights i fount it really hard the first night but im getting used to it now gud luck to you if you look after 1 ๐Ÿ™‚

  310. I am going to be a senior in high school in the 2006-2007 school year. I had to take Real Care Baby II home in Febuary 2006. That was my first time with the Real Care Baby. I thought I would mess up since it was Real Care Baby II, but it was really easy because it didn’t have the ID thing in its back, you had to ID it in the front of the baby. I named my baby Malachi. I took him in a mall and he was screaming and I just stood in the middle of the floor, where everyone was walking, and I took care of him then and there. He also needed his diaper changed there so I changed his diaper in front of everyone. Everyone was looking at me. Then a police office came up to me and asked why I was changing my baby’s diaper in the middle of the mall and he took one look at me and the baby and said, oh school project? and I said yes. He then said ok, as you were and good luck.
    That was really funny. When I got my grade back from my teacher, I noticed I did really well ( 99% out of 100%).

    My senior year I am taking a different class (Parenting) and with that class I have to take it home. My mom is very worried about that. But, I can’t wait.

  311. \:d/ my name is stacy, when i was a freshman i took the baby home for the weekend and it was a real experience i relaly wanted to be a mom i love kids but after i took the baby home the next day all i wanted to do it play out side and go to the store and hang out with out the baby crying all the time and you know after then i realized i cant do the things i love doing because of the baby can you image what it would be like if i had a real baby! i would have to stop everything i was doing to take care of the little life i gave birth to that baby really helped me understand the responsiblility of caring for a child ๐Ÿ™‚

    well all that thing did was cryed :-@ all day everyday till i gave it back to my life skillz teacher and i get to take the baby again with my younger sister eliza this year she wants me to take care of the baby but i told her a baby is a really BIG responsiblity and that i wasnt gonna be the mother for the weekend she was, well i am but its gonna be her grade, shes given this baby this year to teach her responsibility so its gonna be all her cause i got to take care of one to i got alot of attension when i had that fake baby at the store and i was a freshman people looked at me really weird BUT i picked it up and walked around and people knew it was fake some girls actually came up an apologized for giving me dirty looks LOL but ah yeah its a fun and hard working experience well

    :)>- out homies



  312. i’m on the baby think it over course now and its v. stressful. im 13 but me + my m8s decided 2 do it. The babys sooo sweet…… when its asleep. I already have a migrane and i’ve only had it 4 a day! when we go away for the weekend my parents are actually making me sleep in the car! coz its so loud! anyways…. its worth it! have fun if your goin’ 2 do it! @};-

  313. Hey gurlies,
    Just wanted to tell everybody that my new real care baby should be getting home in like 2 days he is an american indian!!! Boy and his name is going to be Aiden cole. I am so excited. But also we went to the mall today and i took my Ally with me. She is a real care 2!! And every body was looking at her and wanting to hold her and all that stuff. she was a good baby while we were there only cried a little bit.. She was in her travel system. And she got fussy so i picked her up out of it and then we saw this infant toy on the rack so we bought it and put it on the carseat handle and put her back in and it was so cute i put her lil hand on it so it looked like she was playing and right when i put her hand there she stoped crying she is my lil gurl. ๐Ÿ˜ก And then it was funny cause when we ate she wanted her bottle to then she burped and took a nap. then she wanted a lil rock but the stroller did that so it was cool. We bought her like 10 outfits and then we got the boys some to. Not that she doesnt have enough but oh well. I am telling you guys she has 2 dressers full of clothes then the boys have a dresser to LOL. Spoiled babys. Then She was good on the way home only wanted her ‘Paci’ we put a magnet on the paci so that it satisfies the feeding need. And then she took a nap. We all had fun!!!
    thats it for now night gurlies jessica and baby`s

  314. Oh yeah forgot to put that also my lil Dante will be ariving soon to he to is a real care so that makes me have 6 btio baby`s LOL!!! I love them all.
    5 real care`s and 1 real care 2

  315. You have 6 realcare babies? Wasn’t that expensive! THe one I’m getting is taking forever. Cool we have the same name!

  316. Yeah it was expensive but they are worth it. I got my ally rc2 for 500, then i got maddy rc for 300 then i got carter rc and maddy`s twin for 300 and then dante and aiden rc for 200 a piece. And then Bryce rc for 300. It seems like alot and it is but to me they are everything. They have a nurshery to. With a crib, changing table, swing, take along swing, 5 infant carseats, dresser, toys and clothes, bouncer, high chair, bassinet, a double stroller and a single stroller and tons of other stuff lol. spoiled lil btio`s LOL. What type of baby is yours that you got and what is his or her name?!?!

  317. My baby was due four days ago- my dads going to call them. Mine’s a little girl Esmurade, email me: She’s a realcare II baby, over 600 dollars, which I’ve taken up a job to pay off.:D Talk to me!

  318. hey jessica ๐Ÿ™‚ can i buy one off of you?? PLEASE i dont really have alot of money but i really want one i will do anything to have one their just to exspensive i will take an old one if you dont mind i will pay anything thats not over 350 dollars PLEASE i am 15 i really want a real baby but i am too young email me at if its fine that i buy one i really want one soo bad well love ya bye ๐Ÿ˜ก i am gonna get a job and pay you for everything PLEASE LET ME HAVE ONE ๐Ÿ™‚

  319. hey everyone wow its been awhile since i have been here lol but i still miss my dolllol we started school yesterday adn i was talkinto everyone in the parent hood class adn they cant wait to get ther ebaby lol well iam stilllookin so let me kno later lol

  320. hey everyone wow its been awhile since i have been here lol but i still miss my dolllol we started school yesterday adn i was talkinto everyone in the parent hood class adn they cant wait to get ther ebaby lol well iam stilllookin so let me kno later lol

  321. \:d/ does anyone have any baby think it overs that i can buy?? my email adress is i can go up to atleast maybe 200 or so BUTi just need the baby i dont need clothes and stuff i got some but i do need activation stuff so i can turn him/her on and off BUT yeah call me if you have one my number is 260-349-339… ask me for the last one if you have some babys i can buy WELL BYE ๐Ÿ™‚

  322. hey i was wongering how do i get one as my school doesnt no do it i love them so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  323. Well I just sold me reborn baby on Ebay! Im also so excited! I might be getting a real care baby. I send a question to someone I lost a bid on ebay to. Just asked her if she got the doll and what was it like. She responded saying she was looking for a new owner and asked if i wanted her. Also told me if yes she was mine for 340! so I sent her and e-mail back saying i want it and now im waiting on her responc. SO… PRAY THAT THIS WORKS OUT!

  324. Wow it’s been awhule since i’ve been on to. So bored because i have to wait until sunday to bid on my baby on ebay. She’s a caucasian female. It gets better though. She’s part of a set of three that come together. A caucasian female, male, and african american female. They are all generation 5 babies. The caucasian female i want you have to buy all 3, but i only want her. So you people if i win the auction look for my caucaian male and afican american female on ebay for sale!!!!

  325. Hey im clare and im 14 years old, Im in yr10 just after the 6 weeks holiday,Im home educated and i really want 1 ov these dolls..Will i still be able to have 1 even though im home educated ๐Ÿ™ plz message back or reply to my email

    ty from Clare x good luck girls wiv your babies


  326. Hey all, i am looking for a babything it over to buy. I have been wanting one so badly, and looking on ebay cause i cant pay 300 or 500 for one, but want one so badly,i had it during school , and begged to take it home again after i had my baby girl Emily Elizabeth. I only got to keep her for one night but i was attached the frist time she cried and i soothed her. I am so badly wantn to buy one for im not sure if i can get pregnant or not, ive tried, and never suceeded, so therefore i have been wantin one of these so badly. Ive spend many nights crying because i want a baby,and i do know that these babys are a such a joy so please let me know if anyone has a darling baby up for adoption. Jessica may i please adopt one of your precious babies?

  327. i MIGHT have a generation 5 btio. My grandmothers friend is a teacher and she may be giving it to me. If she does I am going to sell it and use the money to help buy a realcare 2 for my charity. We want one so we can stop girls from having sex and getting pregnant. We have been trying to buy one for almost 2 years now. We are a non-profit group so we have to use our own money to buy it. I want to know… IF i get the generation 5 and IF i sell it how much would you guys be willing to pay? ALSO IF ANYONE WOULD HAS A REAL CARE 2 THEY WOULD LIKE TO DONATE TO A WORTHY CAUSE OR HAS MONEY THEY WOULD LIKE TO DONATE TO OUR GROUP (FOURTHOUSAND FED, MENTORING AND RESORCE) PLEASE EMAIL ME AT BOWLERBABE1@MSN.COM I HAVE A WEBSITE TO BACK UP MY STORY!

  328. Oh my god! If it’s a caucasian female and has a care key, and electronic box keys. I’ll pay you $250.00. I’m only 14 but have the money. The only thing is i only know how to do ebay.-BYE

  329. This is a note to all real care 2 ebay watchers. There is one for bid on ebay right now. However the daughter of this bidder has told me the doll is not in like new condition and is missing some stuff. She also told me this little black boy has had alot of past owners. This message is to warn you all now to bid on this baby. Also my friend wants a real care 2 but her parents wont buy it unless she gets 50 people who say they have or want one so they can treat it as a real baby. Please help my friends dream come true! please send your first name, age and why u have or want a real care 2 doll to me at When I reach 50 people i will form a list and print it off for her. Please be sure to put BTIO in the subject line! thanx so much!!!!!

  330. Im in 7th grade (12) and I sorta did this program last year because my friend did it and she let me look after it.
    Although It was only one that cried and didn’t have all those fancy sensors, but it was fun.
    I hope we do it again this year it’s cool but pretty hard to hold the baby and twist the key in the back at the same time!

  331. hey i will like to where can you get one but own it and where is the cheaps prist of it cause i would like one really bad i think it really cute

  332. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    I finaly bought a real care 2 but now I need all your help!

    She is a white girl! I can send you photos but she has no name! I need you guys to help! I need a first and middle name. It has to flow and cant be anything stupid!!!!!! I was thinking Jovie Dalane or Alexis Faith. The name needs to be easy to pronouce. Nothing wierd like “Lashonda”

    Here is the catch! If I pick your name you get to be the “god-parent” I’ll send you photos and keep you update and if I ever sell her she will be sold to you at a low cost!

    E-mail your name ideas to put BABY NAME in the subject line or the e-mail wont be read!

    Also dont forget to join my club
    The only thing you need to join is an age of 13 or older!!!!

  333. Hi, Does anyone knows where exactly do I need to go, such as a website, to purchase one of these dolls. I would gladly appreciate the help.

  334. man I REALLY want one of these babies soo bad are any of you girls selling one CHEAP maybe 100-200 dallors i want one sooo bad but i dont have any money right now :-{ soo if you have one you would like to sell just email me at thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜ก

  335. Hi everybody,
    I have a caucasian male real care baby for sale. He comes with a bottle, 2 diapers, blanket and outfit. maybe a few other goodies. I dont really know that much about these dolls. but i turned him on and he seems to work. he did a burp for me and diaper and a rock. he crys really loud. LOL. i bought him for 600. They no longer make this generation of baby. He is so adorable. I am asking 500 plus shipping for him.. if anybody is interested let me me at Serious inquires only. i can also send pics of him upon request. Also his head tilts back. and when i put batteries in him he made a beep.

  336. I dont have $500. If you drop the price let me know and why r u selling him? Is he a real care 2 or a real care 2 plus? Thanks!

  337. He is just a real care. i dont think he is a real care 2. When i bought him i thought that it would be fun to play with and stuff. But i really dont have any time to do anything with him. The lowest i can go is 460. i am sorry but i just got him like not even a month ago and i payed 600 plus shipping. and i am adding in a few extra things with him. Some suprises for his new mummy. He is as cute as can be though. email me if you want to see pics.
    thanks hannah!:)

  338. Hello every one.
    I had a real care baby two for two nights and two days. She was a girl and her name was Maddi. I am in year 9 now. Maddi was hard work during the night but I loved having her with me. The sounds she made were like a real baby! I didnt want to give Maddi back.

  339. I chose her name. Her name is ANDREA PAIGE! Her god-mother is Jessica! (thanks for the name.) I also have a second girl comeing. She does not work! I am gonna try and fix her then re-sell her so I can get a brand new real care 2! I also desided i might dress andrea up as a boy so I am gonna pick a boy name too. and then when i buy a real care boy the name will just go to him. I’m thinking James Andrew. What do you think? BY THE WAY THE SECOND GIRL WHO DOES NOT WORK IS NAMED: JOVIE DALANE

  340. please take note ebay btio watchers: The dolls listed have photos of what comes with them. in those photos are no ID’S!

  341. hey every one i would like to if any one selling one or know where i can get one i would like to own one ,keep it don’t join a programs. love ya

  342. does anyone have a baby or know where i can buy one?? i can pay 100 to 200 hundred and i dont even have that BUT we can work some type of payment things out, i can send you payments and at the end of how much i owe you thats when i get the baby BUT every payment i make i get somethings like clothes or care id keys and things do you guys know what i mean?? well if you have a baby i can buy get at me at we can make some type of payment plan


  343. Hi my name is Tosha and I am looking for an african american female baby t-i-o doll for cheap, I had one in high school and I had fun but I never got to care for it the correct way, I had the flu and it stayed with my sister during the night and my high school boyfriend sometimes ater school, then the teacher took the batteries out while talking to another student without marking my grade, I moved before I could take the baby home again, so if you can tell me where I can get one for cheap, let me know by email, thanks :d

  344. I have baby in my lap as I speak. His name is Ryan and I have him this whole weekend. He crys about every four hours but everytime he does, its for a good 20 minutes. Last night was ok. It’s getting easy though.

  345. I have a ready or not tot for sale for $350 or o.b.o The doll is in GREAT working Cond and i only took her out of the box to see how she worked. She was not out of the box for no more than a week. I can have pics if needed. We are in the process of moving and im trin to de-junk my room. If any one would like to make her a happy baby please let me know.

  346. My school doesn’t offer this program and i would like to buy the doll any sugestions?

  347. Hello all,
    i have a baby think it over caucasian male for sale. he is the real care generation. he requires care like a bottle, diaper, rock, burp ect. When i got him i was told that his head does not work correct. his feeding sensor and his neck support dont work. but i am sure somebody who is a fixer uper could fix this. he still turns on and does a burp and rock and diaper. :)he gets fussy and cant be hit to hard. or gets a rough handeling. i am asking 450 for him. as i payed over 550 for him. and he is in new shape. except his problem mentioned above. he is a cute lil boy. i can provide pics if you want. i have had a few people wanting him but never followed through. so i thought i would try here first before i put him on ebay. please email me at if interested in him. he also comes with a bunch of goodies. email for details about that as well.
    thanks Jessica

  348. Hello guys,
    baby carter has been lovingly adopted! Thanks for all the interest in this lil boy. he will be going to his new home soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ where he will be loved and cared for ๐Ÿ˜ก
    thanks agian jessica


  350. I have a baby think it over female i have for sale everything you need for her she is brand new i have had her for about 5 months and just dont have time for her. She is for sale for 700.00 because i have clothes and a carseat that will go with her. I am trin to set up a website so i can post pics and everything im selling with her. If you dont want the carseat and clothes she is for sale for 650.00 because she is BRAND NEW only played mommy to her a few times and my Husband didnt want anything to do with her so im selling her. He thinks its childish for me to have bought one. So she is ready for her new home. Ill try to have the site set up in a few days ill post the site addy on here thanks

  351. Hey folks – just an FYI.. I’m the owner of this site.

    I made this post about the Baby Think It Over program three years ago. It’s a post just describing the experience we had with it here in our home – when my daughter brought it home from school when she was in 7th grade. She is now a sophmore in high school.

    I am not an authority on the program. This site has nothing to do with the program. You will not find the dolls for sale on this site. I do not have any information on the sale of the dolls.

    I say all of this only because I’m getting inundated with emails from people wanting to know how adn where to buy these things – how much they cost and all sorts of other details about the product.

    Fact is. I DON’T KNOW – this was a post I made THREE years ago on a project for my daughter’s school. Beyond that – I have no idea.


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