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Auburn Media - infOpinions Robert teaches a course in PR/Multimedia at Auburn University and, for himself and his students, he has a blog over at infOpinions. He contacted me a bit ago about doing some designing and skinning for his site — and he’s been sharing the entire process with his students as kind of a class project, of sorts.

Auburn Media - infOpinions It’s kinda hard not to feel like a guniea pig over there. 😉 Robert is great — and the course he is teaching is really excellent for his students. I think we’ll all benefit from new batches of college students graduating into the world with solid concepts on how things work on the internet — I know I will! 😉 Go on over and say hi to Robert and his students — he’s got some GREAT content over on his blog!

Insignificant ThoughtsVinny is just bursting at the seams over there at Insignificant Thoughts. His layout isn’t ‘new’ new – – it’s ‘old’ new – -meaning, I had done his layout for him in the past – but it was a two column layout, and because he’s growing by leaps and bounds – – he told me he wanted a three column layout, so I converted him. Go give him a hollar! (really really loud in his ear … trust me, he’ll really appreciate it!)

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