As The Apple Falls


Recently, I’ve been getting some interesting IM’s from my daughter…

Mom, how do I link an image so that someone can click on it and go to a different page?

Mom, can I get your upgraded version of Animation Shop?

And so on.

Tonight, she came downstairs and asked me if I was working. I said , “Of course I’m working – what else do I do?” Heh.

She asked if she could watch. I said yes – so she did. As she watched she asked all sorts of questions along the way about the process of design, and then the process of coding . .the CSS and the PHP portion of it. The she tells me that she wants to learn graphic design and CSS – she likes it, and would like good enough that someday she can work for me…. or at least enough so that she can make cool looking MySpace layouts for her friends.

How could I help but beam with pride over that, eh?

So, I’m sharing a few Photoshop resources with her – some beginner stuff to give her the basics. We looked through the classes offered at her school and there are a few graphic design and web development courses she can take next semester. She’s already excited to talk to her school advisor about making schedule changes for next semester so she can fit the graphic design class in. And there are a couple of online beginner courses she can take to learn basic CSS that she’s interested in doing.

She says, “Hmm.. CSS – that’s like tables, right?

Egads girl! We can see we got some learnin’ to do, and FAST!

I wonder…oO when she realizes how much time and testing it takes to perfect such skills and sees just how much time is spent in front of a computer screen instead of hanging out at the park with her friends… will the excitment level be quite so high?

I’m either seeing some very fleeting interest from a 15 year old with nothing better to do over the weekend – – or I’m seeing the emergence of the next generation of E.Webscapes.

Heh. Time will tell.

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  1. Yeah, it’s a fantastic feeling when the kid wants to help and learn. The Mite needs to help me almost all the time when I’m in the kitchen, and picks things up pretty well for only being 2. Luckily that’s one of my most patient places…

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