As I was saying…


I just want to say that in November of 2002, I said this about Michael Jackson.

Then, in February of 2003, I said this.

So, it goes without saying that I’m not in shock and awe over this.

Sick freak.

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3 thoughts on “As I was saying…”

  1. His arrest was absolutely disgraceful. Any other man on 8 fucking charges of child abuse would not get bail – or would they? I know how weird your country can be 😉

  2. Yea – any other man sure would have gotten bail – because he is, after all, innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. So he posted a 3 million dollar insurance bond that if he dissapears, he loses out on. Big deal for him, hey? All he has to do is go to France – all of our child pedos and murderers go there to avoid going to jail!

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