Artist Extraordinaire


A few months ago – I had Leanne do a painting of my two cats. She did an incredible job on them and we now have them proudly hanging in our front hallway!

We hired her services again to paint a portrait of Thor and Oz!. I cannot wait to see what she does with the boys!

She already has a preliminary sketch done of them. I’m really eager to see the finished product.

This time – it will be TONS of fun! Last time, when she did the cats, she shipped them up here in time for Christmas. THIS time — I’m driving down to pick up the painting, personally – – and taking her out to dinner.

This on the night before her husband comes home from Iraq! She’s so excited – she can’t sit still. She just heard word from him – – he’s in Germany and expecting to be home on Saturday!

I’m happy to be able to be there the night before he comes back home. Trying to calm her, understandably, crazed nerves will be a challenge. I am SO happy for her and Mark! I think I’ll bring a bottle of champagne (..and maybe a big tube of KYJelly! LOL).

12 thoughts on “Artist Extraordinaire”

  1. 3 Girls, booze, rings, clamps and KY Jelly, talk about out of the frying pan….. Thats some welcome home party you have planned! ;-0

    I’ve heard about supporting the troops but……

    Just Joking of course, Lisa, I hope you enjoy your new picture, Leanne I hope all goes well with your real welcome home plans, give him a hero’s welcome.

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