Are you Ready to Rumble?


All work and no play makes Lisa… really boring. I have BIG plans tomorrow involving my sofa, the big screen, popcorn and beer.

Tomorrow is the big day, can you even stand it? GO COLTS!

Hey, I’m a Wisconsin girl, you didn’t really expect me to root for da’Bears, did ya?

I’m almost looking foward to half time as much as the game, itself. Prince is the half time show. I saw some interview on E! with I don’t know who, someone.. anyways – they said that the only way they could get Prince to do halftime was if he didn’t have to share the stage with anyone. It had to be *just* Prince. Gotta love it. Have you seen the commercial for it, it’s hilarious:

Prince – SuperBowl Commercial

2 thoughts on “Are you Ready to Rumble?”

  1. My husband is the BIGGEST closet prince fan in the whole world. It is hilarious!!! Picture it, a 220 pound man, covered in tattoos, jamming out to Prince in his truck on the way to work in the morning.

    It is almost as great as seeing him in the summer in a polo shirt and khaki shorts on the golf course….there is something about those legs covered in tattoos, with those golf shoes that makes me laugh hysterically everytime I see it!!! It’s JUST NOT RIGHT!!!

  2. HAHA! Now THAT is a visual that will probably come to mind the next time I’m listening to Prince.. thanks for that. =:)

    But hey – it’s good that he still has you laughing after all these years 🙂 Even if it is laughing AT him lol

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