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A while back, I finally finished the book, The DaVinci Code – and enjoyed it immensely. I finally, recently, got my hands on Angels and Demons – by the same author and am about a chapter into it. I really enjoyed DaVinci, a lot – – I’m thinking this one is going to be the same type of get-no-sleep-until-the-last-page-has-been-read type of books. cover
DaVinci kept me up way late into the night and I didn’t sleep, I swear, for almost three days. Had it not been for the interruption of the phone and work stuff – – I’d have had it done in a day — for me, it was just one of those books.

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7 thoughts on “Angels & Demons”

  1. DaVinci Code was fabulous! And if you’re having a hard time putting it down now, Lisa, just wait! It gets even better! I still have to read Angels & Demons though.

  2. I finished it a few weeks ago, yaya – – it was tremendous. I’m really enjoying Angels and Demons at this point . . . you should read it. So far, it’s just as fabulous as DaVinci.

  3. The DaVinci Code is on my reading list for this winter – I’m dying to read it. I also heard a rumor that they want to get Russell Crowe to play in the movie.

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