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Ya know, there are some weeks when things happen.. things that really SHOULD be blogged just for catharsis… but won’t be blogged cuz it’s just too bitchy and unecessary. I’ll just say it’s been one of those weeks and be done with it.

Instead – we have happier things. The rash on my finger is gone.. for now. We’ll see if it comes back… I put the ring back on – so time will tell.

I got the taxes done, right under the wire. It was painful… but not too painful. All I can say is I’m thankful for all the dental work I had done last summer – – that dental deduction saved me!

boatWe stopped by the marina and picked up the boat today, where it’s been in storage all winter long. Hard Boat Lesson #1 – – make sure you take your boat in to be winterized EARLY when you live in Wisconsin, otherwise the water still left in the engine will FREEZE and will crack the engine block requiring a $1500 fix. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

rosesI got out today and re-planted my rose bushes. Well, what I really did was removed the dead rose bushes from the barrels and replaced them with brand new rose bushes becuase I forgot to bring the rose bushes in during this past winter. Oops. Ok – so, along with the bring-the-boat-in-early-for-winter thing – – also dont’ forget to bring the roses in at the same time!

And so, we’re off to NYC for the weekend. We fly out at 7am tomorrow morning to get some SERIOUS wedding planning done and dusted.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Ya know when I had my little dentist episode I was all sorts of pissed at the money I had to fork over for one little tooth *chuckle* Like you, those bills saved my ass on tax day…go figure 8-|

  2. Nice boat and happy gardening! It sounds like you had a pretty productive day. Sure it might have been a bad week, but I bet you were at least busy. It’s better to have a full life than an empty life.

    Have fun in NY.

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