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Tori Amos American Girl PosseI just picked up the new Tori Amos album, American Girl Posse and am playing it as I type. I’m so excited – I haven’t had new Tori music since The Beekeeper! The girl simply fascinates me..she has ever since Under The Pink released back in 1994. Here’s a snippet of her interview she did with the Toronto Star:

Q What compelled you to explore this idea of the “dismembered feminine?”
A The female types in Christianity – from the point of view of the minister’s daughter – were amputated: mother Mary not having her sexuality and Magdalene not having her spirituality. This drives me to tell the story of the complexity of woman. Female sexuality is breaking my heart now: to rebel, women are demeaning themselves.

Q Often in pop, image is used to obscure lack of talent and substance; why risk taking the focus off your lyrics and message with these different characters?
A Everything’s an image. As you become older as a woman you recognize that. The red-headed girl at the piano? It’s not the only choice, if I’m honest with you, I could have made. There are many sides to the women I know that are much more complex. Their boyfriends look at them thinking they know (them), and I’m sitting there thinking, if I were a guy I’d be stealing her from you. I’ve always thought Johnny Depp may know how a woman tastes, but I know how she thinks. We’re the same age, Johnny Depp and I.

If interested, you can read the rest of her interview here. In the meantime, I’m going to be here – getting to know her new album.

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6 thoughts on “American Girl Posse”

  1. Can’t wait to hear what you think of the entire album. Haven’t picked up one of her albums in a while, but LOVE Cornflake Girl. Might have to bring the couple albums of hers I have to the office to listen to them again…

  2. Astro – I’ve listened to it twice.. and it is classic Tori, with a lot of flavor thrown in for good measure. She caught a lot of flack, apparently, for one song on the album called ‘Yo, George’ – written to none other than GWB. She’s not exactly America’s sweetheart with that tune… and yet, maybe she is 😉

    There’s a song on there called “Progammable Soda” which is my favorite so far.

    Her style is just so quirky, eccentric and dips into the realm of insane – – it’s probably why I like her so much… I can totally relate!

  3. I can’t say I’m a fan of Bush, but at the same time songs like that normally scare me off just because the alternatives they’re putting up scare me even more. That said, if she plays Minneapolis again I’m very tempted to get tickets this time…

  4. I’m not fan of Bush either. I used to be.. but that was .. what.. a million years ago? That’s why I like Lewis Black so much – – he gives it to both sides equally harsh.

  5. Err.. wrong comment thread, much? lol

    I’m obviously very blonde today! Heh. 😀

    Anyways – – you should nab Tori’s new album.. it’s fantastic!

  6. I didn’t know you liked Tori. I have all her CD’s (I think). Well, most anyway.

    I need to get this one… I didn’t know she had a new one coming out. 🙂

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