Alone again


Took Chris back to the airport earlier this evening – he has one more week to spend on this contract. Then next week, he has to spend two days in Atlanta. Hopefully that will be it for travel for the next couple of months.

On my drive home from the airport – I gave a call to Carol, who is still looking for a job. She hasn’t found gainful employment yet and her severance package is running on empty. We talked about her going to a temp agency and filling some temp secretarial/admin. asst. type positions until she finds more suitable work. Then we talked a bit about my friend, Deb, and her recent battle with Ovarian Cancer. Then when I got home — my phone rang and it was my friend, Linda – who is informing me that her husband of 16 years looked at her two nights ago and simply stated, “I don’t love you anymore” – then promptly packed his bags and moved out the next morning. She wanted advice and wanted to hear me tell her that everything was going to be okay.

And here I am whining that Chris is going on his third week out of town.

Petty petty petty. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Alone again”

  1. Damn Girl,

    Between you, Jen and Gennie, the site redos you girls are doing are really starting to make us very dated….when I look at our site, I now see a ’66 Rambler compared to your 2004 Ferraris’…keep up the good work! It looks Great!

  2. In my opinion there is nothing petty about you missing Chris – – Yes there are times that things in others lives make us feel bad about our having felt a bit sorry for ourselves – – but you love him and you miss him and there is nothing petty about that

  3. Just gives us a little perspective too. That, well things could be worse.

    My lunch buddy from yesterday found out she is pregnant. And afterwards I learn another vendor rep is going into Hospice (breast cancer). She’s been battling it for about 2 years, I guess.

    Take the good with the bad.

  4. Sounds like both you and your friend need some cheering up. Just help your friend burn trash in her front yard… ya know, like that lady did in that movie “Waiting to Exhale”

  5. Nah, it’s not petty. I’m missing my family terribly right now, and even though I know in the grand scheme of things it could be much worse, it doesn’t make the pain of not having my wife and kids with me not a real pain.

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