This weekend was totally blown off.

We normally don’t watch a whole lot of TV in this house. Cable news, History Channel, Discovery, mostly. However, we do rent a crazy amount of films on a regular basis. I get together with friends and the subject of favorite TV shows comes up…talks about characters, plots, cliffhangers..obsessions with the latest reality TV craze, and on and on.

I never can relate. When they look to me for my commentary on the latest show, I’ll say something really dorky like, “I watched the greatest documentary on life in Cold War Russia the other night, did anyone catch it?”

I am boring. I know it.

I just have never been one to attach myself to a TV series or soap opera. The closest I came to attaching myself to an ongoing series was when I got hooked on the Sopranos – and even then, I gave up on the week-to-week and purchased the whole series on DVD. I also try to catch the Packers game every Sunday, but don’t succeed in that every week.

I have no idea what I am missing, I’m sure. And to prove it – – this weekend? We rented the whole first season of “Alias” – all 6 DVD’s worth. I started watching it Friday night and finished the entire first season sometime late Sunday night. 22 full hours of watching it. I was like a kid in a candy shop – – unable t0 stop myself from clicking on the next episode. And the next. And the next. And the NEXT!

I realized that I am impatient as hell. That’s probably why I don’t let myself get hooked on a running TV series. There is NO WAY I could wait an entire week for the next episode. A true child of the ‘instant gratification generation.”

We’re going back to Blockbuster today to rent season two. I’m addicted.

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  1. Yep, the first two seasons of Alias were fantastic. The third drags a little, and after missing a couple episodes early in the ninth season we decided to wait and pick up the DVDs. I really have to remember to pick those up!

    I’m actually going to more and more TV on DVD stuff. I’m sick of the commercials and they’re adding in footage to make it like they wanted it for DVD. Oh, and TV shows that want to add an extra five minutes to screw with the next hour’s programming REALLY pisses me off. I think that’s another big part of why we dropped Alias last year…

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