Akismet Bug Fixed


Over the past 24 hours, WordPress users who utilize the Akismet plugin experienced a mass influx of spam (this blog included). We’ve received just a ton of help tickets in our Support Center about the amount of spam they’ve received.

This was an Akismet issue and they’ve posted about it on their blog, including a statement that the problem has been resolved: Akismet blog: Downtime

Comment/trackback spam is very frustrating – however, when Akismet experiences a ‘burp’ such as this – there’s not much to be done except ride out the storm. And what a storm it was!

Akismet is an excellent service – especially considering that it doesn’t cost a thing. Keep up the great work Akismet folks!

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1 thought on “Akismet Bug Fixed”

  1. Interesting… I didn’t notice! I was having a terrible time with spam until I enabled Akismet a while back but didn’t notice any issue during this downtime.

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