Air Fest!


This weekend is our local air fest!

What’s cool is that our house is on the flight path, so we don’t have to buy tickets or attend anything. We just need to sit out in our backyard and watch the fun.

The airport is about 1/2 mile away from the house. We live out in the country – – miles from pretty much nowhere. Our nearest neighbor is about a mile, or so away. By the time the planes approach our house – – they are nearing the end of their descent to the landing stip – – so we get a good view of all the planes.

Last year, I thought all the windows were going to burst when the F-15’s flew down low and flipped on the afterburners right over our house. It was really flippin’ loud!

I’ll grab some pics and post them here sometime tomorrow.

I’m like a kid with this kind of stuff. I can’t wait!

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  1. Enjoy the airshow! I’m heading down to “The Gathering of Warbirds” in Olympia, WA tomorrow for the same sort of activity! I too love airshows and airplanes in general.

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