Ahh, Capitalism


My 15 year old son is finding his political footing. The topic interests his curious brain to no end – – but each day is a different story, and I have to say – I’m enjoying watching the growth.

One day he’ll say – – I am never going to depend on the government for my life. I’m not going to be one of those people who look to my government to feed, cloth and coddle me – I could never be a Democrat.

Yesterday, when talking about his attempts at finding a job, his statement was this “I’m a liberal. I hate capitalism. It’s because of captialism that I can’t find a job.”

It has nothing to do with his multiple spelling mistakes on his job application, which we talked about until it was hammered in his head that spelling counts. Internet acronyms aren’t accepted forms of communication on a job application, ok?

When I tried explaining to him that if it weren’t for capitalism . . he wouldn’t ever find a job . . . he walked off mumbling something about me force feeding him my political beliefs.

I really love that kid.

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  1. The only thing my three months from being an 18 year old daughter has got out of the election process so far is some wierd conception that someone will pay you $20 an hour to wave signs at people on street corners….. Thank goodness she is not a little older… There should be an aptitude test that you need to pass before you can vote.

  2. agreed wholeheartedly, Fred.

    although, I can’t believe a child of yours would be a sign waver – if anything else, out of fear of being run over by her father 😉

  3. well she didn’t get off her lazy ass to go out and try and make good on the $20, perhaps then she wouldn’t have had to hit me up for $200 for homecomming (for which I get rewarded with a miserable attitude then next day which may or may not have something to do with the case and a half of beer I found in her trunk!… I can’t believe I still have to ground a 17 year old)

  4. Well at least they stayed overnight in a hotel (I don’t even want to think about that to hard) I nearly lost my voice yesterday shouting the pair of them down, she is off school “sick” this morning, she will not be seeing her boyfriend this week, maybe longer… but my heart is OK, belive it or not I have dealt with worse.

  5. My 19-y/o son, while not terribly engaged in politics, is at least taking the task seriously. I suspect that like many college students he’ll tend liberal. But he changed his voter’s registration from 99.9% Dem. DC to PA, where, he says, his vote will have some influence. So, there’s hope…

    A fascinating article in the “Sunday Magazine” of the Washington Post about non-voters. It’s hard to make out whether the person interviewed is just a slacker, or is making a stand on non-involvement. My guess is he doesn’t want to accept responsibility for major issues–for whatever reason–and will be happy to just bitch from the sidelines.

  6. I spent the majority of my day a while ago considering the pros and cons of democracy and capitalism in an attempt to decide which system of government/economics is the best. Suffice to say that, based upon the imperfections of humans, I prefer democracy and capitalism. However, if this world was perfect, I’d be a socialist all the way.

    Does that make me a bad person?

  7. SilverBubble: Not at all. If the world was perfect, there wouldn’t be any pad people.

    It’s the people who insist socialism works despite the obvious conflict with human nature that are bad people — and they tend to be arrogant pricks on top of that…

  8. my son, also 15 has begun to flex his opinion wings as well…. in fact, his thoughts are now more of a swarm of conviction rather than a fluttering of ideas!

  9. hello,

    just passing thru,
    trying to understand US people on my way
    Frankly, sometimes I don’t know if we live on the same planet, with the same history.

    ok i love :
    – frogs,
    – smelly cheeses
    – fois gras

    but this doesn’t count ??? 😉

    as my mother said : We just leave once !

    best wishes

    PS : yes it’s my true name 😈 , and my blog

  10. Hi! I Came across your site from Blog Explosion. I think that’s hilarious about your son. I’m 23, so this is the second time I’ve been able to vote in a presidential election. What a fun first time! (in 2000) I recently graduated from college, and have spent the past 6 months looking for a job. I did vote for one of the two major candidates, but regardless of who wins, I think it’s important for us to support him. And hopefully the economy will grow and I can find a job 😀

    Take Care!

  11. When I was a lad of 10 my father was a god. When I was 15 my father was an idiot, by the time I turned 21, my father had become an OK guy again… puzzling isn’t it 😀

    That said, I’m not heartless enough to be Republican and too Canadian to be a Democrat… good luck with your political kabuki theatre today, all you yanks whoever you vote for… eh?

  12. Lisa,
    Read my post about what my son did today…Never in a million years did I think that he was actually listening to me all this time! Kids are great..aren’t they?!

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