So, I sprained my ankle. Not badly – just enough to keep me off the slopes for about a week. I took a fall on Saturday where my body twisted around completely . . . but my right foot didn’t seem to want to follow suit. Usually, that is the point where the ski is supposed to pop off — maybe I have my bindings set too tightly, or something. Either way – I twisted it pretty bad to the point where I couldn’t walk on it at all on Saturday and had to be towed down the slope on a tobaggon – – led by a cutie Ski Patrol guy on a snowmobile.

Not sure which hurt worse – – my ankle or my pride. You’d think they’d have some kind of back alleyway to tow injured skiers through – so you don’t have to be towed in front of the lines of waiting skiers by the ski lift? Nooo – – they tow you right in front of every one.

“Wow – what happened?”

“Are you ok?”

“Must’ve been quite a spill?”

“Are you alright – that looked like it hurt!”

I wanted to say, “No, I’m not alright – I’m dead, ok? So stop talking to me and go about your business of skiing – – just watch that first drop off on Black-A. . it’s a DOOZY!” But I didn’t.

I felt bad…feeling like my fall had ruined the weekend. After all, we paid $500.00 for the weekend package at the lodge – that included two all-day lift tickets for Sat and Sun. The injury happened at 4pm Saturday afternoon – we had only been skiing since about 9a.m. We had the whole weekend to go – – and here I was laid up like an invalid!


Of course, that’s just me – – Chris wouldn’t allow me to feel bad about it. He was polite in the beginning — but after about the 20th time of apologizing and lamenting that I’d ruined our weekend, he says “Look – you can spend all weekend playing the martyr about this – – or we can fill the jacuzzi up with hot water and some bubbles and seek out new positions that won’t hurt your ankle!”

Leave it to him to find the silver lining, hey? So, we had a fabulous weekend anyways – – lots of jacuzzi baths, fires in the fireplace and movies on HBO. It was actually nice to get away from home – – even if it didn’t include skiing all weekend long.

We got home at about 3pm this afternoon – and Chris was immediately forced back into the reality of domestic life:

Snow, snow – beautiful snow!

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6 thoughts on “Accident-Prone”

  1. My friends once came back from a ski trip with a wonderful story.

    They decided that, although new to skiing, they were quite adept at the sport. “Let’s try a more difficult slope!” they declared. And so they did.

    The two girls stopped at the top of a hill to wait for the guy. Suddenly, they heard his voice crying, more loudly the longer they listened, a constant “AAAAAAUUUGGGHHH!!”

    He came soaring past them and flew Wilie E. Coyote style directly into the hill across a ravine some fifteen feet deep. It took them hours to get him out of there.

    And all you did was sprain your ankle!

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