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I’ve been neglecting my blog badly – – pretty soon, someone is going to call Blog Protective Services (BPS) on me for neglect! I’m innocent, I’m tellin’ ya!

Just busy, it seems – – web work has been keeping me hoppin’ like a madwoman. Between template orders, full site overhauls, and new site-wide designs — plus a few new web hosting clients . . and some work done for some friends & family.

Can I quit my job yet? Sadly, not yet. Soon, though. . . soon. I’ll never all out quit nursing. I’ll stay working for my current employer – – but rather in a part time, per diem basis only. I greatly look forward to that day!

Vinny has been blogging like a true maniac today – some good posts made, and I’ve linked my favorite one from him – – he has a way of saying exactly what I’m feeling, except so much better than I could dream to. Thanks, Vinny. He also inspired me along on my current project: Project Me! That’s right – I’m going down the road of diet/exercise and basically overhauling my overall health. So far, I’ve dropped 5lbs (which is NOTHING compared to his 29lbs) and feel so much better, healthier, more energetic than ever. If he ever gets his archives up onto his new layout (he converted from MT to WordPress) – you should take a gander at some of his diet postings . . . he’s an inspiration.

Also been working at upgrading the web server quite a lot – – lots of new and shiny bells an whistles are going into it so that our clients have top notch toys and services to play with. Well, it’s kind of double sided – – first we decided to upgrade because I wanted the fancy toys – – and as a side benefit, our clients get to play with us, too. I’m kinda selfish and ‘me minded’ that way. 🙂

I’ve been doing tons and tons of reading about this dieting thing I’m doing – and I think I’m going to start posting some of the great recipes I’m coming across in my endeavors to lower the fat and carb. intake, while increasing the protein and fiber, at the same time. I’ve come across some mighty tasty stuff – I must say!

Just got off the treadmill after 30 minutes – – took a long shower, shaved everything that could possibly need shaving (except my head – I still like my red hair!). . . got on the scale which weighed me in at 5lbs less than I was last week and I’m planning on crawling into bed soon to spend some serious snuggle time with Chris. I’m feeling like a million bucks tonight. 🙂

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