A Day In The Life of a Blogger


Time for this weeks Blogger Idol.

Topic: A Day In The Life . . .

A Day In The Life of a Blogger

  1. Wake up – make sure to check that email for newly mailed comments and
  2. Check the days news events to see if there is something blogworthy
  3. Load up your RSS feeder to check for new updates (if it isn’t already
  4. Think of ways you can re-organize your life so you can blog more
  5. Check recently updated blogs at weblogs and blogrolling
  6. Look to see if your standing has changed in the Ecosystem
  7. Scour around for the latest and greatest MT
  8. Have breakfast and briefly think about blogging about it.
  9. Check stats.
  10. Think of fun blogisms – – i.e. Blurfing = Blog surfing, etc
  11. Go to work – wish you were blogging
  12. Hold conversations at work about current events and start sentences with
    "I just blogged that yesterday. .  "
  13. Redesign your blog template over lunch hour.
  14. Define the word "Blog" to everyone you know who doesn’t know
    what it is.
  15. Home from work – – make coffee – – realize you forgot about all those
    things you told yourself you’d blog about later.
  16. Blog about blogging.
  17. Check stats
  18. Check the Ecosystem again
  19. Comment on your favorite blogs
  20. Tell yourself you are not addicted to blogging.
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9 thoughts on “A Day In The Life of a Blogger”

  1. OMG! Have you been watching my (non-existent) webcam Lisa??

    It’s scary cos it’s true. Hi, my name is Helen (Goldie), and I’m a blogaholic…

    Still have to do my idol entry.

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