8 Things You Don't Know About Me


My good friend, Chelle tagged me with this meme, who was tagged first by Kate – who was. . . well, yea – you get the picture. For this one, I need to come up with 8 things you do not know about me – and since I’ve been blogging here on this same domain for the past 5, that might be difficult.. but I’ll try and see if I can come up with something you don’t know – or cant’ find already posted in my archives.

  1. I met my husband, Chris, via the internet in January 2001. He lived in LA and I lived here in Wisconsin. Our relationship was a long-distance one until he moved here in 2003. During the years of 2001 – 2003 he used to fly here once a month and spend at least one weekend with me. Late summer, 2002, he stayed here every weekend for 3 months while he was doing consulting for a company in Virginia. The companies he works for are required to either fly him home every weekend, or pay his consulting fees for him to stay there over the weekend… most companies opt to fly him home because its cheaper. That summer, he decided, instead of flying to LA every weekend, he’d have the fly him to Wisconsin — which was cheaper for them, and good for us. It was during that 3 month period of time that we decided we’d be pretty happy with him living here. He did finally move here in June 2003 and we married in June 2006 – our first anniversary is on the 24th of this month!
  2. After high school, I went to college to pursue a degree in vocal performance with a minor in music education. I also held several part time jobs during those years: 1. vocalist in an R&B band; 1. vocalist in a jazz club; 3. bartender at a local night club; 4. bartender at a bowling alley; 5. bartender at a high-end restraunt; 6. Disc Jockey at a local radio station. . WTKM – what the locals refer to as the “Polka Palace” because they played.. you guessed it! Polka music 24/7. It’s probably why I have a strange affection for Weird Al.
  3. In the winter I turn the heat up at night, but sleep with the window above my bed wide open. In the summer, I crank the air conditioning, but sleep wrapped in a thick feather comforter.
  4. I’m not a morning person – not even close to being a morning person. If I have something important to do at 8 AM – I have a friend call at 7:30 so that I wake up. I’ll hear my phone, but won’t hear my alarm. That person, by the way, knows they need to call at least 5-6 times in order to wake me
  5. We have a large picture window in our living room, which looks out onto our front yard. When I’m driving home, I pass the house to get to the driveway. If I see that the curtains that are on that window are skewed, messy, crooked or otherwise not perfect – – straightening them is the very first thing I do after I walk in the house.. and then lecture my children about messing around with the curtains in the living room. Drives me nuts – – I don’t know why, but it’s a pet peeve
  6. I can’t hang a picture straight. I hang them crooked. But! The pictures I hang are symetric in their crookedness – – they are all evenly crooked. My husband, or my kids, need to follow behind me to straighten them. I figure, it’s the least they can do
  7. I talk with my hands… a LOT. I have a gesture for everything and my family makes fun of me for it. They say I look like I’m talking to deaf people with all my gestures.
  8. I once owned a cat that I named Eddie… after Eddie Van Halen. I owned him back when I played in the band and gave him his name because he used to like to crawl into, and then pee in, the guitar case of our rhythem guitarist. A few years later, the cat went insane… literally psychotic. Took him to the vet and found out that he had three balls, instead of the usual two, and a very LARGE amount of testosterone in his system causing the hormonal shift towards insanity. Strange thing was, I had him neutered when he was a kitten.. but the third ball grew on the inside – so they didn’t catch it or see it until years later, when he went crazy and I had to have him put down… poor Eddie.

The object is to tag a few people with this one so we can find out more about these strange folks in the blog world… so….


….you guys are IT!

14 thoughts on “8 Things You Don't Know About Me”

  1. Re: #5: I do the same exact thing. I’ve had to replace far too many curtain rods because the kids won’t quit leaning against the windowsill or yanking on them to peak outside. I’ve threatened to beat them with each one they’ve ruined but they still do it and I still flip out when I walk in the door, dropping whatever I have while b*tching at everyone in sight while I attempt to fix the curtains.

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  3. Poor cat! 🙁 I can’t imagine it having 3 balls. hihi 😀

    Your husband (then boyfriend) is so sweet to fly back and forth just to be with you. 😡

    I am *not* a morning person too. Although I try to be one. 8-|

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