2 days and counting!


Two more days!

Work is usually pretty slow – – in comparison to the work I used to do. I usually can find time in my week, during the day, to get done things that need doing. (I.E. Grocery shopping, errands, etc). But of course, this week – – work has to completely fall apart when I am trying to use some of my daily free time to get ready for my trip. Of course! We had 10 new admissions this week and 3 of my 11 patients are crashing and burning. It’s been a crazy week for everyone at the office – – and a good time to go on vacation, it seems 🙂

Got my hair done the other day. Tried something new and let my hairdresser talk me into getting lowlights put into my hair – instead of my usual highlights. We decided on this beautiful caramel color for the lowlights – and I have to say, I’m quite pleased with the result. It makes for a very warm, natural look that I am very happy with. So I tipped her extra this time for coming up with such a good idea.

The next night, I took my daughter into the salon to get her hair cut. It was a big deal because she wanted it CUT – and proceeded to get six inches chopped off her hair. But it looks very nice and it’s quite a cute little do. The girl who cut her hair was a little hottie, as well. Usually, I only gawk at my hairdresser, Jenny – but this one runs a close second. I was on the phone with Shae while M. was getting her hair cut and I said to S. – “Oh my god, I wish you were here – – the girl cutting M’s hair has the world’s most perfect ass” Then we proceeded to discuss this girls ass and graphic terms. Shae says “Come on, touch it — pretend she has something on her ass and reach over and brush it off…come on, do it” LOL I laughed my ass off – – but I didn’t touch it. lol

I am SO looking forward to seeing C. on Friday — I can’t stand it anymore.

I just can’t wait until I see his face — I miss his face so much.

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