In The Mellow


But my dreams they aren’t as empty as my conscience seems to be . . .

Yes, yes – it’s a classic rock weekend over here at the home of a girl in the world. I found the greatest classic rock station on iTunes and haven’t turned it off for 3 full days. Shortly, you should see me over in the corner smokin’ a doobie. “A puff of kif in the morning makes a man as strong as 1,000 camels in the courtyard.

So, then. Been over here working my buns off trying to burn through my ever-monstrous list of things to do. I’m getting there! The good really great news is that I’m this close to announcing the new hires at E.Webscapes! Just a few more chit chats and fine details to ammend. I’m really thrilled with the response recieved so far – – but it makes it really hard for the final selection(s).

Maybe I should run a reality series, eh? “The Designer” (vis-à-vis The Apprentice).

Nah, I’m no Donald Trump for crying out loud! But there is some seriously sweet talent running around out there on the net. Downright tongue-waggin-drool-spilling-dynomite talent!

Enough about work. The Bowflex workout program I have myself on is actually beginning to pay off. The pain is still there (ugh!) – but not quite as much as before. Could my body be getting used to the torture I’m inflicting on it on a regular basis? Will my body thank me when the desired results are achieved? Will the desired results BE achieved? Tune in at 11 for the full story! (err.. make that a month or so).

In more news – the 16 year old kid who lives under this roof is currently grounded (isn’t somebody always??) after scarping off with a Snapple bottel full of Bacardi, courtesy of our liquor cabinet. He took it to his friends house and they had themselves a little party. Needless to say, the liquor in this house is now under lock and key, as it should have been in the FIRST place. Bad parenting, that one. Shoulda saw that coming. I mean, SIXTEEN! Doh! Of course!

In further news, I booked our cruise excursions this week! When we stop in St. Maarten – we will be going power snorkeling!

State-of-the-art, handheld power units allows you to glide gracefully through the water on a snorkel expedition that explores St. Maarten’s underwater wonders.

And then in St. Thomas, we’re going catamaran sailing – which will also include some good snorkel time!

And of course, shopping! I’m thrilled though, because this will really give me the opportunity to give that SeaLife ReefMaster underwater camera a good work out.

I think, more than anything – I’m just really looking forward to the opportunity to really relax and just let go. I wonder if I can do that – – I don’t have much experience in that area!

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8 thoughts on “In The Mellow”

  1. I think that’s the same underwater camera my parents have and it worked really well for them. Never heard of power snorkeling, but when we head to Maui after Thanksgiving I’m planning on getting in a bit of snorkeling and maybe even do a scuba dive.

    As for that 16 year old, they probably just got it from their mother. :mrgreen::razz:

  2. Ooooo the power snorkeling sounds cool! Hmm..that 16 year old…what goes around comes around? I’m in serious trouble if there is even a shred of truth in that statement…

  3. Oh, Pam – wouldn’t it be nice if they had the responsibility required to stay home alone while I’m on the cruise?

    Oh hell no – – the critters get to spend a week and a half with their grandparents 🙂

  4. I think, more than anything – I’m just really looking forward to the opportunity to really relax and just let go. I wonder if I can do that – – I don’t have much experience in that area

    I wish you luck, and hope you write about your success. It’s been 18 or so years since I’ve been truly able to do that… my hat is off to those who can.

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