Somebody Stop Me


“Forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate.” — Anonymous.

I’m sitting here – willing myself to work. The work is piled so high that the framework of my desk is threatening collapse. Looks, to me, like another sleepless night in West Bend. (not exactly as romatic as Seattle)

In front of me sits a cup of coffee and a double dark chocolate brownie with chocolate chuncks and walnuts, with a scoop of vanilla icecream on it – – covered with thick hot fudge sauce.

Someone, please. Save me from myself!

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11 thoughts on “Somebody Stop Me”

  1. Mmmmmmmmm. Dangit, Lisa! Now I’m feeling the need to make something choclatey and I know that mrs. knight is going to hate me for it because she’s trying to lose a few pounds. We just finished off a batch of excellent oatmeal cookies with nuts, raisins, brown sugar, and I forget what else in them (which were beautiful because the dough was to sit in the fridge wrapped in plastic for at least a day and you could just pull off enough to make a dozen fresh cookies when you wanted them over the week so you didn’t eat the entire thing right away). I was tempted by a oatmeal – chocolate chunk – cherry cookie even though we just finished oatmeal cookies. I mean, oatmeal is good for you, and they make me drink milk, so I think the cookies count as health food rather than sweets, right???? But now I’m not sure that the chocolate chunks are going to be enough. Maybe I have to make the Guiness brownies again and add some nuts and chocolate chunks. Dang, I really need lunch now. Dang you, Lisa!!!!

  2. Gee, Astro – I almost feel I should apologize to you for my double chocolate brownie with nuts indulgence last night. I know I’m feeling decidedly guilty and remorse for having taken the plunge and eaten the whole thing!

    And not a spec of oatmeal in the darn thing – so I can’t even argue that it was ‘heart smart’ – – unlike your cookies.

    So….what’d ya bake? Cuz I KNOW you are as weak as I am!

  3. Nothing yet. Might not even be until the weekend since I’m dragging mrs. knight to Sin City tonight!

  4. Will do! I’m SO pumped for it, and read almost all of the series over the last couple weeks to get ready for it.

  5. That sounds like my kind of snack huh Lisa? LOL I’m just a little too far away to save you right now, otherwise I would – you’ve got all my favorite stuff there! :mrgreen:

  6. Forgot to say yesterday, Sin City was extremely well done (especially if you’re a fan of the original). IIRC, it was some of the inspiration for Pulp Fiction and it shows. If things go right today I’ll have a little time and write up a decent review-thingie…

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