I was going to post a bit about the Packers game against the Bucs, the Pack’s third loss this season so far (and to the Bucs no less!) – – however, RedFred hijacked this comment thread to give us all updates on a game that really wasn’t too bad, despite the loss. Thanks for the commentary, Fred – ya bastard! :p

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9 thoughts on “0-3”

  1. you know that unless we meet in the playoffs (not likely looking at your record) we won’t play you again for 3 long years… three very very long years… Muhaaaaaaaaaa!

  2. ROFL!!!! Dang, I should have checked out that thread before. You forgot to add how at least the Vikes aren’t 0-3 (dammit!). :mrgreen:

  3. I always love how Packer fans can see the “bright side” in the losses. Is it denial or true optimism?

    What you guys need is just what the Vikes got — a date with the Saints!

  4. What is it about us Packer fans that the rest of the football world just don’t understand??

    We’re loyal as hell. Winning or losing – the Pack is THE team!

    I ran into a guy in Flordia while on our vacation – when he found out that I was from Wisconsin his immediate statement was “There’s just something about you Packer fan cheeseheads that I just don’t get – – you’re all nuts”

    Could it be hometown pride? We are fanatical followers of the only completely publicly owned franchise in the smallest city of pro sports. There is a special relationship between the fans, the city, and the team unlike any other in sports…I think the rest of you are just jealous :p

    My prediction? The Pack’s year started out rough.. they’ve gotten it out of their system…NOW is the time to watch out! (she says hopefully) 😀

  5. LOL.

    You are all just a rare breed, that’s all. Minnesota fans would have moved on to a different team in town. Atlanta would have stopped going to the games. California never attended their games. Philadelphia would be throwing rocks at their team.

    Packer fans still have Super Bowl thoughts. It’s just funny.


  6. I understand Lisa, I bleed Pewter, we were the best 5-11 team last year, but this year we are heading for the playoffs, with Detroit and the Jets as our next two opponents who is gonna bet against us going 5-0. Farve has lost his edge over the past few years, sure he can still pull a miricle or two but face facts you guys need new talent there… and with the #1 overall next April you might just get it! GO BUCS

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