WordPress Web Design For Dummies is Available

WordPress Web Design For Dummies by Lisa Sabin-WilsonI am excited to announce the release of my latest WordPress book, WordPress Web Design For Dummies, which is now available on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and anywhere books are sold, online or at your local brick and mortar bookstore.  This is the fourth title that I have written for Wiley Publishing on the topic of WordPress – its gotten to the point where the folks at Wiley are calling me their Franchise author on all things WordPress (no, really – ask Ellen, she’ll tell you all about it!)

Yea – I guess I like WordPress quite a bit, if you can’t tell!

This book was great fun to write because I not only got the opportunity to write a book about my favorite content management system, WordPress – but was also able to couple that topic with another passion of mine: web design.  It covers topics related to HTML, CSS, Typography, Graphic Design, tools that are helpful for designers and developers to help make your job easier and more efficient, as well as using the WordPress platform to put together a fantastic web site.

Plus – because this book has as much to do with design as it does about WordPress, Wiley decided to print the book in full color.  I’ve had the chance to page through it and really like the way it looks – – I think all For Dummies books should be printed in color!

The official description of the book:

Learn how WordPress can help you create a unique, customized Web site

Once only a platform for bloggers, WordPress is gaining popularity as a tool for creating individualized Web sites. WordPress expert Lisa Sabin-Wilson makes it easy for anyone with a basic knowledge of the WordPress software to create a custom site using complimentary technologies including CSS, HTML, and PHP. This easy-to-follow, full-color guide helps you identify the tools and technologies you need to create the site you envision, build a user-friendly navigation system, select colors and layouts, work with existing WordPress themes, and even develop your own theme to personalize your site.

  • WordPress offers a versatile tool for building customized Web sites; this full-color book walks you through the process, explains the complimentary technologies involved, and shows you how to select colors, fonts, and themes
  • Case studies illustrate the process and the effects that can be achieved
  • Shows how to incorporate WordPress templates, graphic design principles, HTML, CSS, and PHP to build a truly one-of-a-kind Web site

If you know how to use WordPress software to create a blog, WordPress Web Design For Dummies will enable you to quickly and easily construct a unique Web site for your business, organization, or personal use.

Express yourself with WordPress! Create a custom site with e-commerce, social media, and more

WordPress has grown up! No longer just a blogging tool, it has secret powers that enable you to include features like photo and video galleries, portfolios, directories and contact forms, client testimonials, integration with Facebook and Twitter, and a whole lot more in your Web site. The secret is out — read on and learn what you can do!

  • A solid foundation — understand what a content management system is, how a blog differs from a Web site, and what you need from a Web host
  • The right tool for the job — learn about FTP, types of editors, graphics programs, fonts and colors, and image libraries
  • Choose your theme — discover the anatomy of a WordPress theme and how to use template tags to display different content
  • It’s all yours — create a unique, customized site using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and HTML
  • Pick plugins — use plugins to add galleries, social communities, and forums to your site

Open the book and find:

  • Why WordPress is perfect for e-commerce sites
  • Steps for installing WordPress on your Web server
  • How plain text editors differ from WYSIWYG editors
  • Hints for creating dynamite design
  • What you can do with widgets
  • Examples of content types and formats
  • Tips for using WordPress as a content management system
  • How template tags work

Learn to:

  • Create custom, feature-rich, dynamic Web sites using WordPress
  • Customize your design using CSS, HTML, and PHP
  • Develop company sites, online magazines, and e-commerce Web sites

WordPress Web Design For Dummies is the perfect companion to my other Titles:  WordPress For Dummies and WordPress All In One For Dummies – – especially if you are someone who designs web sites, or someone who wishes to learn more about how to use WordPress to create dynamic sites for yourself, your friend or clients.

Get your copy of WordPress Web Design For Dummies today!

25 Responses to “WordPress Web Design For Dummies is Available”

  1. WOW!  This is great Lisa – congratulations!  I’ll have to pick up a copy of this because after several “courses” I’m still a little lost.  Part of the problem is the way I learn, I need to see, read and do.  So the courses are all video which is good, but when I try to do it and it’s not “exactly” like the video, I freak. 

    I will be the true test if this works because I really feel like it was written for me :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I haven’t bought a “real” book in quite a while, but it is time. Your energy and passion for WP is obvious and I look forward to digging in for a giant helping. Kudos

  3. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Like birthing a child, LOL!  Congrats on yet another success :-) . . . so proud of you!

  4. […] WordPress Web Design For Dummies is now available from Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and many other places that books are sold. Many in the community have been long awaiting this exciting new book by WordPress expert and prolific author Lisa Sabin-Wilson. […]

  5. […] WordPress Web Design For Dummies is now available from Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and many other places that books are sold. Many in the community have been long awaiting this exciting new book by WordPress expert and prolific author Lisa Sabin-Wilson. […]

  6. Michael says:

    Hi Lisa

    Just got the book today. I’ve been coding in HTML and CSS for some time and have been studying WordPress enough lately to have modified and created a few themes and child themes.

    Is there an area to download the code examples in this book? Also for the ALL-IN-ONE book. I don’t see one on Wiley’s site. I know that typing in all the code is a good learning practice but sometimes I would prefer to download chunks of code and modify certain sections to use or learn from them.

    Great job on the WordPress books. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  7. Nichibo Cars says:

    Great, hope to make some changes to my blog as well, I’ll have to pick up a copy soon, thanks Lisa for the good work!

  8. mttreg12 says:

    Good book! Also will be good if will be such book for Joomla

  9. David Ewing says:

    Super cool Lisa! Congrats on the new book. What was the most surprising aspect of the process?

  10. Dinkelkissen says:

    Great work, great book :-)

  11. Andre says:

    wow. I think this is a Great book for blooger. congrats

  12. Info says:

    Hello, is there a place where you can download the code from the book, rather than typing it out?


  13. Great book for a novice who wants to learn WordPress from Basic. I like it.

  14. Hugh Thornton says:

    Great book. Unfortunate timing – lots of good info on twentyten theme just as twentyeleven comes out and appears to be totally different. 2011 desperately needs a full width page template but the method shown for 2010 does not seem to apply. Found 2 typos – p.186, adjacent to Warning bomb, “Header” should read “Footer” – p.261, bottom line, “fullwidget-page.php” should read “fullwidth-page.php”. I was hoping that I would be able to do more without learning all this css and php stuff, but I don’t think I can.

  15. Lon K says:

    Hello Lisa,
    I just bought your ‘WordPress Web Design for Dummies’ book and I have to say for me it’s the best of about 25 WP books I’ve bought or reviewed.

    I’ve been looking for a textbook similar to the Adobe Classroom in a Book tutorial series but this gets very close. I teach students who are familiar with graphic design and static site design, but who will now graduate to using WordPress as a dynamic site environment. So the ideal book needed to be not too basic, not to programming oriented, and have visual examples. Bingo, this seems like a good introduction for students/folks with an intermediate understanding of web design but are new to WordPress. Thanks!

    I have a related question I hope you can help me with. As I mentioned I’m used to teaching web design in the format used in the Adobe software CIB tutorials, where you learn the tools as you build a specific site using the graphic elements provided. For me this has been the most successful way to train students in new software. Unfortunately after looking at dozens and dozens of video tutorials and WP books I haven’t found anything similar for WordPress. Could you add this to your book authoring ‘to do’ list ?!! I’ll be your first customer.))

    Until then with all your contacts in the WordPress community could you point me to a text tutorial that’s like the Adobe books if you know of one?

    Or, could you point me to a completed WordPress/BuddyPress site that I could download and dissect, then rebuild? This would be the ideal; a site folder with all image files and wp folders, designed using a framework such as Woo themes ‘Canvas’, with a magazine format whose layout could be tweaked to be either a community news site or design portfolio, with BuddyPress group functions, a forum, and even a small e-commerce page. If the students reconstructed this from the parts, they would then know the basics, and could then drop off site functions that didn’t fit their personalized niche community.

    Any assistance or suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thanks very much,


  16. Pablo Campos says:

    I am using your 3rd Edition WordPress for Dummies and most of what I know, I have gathered from your book. I also use the WordPress forum to get ideas. Lately the they changed all WordPress Forum passwords. I asked for the new password. They said it would be emailed to me at my email address of record and i never receive it. I can’t figure out how to contact anyone in WordPress for help. Do you have an email address of anyone I can contact?

  17. tribalmick says:

    Will be picking up a copy, WordPress is easy to set up the basics, but I find some nice themes sometimes have problems built in. Would be nice to customize designs.

  18. Rob Mercer says:

    I really like this book. I read WordPress for Dummies 3rd Edition and it taught me the fundamentals. This book takes the next step. I have read other books about WordPress and have taken some online courses. I love Chapter 11 in this book!! It does a wonderful job explaining how the loop works. For the first time I think I really understand how to assemble WordPress template tags to pull info from the database.

    My only disappointment so far is that there doesn’t seem to be any way to download the code snippets used in the book. This would be helpful.

    Thanks, Lisa for a great book!!

  19. Rob Mercer says:

    Not having code snippets is really becoming a problem! I want to learn this stuff so I am typing all the code in the book and trying it out. When I typed the code in Listing 11-2 I got a 500 series error. The code in the book is hard to translate. For instance, there is a return between Side and bar. There is no way to tell if a space exists between the words. The difference between :s and ;s is hard to determine.

    I finally punted on the 11-2 listing and found similar code in another theme. I used:

    if (function_exists(‘register_sidebar’)) {
    ‘name’ => ‘Sidebar’,


    and it worked. This is different from the code in 11-2.

    A downloadable text file with code snippets sure would help!!

  20. Alexis says:

    I would go to Barnes and Noble to pick it up but they are now closed, bummer.
    I love For Dummies books and WordPress so this should be a really great combination.

  21. Bonnie says:

    Purchased my copy today and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for producting this wonderful resource. So very ez to follow and I believe I’m having a “Ah Ha!” moment. I think I’ve finally got it.

  22. jamy says:

    I just bought this today. Love it.

  23. STEEL says:

    i know how to use wordpress n html/css. But will this book teach about creating your own themes ?