WordPress Developers Course Multisite Workshop

WordPress Developers Course: Multisite Workshop

This week I’m leaving on a jet plane.  Destination: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  On Thursday, January 12th, I am kicking off a 4-day WordPress Developers Course for WebDesign.com at TheDIV in OKC by providing a FULL day workshop on WordPress Multisite.  This workshop is scheduled for 6 full hours of Multisite goodness  - – really, who knew that I could talk for 6 straight hours??  But! There is a lot of information to cover when it comes to Multisite, believe it or not – - have  a look at my outline for the workshop:
Hour 1:  Multisite Introduction

  1. Discovering the Who, What and Why of WordPress Multisite
    Who are the type of people using Multisite, what are they using it for and why are they using it, versus regular single-user WordPress.
  2. Exploring Multisite Use Case Scenarios
    Taking a look at a few real world examples and case studies of the Multisite feature in practice today.
  3. Multisite versus Single-User WordPress
    A frank look at the differences between the two – - what features are you actually getting when you activate the Multisite features in WordPress?  This section provides a run down of a list of features and helps users decide if the Multisite approach is what they want and need for their site/project.
  4. Question/Answer
    Time allotted for question/answer session regarding information presented in Hour 1.

Hour 2:  Multisite Preparation

  1. Important Considerations Before Taking the Multisite Challenge
    Exploring concepts of running a Multisite network, what that means to the site owner and what is involved in running a network of sites.  This section of the presentation explores community management, combating spam and Site Administration versus Network Administration.
  2. Exploring Hosting Environments – Tips and Recommendations
    There are many considerations when approaching a solid hosting environment to manage and run a network of sites using WordPress Multisite, this section explores options for best practices.
  3. Pre-Installation Considerations
    This part of the session takes the user through a discovery process of how they would like to manage their network of sites.  Decisions made within this discovery process will determine how to approach installation and setup of the Multisite feature in WordPress.
  4. Question/Answer
    Time allotted for question/answer session regarding information presented in Hour 2.

Hour 3 & 4:  Enabling and Configuring Multisite

  1. Activating the Multisite Feature
    With WordPress already installed on your server, this part of the session takes the user through the steps necessary to activate the Multisite feature.
  2. Becoming a Network Admin
    With Multisite enabled, site owners now have access to the Network Admin Dashboard – this part of the session takes the users through a walk-through of the Network Admin Dashboard and explores each of the settings and options; tips and realistic advice provided on best practices and specific use case methods. Includes information on:

    1. Overall Network Options/Configurations
    2. Managing Network Users
    3. Managing Network Sites
  3. Exploring the Multisite Database
    The WordPress database undergoes significant changes with Multisite activation – this section of the presentation familiarizes the user with the Multisite database schema so they have a clear understanding of how data is stored and delivered in a Multisite Environment.
  4. Exploring the Multisite Fileserver
    With a WordPress site that is capable of running multiple sites, its important for users to understand where files are stored on the users fileserver – this section explores the file structure and discovers how images and media files are organized in a Multisite Environment.
  5. Question/Answer
    Time allotted for question/answer session regarding information presented in Hour 3 & 4.

Hour 5:  Using Themes and Plugins within a Multisite Environment

  1. Installing/Activating Themes in a Multisite environment
    The process of installing and activating themes on WordPress site with Multisite enabled is slightly different than the single-user WordPress, this part takes the user through that process and the decision to activate themes per site, or network-wide.
  2. Installing/Activating Plugins in a Multisite Environment
    The process of installing and activating plugins on a WordPress site with Mulisite enabled is different than regular WordPress, this part takes the user through that process and the decision to activate themes per site, or network-wide.  Additionally, this section gives the user valuable information in helping them determine which plugins require Network Activation.
  3. Question/Answer
    Time allotted for question/answer session regarding information presented in Hour 5.

Hour 6:  Extending WordPress Multisite

  1. Reviewing Different Use Case Examples
    A brief review of different methods and ways people are using Multisite including: domain mapping, membership sites, social community, etc.
  2. Domain Mapping
    Get rid of the subdomain / subdirectory default structure of URL’s and allow each site to have it’s own domain name with the use of the Domain Mapping plugin.
  3. Blog Network
    Use the main (installation) site as a portal to display the content and activity happening within the full network through the use of plugins and widgets that display posts and comments from sites within the network.
  4. Memberships and Upgrades
    Utilize a set of recommended plugins to provide a network where users can sign up and obtain different paid upgrade levels.
  5. Social Community
    Turn your Multisite web site into a social community complete with blogs, profiles, groups and forums using the BuddyPress plugin.
  6. Question/Answer
    Time allotted for question/answer session regarding information presented in Hour 6.

While this is an in-person workshop in Oklahoma – it is also being streamed live on the web, if you’re interested in attending you can sign up for the WordPress Developers Course at WebDesign.com. You’re able to register for the Multisite Workshop only – or, you can register for the WHOLE entire course (which is a pretty valuable offering, by the way!) – - the choice is entirely yours.

I’ll be in Oklahoma City Wednesday, January 11 – Sunday, January 15th – after giving a full day workshop on WordPress Multisite, I get the opportunity to co-work, collaborate and spend time with my favorite geeks over at iThemes. I spend so much time in Oklahoma City over the years, it’s become a home away from home for me lately!


  1. karen

    Lisa, I hope you will spend some time comparing Multisite to BuddyPress! from an iThemes WebDesign University subscriber – who will be hanging on your every word!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Karen – I will be covering BuddyPress in the last section of the workshop.

    • karen

      Halleluljua! You are the greatest! I have been following you and reading your books forever! Or at least since your first WP book! I cannot believe the timing – I literally have the programming group on hold as of yesterday – while trying to get what is seemingly nonexixtent – good info comparing the two – and what specifically one does that the other doesn’t! You are a Goddess who heard my prayers. I am so sorry NOT to be in Oklahoma tomorrow. I just love the iThemes guys! Sy hi to Cory, Chris, Ronald and Sridhar for me!

  3. karen fredericks

    Today’s presentation was beyond superb. You are amazing at making the most complex information simple enough for a first grader! And that was some major truck load of information too. I’m beyond delighted they convinced you to extend the webinar to another day.
    Many thanks.

  4. When will the same seminar about WordPress Developers Course held again?

  5. Chris

    Hi Lisa,
    Will you be posting any part of the training that you are doing? By the way on one of my website I still use the allure theme.

    Thanks for all you do…