Vivid Yoga Studio Menomonee Falls, WI

Vivid Yoga Studio in Menomonee Falls, WI

I’ve become the owner of a business that is completely unrelated to WordPress – do you believe it? As a matter of fact – it’s completely unrelated to internet publishing or any type of web development or design work at all! Months back, I posted about how I found yoga (or maybe how yoga found me?) and SO much has happened since then! I met a good friend, Michelle Schultz, who has been a yoga instructor in this local area for the past 6-8 years. She’s a super teacher and I cannot say enough about her teaching style and classes. Michelle has been making her living by teaching classes at several different yoga studios in the area and she really wanted to find one place to settle in and call her own. When opportunity came knocking – she wanted to go for it in a BIG way, but lacked the financial backing and entrepreneurial experience to feel fully confident in making it happen, completely.

That’s where I came in. Several long talks, pots of coffee and bottles of wine later – Michelle and I are now the proud owners of Vivid Yoga studio in Menomonee Falls, WI – and our doors officially open for business on June 4, 2012. It’s been an exciting flurry of activity over here while we get things ready. We found a cute little place to call home for our new studio – but renovations need to happen before we move in completely. Over the next several weeks there are coats of paint to be added, a beautiful wood floor to be laid down and supplies to obtain and the rest. I would say we are about 85% of the way there right now. If you’re local – check out our web site where you can sign up for individual classes online, or purchase a 5-Class or 10-Class pass, unlimited membership or enjoy a Summer of Yoga package with our latest grand opening special.

For my WordPress geeks who venture onto this blog and wonder what the heck I am doing – it’s simple diversification. I’m not giving up my web site/development work, nor am I abandoning my writing (as a matter of fact, I am currently in the middle of writing WordPress For Dummies, 5th Edition AND WordPress All In One, 2nd Edition!). The web site for Vivid Yoga is, of course, powered by WordPress — I like to call it the yoga studio that WordPress built because without my work in the WordPress world, the financial backing for this studio would not have been possible!

The Vivid Yoga web site went live earlier this week. Along with WordPress, I used the Event Espresso plugin to power the sign-up and purchase of our individual weekly classes; Cart66 to power the purchase of our class passes, unlimited package and other items; Gravity Forms for use with several forms we use for the site, as well as our newsletter sign-up. The event sign up and e-commerce combination with WordPress really solves a lot of problems that a lot of yoga studios in this area (and nationally) with that type of functionality. So many yoga studios use the same third party solution to provide them with class scheduling, e-commerce and user accounts — and it costs between $75-200.00 per month for the benefits of enabling online scheduling, purchase and e-commerce. With the plugins I listed combined with the powerful WordPress platform – we’ve eliminated the monthly costs, making the one-time cost of those premium plugins pay for themselves within the first 2 months of our operation. Yay WordPress!

(disclaimer: the links to Event Espresso, Cart66 and Gravity Forms are affiliate links. I use those plugins regularly in my own, and in my client, projects and wholeheartedly support them)

4 Responses to “Vivid Yoga Studio in Menomonee Falls, WI”

  1. Congrats! Not something I really saw coming (obviously), but very cool!!!

  2. Lia Huber says:

    Congrats, Lisa! Good for you!

  3. Nick says:

    Congrats on the yoga studio. I’d love to go but seeing as how I’m traveling most of the time, and none of it in Wisconsin, I’d have a hard time making it…

    Why don’t you put your courses online? Maybe stream it and sell online yoga courses? You could scale the operation a lot more, and likely make much more than you could if you limited yourself to your local market?

    That way you can mix your web development skills in to give you a competitive edge over all/most other yoga classes….