The Economy of WordPress (speaking of that … need work in 2012??)

First, big thanks to WordPress for keeping me busy and in business.  I recently completed a video interview (publish date T.B.A.) where I was asked about the WordPress economy and the commercial ecosystem that has evolved around the WordPress platform.  One of the points I made in my answer was that if it were not for the insane popularity and success of the WordPress software, as well as its open source nature and the GPL, the ‘WordPress Economy‘ (as it was put to me) would not be nearly as successful and strong as it now is today – – thank you, WordPress!

Yes, I used “Economy“, “Commercial“, “Open Source” AND “GPL” in the same paragraph – don’t judge!  Imagine if WordPress wasn’t open source – – WORSE, imagine if the code were not accessible to you – – if you run a commercial WordPress business, step back and imagine where that business would be today if WordPress were not free, open and accessible to you & your brain?  Would it be easier…harder?  What challenges would you come up against?  Or would you still be working for the man in a cubicle 9-5?  It’s not only the open sourceness of it all – – but it is the environment of sharing, learning and collaboration that you find so hearty in the WordPress community, overall.  Step back and think about it for a second – there’s a lot to be thankful for if you are a commercial WordPress developer, designer, consultant (or whatever you’re calling yourselves these days).

I digress – – the reason for my post is to talk about a few projects that have kept my fingers busy over the past few months – several of them Multisite deployments, along with extensive work with custom post types and taxonomies – which I’m pretty excited about. Earlier on this blog, I mentioned recently launching the and sites for the London-based group, Cheapflights, which was a really fun project!

Recently, I’ve also helped launch, a Boston-based tech news/resources site for all things tech in the greater Boston area – they plan on using Multisite to branch out into other cities such as NYC, Philly, etc. Both sites use Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies with WordPress, along with the Multisite implementation to make it easy for them to add new sites to their network as their efforts and reach grow. Working on this site was a fantastic experience as the team at Bostinno are also developers, themselves, so it was an interesting mix of development and design collaboration with a client that I don’t get very often.  As a result, both sides had much to offer and learn from the other and I consider it to be one of my more priceless development experiences of 2011.

Both sites are utilizing WordPress Multisite & Custom Post Types in different ways:

  • Cheapflights – uses Multisite with domain mapping so they can easily control each of their different regional properties under one installation of WordPress (.com,, .ca, etc) – as they add new properties, they can easily map their domains and go!  The custom post type implementation here can be found on their Airline News page – that page pulls in the individual taxonomies created (in this case, different airline brands) along with the logo and the last 3 most recent posts and a ‘read more’ link that takes you to an individual airline news page that brings in not only the posts from that taxonomy – but the specific airline twitter feed, logo and information (using some custom field magic).
  • – uses Multisite, also with domain mapping, so they can add their different tech news sites based on different US cities while maintaining one install of WordPress across the board and they utilize the Gigya social solution to create community, sharing and social logins from Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Custom Post Types were implemented in two different ways for Bostinno.  First, their Series section allows them to create a grouping of posts that exist within the same series and has a custom template that pulls in a featured image to serve as a header image for that particular Series section (example: the Bostinno Tech Mafia Series).  The second implementation of Custom Post Types can be seen in their Channels section where they feature different Boston-based tech companies (example: the Wistia Channel), also with a custom template that pulls in a featured image so they can include a photographic header per channel, along with some custom widgets that pull in top posts from the individual channel, social media information for the channel company and featured writers from that channel.  Fun, fun!

Check out the post I recently wrote over at Convertiv – just a little primer about the power of WordPress Multisite.

I completed both these sites over the past few months in a partnership with my good friends, and colleagues, over at  Last month, I took on a more official role with Convertiv as their lead dev on these projects and VP of development – as they continue to grow their team and take on more and more enterprise level clients, my role expands into development oversight and implementation.  With projects rolling in and 2012 looking very promising at keeping me insanely busy, I have been putting out some feelers here and there to build a bit of a dev team to work with me on some of these larger scale projects for Convertiv and if you have an interest, please drop me a line.  Requirements?  Advanced WP development experience, plugin dev, PHP, MySQL knowledge and solid knowledge and demonstrated experience working with WP hooks, filters, functions, and such.  Also looking to work with a few theme devs with extensive experience in CSS, XHTML (HTML5, CSS3, and responsive design a total plus).

I also continue to maintain my own business at E.Webscapes, as well, getting custom work done for our clients – – doing both simultaneously keeps me off the streets and outta trouble (no, really)!  I am also looking for a few skilled freelancers to do WordPress project work there, both in design and development. Requirements?  Graphic Design, XHTML, CSS, WordPress themes (be prepared to show what you’ve done through examples).

It’s entirely possible that the positions could overlap both for Convertiv and E.Webscapes – – the projects differ slightly (at Convertiv, we do some pretty high level, large scale work with corporate clients, whereas at E.Webscapes I do a lot of small business and personal sites) – if you have an interest, don’t be afraid to reach out and get in touch.

NOTE:  Please be advised that I probably will not respond to inquiries until after the New Year (as the holidays creep up on me, my schedule has gotten ever so slightly impossible) – so have a happy, and SAFE holiday season and let’s chat in 2012!

3 Responses to “The Economy of WordPress (speaking of that … need work in 2012??)”

  1. Rick says:

    I am quite surprised that it has taken this long for the big players to convert to wordpress. It is the quickest and easiest platform out there and is only getting especially loves wp. I remember the days of configuring html sites and what a pain it was. Long live word press.

  2. Brian says:

    Lisa, what would you suggest be step one for someone who wants to get to the point of being qualified to help you out as a freelancer. Even though I’ve created a number of sites, nothing in my past comes close to your needed requirements. Unfortunately, I’m very desperate for money, but would like to learn as much as possible about creating quality wordpress sites.

    Some of what I’ve done is here: (I should interview you some time) (still working on the slider on the front page, last step till going live, this site has had exposure on a nationally syndicated talk show) – a devotional and church bulletin article website

    I also have many other sites, but and are the two I have spent the most time on.

    Any hints you can provide on improving my skills or obtaining some would be great.