WordPress For Dummies 4th Edition with 5 BONUS Themes

WordPress For Dummies 4th Edition with BONUS Themes

This summer, I finished writing the 4th Edition of my WordPress For Dummies book (John Wiley & Sons) and it covers up to WordPress version 3.2.  This time around my editor, Amy Fandrei and I decided to do something a little different with this release, to offer my readers a bit more value that what […]

ServerBeach at SXSW 2009

SXSW Craziness!

I’ve been spending the past 2 weeks preparing for my trip to the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX. This will be my third trip down to Austin for SXSW and I’m really looking forward to attending this year. Normally, there’s always a great deal to do before I take off for 5 days to attend the biggest geek gathering ever! I normally work long hours to make sure that all my client projects are either done, or well on their way to done and make sure everything I need on my home PC is set up for remote access, etc, etc. THIS year, however – it’s been a bit more crazy than usual because I’ve been working on developing five (5) premium WordPress themes that will be released at SXSW at the ServerBeach exhibit booth..

xMark Theme upgrade released

FYI for users of my xMark WordPress Theme .. yesterday, I released an upgrade. xMark v2.5 available for download. Updated for WP 2.6, with a few enhancements and adjustments.

Buried in WordPress

It’s been a pretty busy weekend, so far. I have my third deadline on Monday for WordPress For Dummies, Second Edition. The book is humming right along – – my last deadline is July 28th, so I should be done in relatively short order. As always, the challenge with writing this book is keeping up […]

Forgot to mention: Web414 June Meet Up

Tonight is my presentation at the Web414 June Meet Up – I blogged about it earlier this month. They had announced (and I had announced here on my own blog) that the Meet Up would be held at Bucketworks in Milwaukee. Since then, Southeastern Wisconsin has experienced some major storms and flooding and Bucketworks had […]

WordPress Girl in a Movable Type World

Go ahead… ask me how I spent my weekend…. The short answer: in a designers hell. The long answer: I spent my entire weekend developing FOUR different blogs for 2 different clients – each of these 4 blogs developed and designed in Movable Type 4. And here I thought that old saying went like this: […]

Sandbox Designs Competition Complete

Awhile ago I posted about the Sandbox Designs Competition that started back in June. The competition is now complete and the winning designs have been announced and displayed. First prize went to Arpit Jacob for SandPress, which is a really sharp and clean theme. Congrats to all the winners of the competition and big kudos […]

Saying Goodbye to Sponsored Themes

It started about a year ago, or so. Maybe more, but it was about a year ago that I started noticing a trend at the WordPress themes site. Designers were putting up this new breed of free themes called ‘Sponsored Themes’ – pretty much it meant they were selling links to appear in the free […]

Sandbox Designs Competition

Scott Allan Wallick and Andy Skelton recently announced a competition for creating style sheets for the Sandbox theme for WordPress – The Sandbox Designs Competition For those of you not familiar with The Sandbox – it is a WordPress theme, only naked – leaving you, the creative designing geniuses that you are, to dress it […]

Its been a really good week

I’m rounding the bend.. hurtling towards my second deadline, which is due March 1. It will be a solid few days of writing between now and then until I have to start working on my third deadline (March 31.) Someone here told me that this book thing was a GOOD idea — who was it?? […]