WordCamp Atlanta 2012

Speaking at WordCamp Atlanta on WordPress Theme Basics

I’m excited to be presenting at WordCamp Atlanta on February 4th, 2012!  Atlanta holds a special place for me because I was supposed to be living there by now – -but life intervened and I ended up staying here in Wisconsin.  During my ‘moving to Atlanta’ moving phase, however; quite a few members of the WordPress community in Atlanta displayed so much of that famous southern hospitality and reached out to see if they could help in any way – – offering everything from moving boxes to shacking me up in the area while visiting Atlanta, trying to settle details … down to the offer of beer delivery on the weekend of the big move (somehow, they knew I’d be accepting of beer gifts, go figure!).  So, doing Atlanta’s WordCamp was a no brainer for me.

I am speaking on the topic of WordPress Themes and in the short time I have available to talk, hope to cover the information I wish I had years ago when I first started dipping my toe into the world of WordPress Themes. Themes are very popular with users of WordPress, primarily because the theme defines the look and feel of your web site, and the functions within the template carry your content forward to the eyes of your readers.  Yet, themes still remain a mystery to many new users of WordPress, especially getting started in creating your own theme.  This session covers the basics of WordPress themes and provides practical tips on how to get started creating your own theme.

In this session you will learn the basic templates (index, header, sidebar, footer), including the stylesheet with basic CSS information to help you with styles and formats; additionally, you will learn how to connect the template files together to create a basic WordPress theme that you can build on from there.  Discover basic template tags to help you accomplish your goals of content delivery and even learn how to make sure your theme supports basic WordPress features such as widgets, featured images, custom header and custom backgrounds.

At the end of the session, I will provide attendees with a link where you can download the example basic theme for you to work with long after WordCamp Atlanta is over, as you continue your journey towards becoming a master of WordPress themes!

If you’re planning on attending WordCamp Atlanta this year – be sure to let me know, or at the very least – look me up while you’re there and say hi!

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