I bought one of these at Starbucks today. It’s called a Chantico. As a lover of all things chocolate, I figured I’d give it a try. I mean – drinkable chocolate . . . for someone who loves to suck the Hershey’s Syrup right out of the bottle – this had to be for me! […]

Maroon 5

I’m in love with this song. Something about it . . the music . . the guys voice . . the tune. Thought I’d share. (windows media player required). Beauty queen of only eighteen She had some trouble with herself He was always there to help her She always belonged to someone else I drove […]

Second Term

The boys from JibJab strike again with their latest – Second Term. They are a riot. From their blog: a musical ditty called “SECOND TERM!” featuring President Bush, conservatives, liberals, Hollywood activists and dysfunctional world leaders duking it out for power and influence. As always, we worked hard to keep the jabs even handed – […]

Blog Love

You had to know it was coming! $69.00 will get you some love for your blog. Including one custom designed Valentine’s themed skin to your blog. Want more? Now through Valentine’s day – purchase any of our packages and get a Valentine’s themed skin 50% off the special price. Show your blog some love! Reilly […]

Nap Time

It’s 9:30am and I haven’t slept yet. I stayed up all night long to make sure that Chris woke up for his early flight to Atlanta. I stayed up until he left . . then chatted a bit on the phone with my bud, Reilly. Now I’m laying down for a little nap – – […]

Quickie Fall Report

Chris: 0 Lisa : 1 No. Really. It’s because the top bindings on my boots were too loose. Honest .. I never fall. It had to have been the boots fault! Right off the damn lift, too . . . off the lift – – not-so-graceful fall down the path. It. Was. The. Boots. I’m […]


Off to hit the slopes for a few hours this afternoon. Skiing in cold, frigid temperatures clears my head – so it’s a MUST DO for the day! In the meantime – did you know that the tree frog freezes solid in the winter? It’s true – – frozen solid. Scientists say that, before winter […]

If my blog were my lover

Things have been a bit quiet around here as work has invaded my usual blogging time. Ahh, blogging – I knew you well! If my blog were a lover . . . it would have left my ass a long time ago, seeking greener pastures – citing neglect as the sole reason for heartache. Haven’t […]

iPod Crazy

I’ve seen quite a few bloggers blegging for signups for this free iPod giveaway. Cool, fun idea — if this household didn’t already have three of them. But hey – if ya don’t have one . . . you should give it a try. So far, I’ve read of about 5 bloggers who have actually […]

My Backyard Ice Rink

Ever sit around and wonder to yourself . . . “Hmmm . . I wonder what happens when it rains a lot in Wisconsin in January??” Yep . . . your very own nice, solid ice rink in your backyard . . . Here ya go – – That’s frozen solid. Ice skating anyone?

Blog Clicker

A new and fun alternative to Blog Explosion. I found out about it from Reilly It’s called Blog Clicker – – I’ve been doing it for a day – and so far, so good. If you like to surf . . and want more traffic – – and want to find new and fun blogs […]

Dog and Butterfly

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. At least, not in my daughter’s case. If ever I had a Mini-Me – – she’s it. When I was young(er) – I made a living singing in a rock band. Yep – Little-Known-Fact #101. The band was called “Kidd Sister” – – it was me and […]


Why is it that everyone else in the country is having decent snow this winter except here? Of all places! I shouldn’t misrepresent my state like that – we did get snow. A few inches this week. Not nearly the 30 some inches that Bear Mountain got in Cali, though. Dammit. We got a few […]

Getting work outta the way

Dave, over at ViewPoint Journal contacted me for a full re-do. He is the newest member of our Blogs About community. He had been using pMachine and was interested in moving off pMachine onto WordPress. So, we imported all of his posts over into a new WordPress blog on our servers, and finished up his […]

Live Journal Import Package!

We’re running a special for Live Journal users. Sixapart – the people who bring you Movable Type, have purchased Live Journal. From the emails I’ve recieved from folks – – some are happy about it, some aren’t so happy about it. So we’re happy to bring Live Journal users an affordable and easy alternative. What […]

Andrea Yates – Murder Convictions Overturned

Texas Mom’s Murder Convictions Overturned Andrea Yates’ capital murder convictions for drowning her children were overturned Thursday by an appeals court, which ruled that a prosecution witness’ erroneous testimony about a nonexistent TV episode could have been crucial. Yates’ lawyers had argued at a hearing last month before a three-judge panel of the First Court […]

Writer? ME??

I have been asked to write an article on site design. I’ve never written an article before – – but I agreed to it anyways. It’s for a marketing/business strategies company that does internet consulting for small businesses. I’m to write the article on the Top 10 tips for site design and how to choose […]

Wintery Weekend

After about a little burp at our Data Center that caused about a 15 minute downtime for our sites, and a long weekend of nothing but work – – I think I’m finally going to quit for the weekend and try and enjoy it a little bit. I mean, it’s only 10pm on a Sunday […]

Ringing in the New Year

Happy new year, everyone. Celebrate. Be happy. Just be safe – watch out for crazy people on the roads and please don’t drink and drive. I am greatly looking forward to 2005 a great deal. 2004 was a very good year and I have absolutely no complaints about 2004 at all – – it was […]

Workin' Hard

I’ve done a few interesting sites as of late – – some of them very challenging, indeed. Bill Wyatt, of Martinsville, VA – owns a few media outlets in the state of Virginia. He is the newest member to our Blogs About community Martinsvile Media is his on line news portal. What we did with […]

Who Moved My Cheese?

For reasons to be explained later, I’m buying this book based on a suggestion from Kimberly. From the flap: Change can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your perspective. The message of Who Moved My Cheese? is that all can come to see it as a blessing, if they understand the nature of […]


Censorship only a true geek can appreciate. Not that I appreciate it, mind you. I’m a Geek-In-Denial™

Stone Face

From the category of: Don’t-Do-That-Or-Your-Face-Will-Stay-That-Way: Two doctors and their Arizona company were barred Monday from selling an unapproved botulism toxin believed to have paralyzed four people who used it instead of Botox, the popular anti-wrinkle treatment. /break/ Food and Drug Administration investigators found records that the company made three deliveries to a clinic where people […]


Have you ever gotten homesick? I can’t say that I ever have . . but then, I’m a pretty independant person. Always have been – even as a kid. My daughter was invited to spend the night at Grandma’s house tonight. Her cousin, Kiley, was also invited. They were all going to hang out and […]

Is it really over?

Ok – so I mentioned that Christmas is one of my favorite times of year, but I think I also neglected to mention that I’m pretty happy when it’s all over! How exhausting it all is – – the shopping, the preparation, the gatherings with all those young nieces and nephews! Oy! We had a […]