I get a little warm in my heart when I think of winter…

I hear a voice…’you must learn to stand up for yourself because I can’t always be around.’ He says…’when you gonna make up your mind?  When you gonna love you as much as I do…? Winter ~ Tori Amos’

New Theme Release at Allure: Daytime

Keeping up with my theme-a-week promise over here and my fingers haven’t fallen off YET!  Check out my latest theme at Allure called Daytime, a pretty, watercolor, feminine WordPress theme.  (demo here)

A theme and a book release – my day is done

Today saw the official release of the 4th Edition of my book: WordPress For Dummies (an entire MONTH early) …  Free themes, bonus content, and all!  Today also saw the release of a brand new theme over at Allure Themes called Varied.  I think I’ve done enough damage for one day – enjoy your weekend!

One new theme every Friday through October

Check out my latest post over at Allure Themes about how I’m celebrating 6 months since opening.  Hint:  1 brand new theme a week between now and the end of October.  I guess THAT will keep me off the streets and out of trouble!

WordPress For Dummies 4th Edition with 5 BONUS Themes

WordPress For Dummies 4th Edition with BONUS Themes

This summer, I finished writing the 4th Edition of my WordPress For Dummies book (John Wiley & Sons) and it covers up to WordPress version 3.2.  This time around my editor, Amy Fandrei and I decided to do something a little different with this release, to offer my readers a bit more value that what […]


A Father’s Eulogy

July 12, 2011 at 5:35 am my father passed from this world after a battle with cancer. Today I will say my final goodbyes to a man that defies any description.

Marketing TechBlog Radio Show

I will be appearing on the Marketing TechBlog Radio Show this Friday (June 24th) at 3pm EST to chat about all things WordPress, blogging, design, and social media.  Douglas Karr, author of Corporate Blogging For Dummies, will be my gracious host.  Tune in right here on Friday to listen in.


WordPress Web Design For Dummies is Available

I am excited to announce the release of my latest WordPress book, WordPress Web Design For Dummies, which is now available on Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobel and anywhere books are sold, online or at your local brick and mortar bookstore. This is the fourth title that I have written for Wiley Publishing on the topic of WordPress – its gotten to the point where the folks at Wiley are calling me their Franchise author on all things WordPress (no, really – ask Ellen, she’ll tell you all about it!)

Author Dedication :: WordPress Web Design For Dummies

Rough Road

My ever-growing inbox tells me that I need to leave a note here, on my personal blog about some things that are going on in my life at the moment. I’m not as responsive as I normally am, nor am I as present in and around the web as usual. Many folks have inquired and I want to leave a note here for you to know what is going on, just for when you don’t hear back from me quickly, or if I’ve promised a response, but have been slow to return.

One and Only

I’m having a hard time quitting Adele – her album, 21, has been on my playlist almost 24/7, exclusively, for weeks! “…..I don’t know why I’m scared, ’cause I’ve been here before, every feeling, every word, I’ve imagined it all, you’ll never know if you never try, to forgive your past and simply be mine…I […]

Book Expo America

Speaking at Book Expo America

I’m was thrilled to be asked to speak at the annual Book Expo America, the leading event in North American publishing, on May 21st, 2011 in New York City at the Jacob Javits Center. I will be presenting as part of the DIY Authors Conference & Marketplace – where aspiring writers get critical information and solutions to help them get published or self-published. My session is from 2:00pm – 3:00pm (Room 1E15) and is titled “Web-based Author Tools: What Works?”.

Genesis Child Themes Available at Allure

I’m happy to announce that my themes at Allure Themes are now available as child themes for the Genesis Framework by StudioPress.  I have two Allure Themes ported to Genesis, so far – – by end of May – all of my themes at Allure will also be available for use on Genesis.  After that?  […]

Tiny Desk Concert

In a stripped-down three-song set at the NPR Music offices, the Grammy-winning U.K. pop star showcases her brilliant voice.

New Allure Theme Release: April

Happy to announce that I released a new theme at Allure today called “April” – – a springtime theme with light colors and linen textures.  Have a look!


Newly Launched Allure Themes – WordPress Themes for Women

Thrilled to announce the launch last week of Allure Themes. I mentioned our intention to launch on this blog back in January, and did a sneak peek webinar, posted on this blog a few weeks ago. Allure officially launched on April 12, 2011 – so why am I just getting around to announcing the launch now? Because launching a brand new theme company is BUSY work, man … a fact, by the way, no one bothered to mention to me … but its cool, I managed :)

WordPress All In One For Dummies

WordPress All In One Book Released

My editor at Wiley Publishing started to hint around at the idea of writing an All In One book for WordPress way back in October 2009. Back then, it was just a hint… a ‘hey, Lisa, what would you think about …”. I was in a race to complete the third edition of my WordPress For Dummies book, and certainly wasn’t in the mood to entertain the idea of jumping into another book project, let alone a 912 page collaborative project that would put me in the position of co-author AND project manager.

E.Webscapes Hiring WordPress Designer/Developer

We are hiring a WordPress designer/developer, or two at E.Webscapes.  Interested –> check it out!


Allure Theme Teasers

Today, I am revealing THREE theme teasers from Allure Themes on our Allure Flickr account- – more teasers to come in the days to follow!  Allure launches end of March 2011 – join Allure on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr!  Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for launch special pricing …and prizes!

WordPress Twenty Ten Child Themes: WordPress.TV

My presentation, Twenty Ten in 2011,  given at WordCamp Phoenix in January, 2011 – originally posted at WordPress.tv.

Parrot Interruptus

I was interviewed by Kym Huynh earlier today for an interview that will be published on WordCast in the coming weeks.  The interview is about my upcoming books and projects; however, this audio file serves as proof that not all interviews go as planned.  Kym sent me a snippet of the interview that he cut […]

Upcoming Events Spring 2011

Upcoming Events Spring 2011

With several items on my personal and business agenda this year, I’ve been trying to cut down as much as possible on travel where I can.  Last year, I think I took a dozen and a half trips to various WordCamps and other events, and this year, I’m trying to cut that in half.  On […]

Interview: Building Your WordPress Business

Forgot to mention the interview I did with the lovely Siobhan Ambrose at WPMU.Org on Building Your WordPress Business – I always appreciate the folks over at WPMU.Org and their interest and coverage of the goings on in the WordPress community – thanks, guys (and gals!).

DEF CREW Packers Anthem

Packers Anthem by DEF CREW – – Go Pack!

Lisa Sabin-Wilson WordPress Corvette WordCamp Phoenix


WordCamp Phoenix, 2011. (Photo credit: Michael Torbert)

The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Anaïs Nin: Blossom