Launch a Blog In a Day For Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Launch a Blog In A Day (For Dummies)

Happy to announce the release of my latest project for Wiley Publishing. The For Dummies division is launching a new series called “…In A Day For Dummies” which are short e-books geared toward helping you learn a new skill “in a day”.   Wiley Publishing decided to pilot this new series with books on WordPress since it’s such a damn popular service (can ya blame them??) and because the WordPress service seems to lend itself to this type of publication.

Launch a WordPress.Com Blog In A Day For Dummies is a 96-page e-book with the goal of getting you from start to launch on the hosted service. WordPress is among the most popular blogging platforms. If you’re ready to start your WordPress blog, this handy e-book will get you going. It gets right to the point, showing you how to create a account, navigate and use the Dashboard, customize blog settings, use themes, organize your blog, and dress it up with widgets and upgrades. A special link to provides additional information, including video tutorials that boost your blog IQ. Read it today and have your blog up and running tomorrow!

This highly focused e-book gives you the straight line on setting up a blog using

  • Walks you through creating your account, navigating and using the Dashboard, choosing a theme for your blog, customizing settings, and organizing your blog by categories
  • Provides further materials, including video tutorials on establishing settings and privacy controls, plus step-by-step instructions for setting up your blog
  • Launch a Blog In A Day For Dummies is the quick and easy way to join the blogosphere with

Just a fun little project to do in between complete re-writes of my WordPress For Dummies for its 5th Edition (due out in November) and my WordPress All In One for its 2nd edition (due out in Jan 2013).  Writing on those two books commences this summer – so if you see me scowling, throw me a smile!

10 Responses to “Launch a Blog In A Day (For Dummies)”

  1. Ide says:

    I wish you great success with your writing project.

  2. Tom Tucker says:

    Will the new ebook become available through Apple for the iPad soon?

  3. Helen says:

    Im new to WordPress and I should say, not new to computers, but not sure how to use it. My fiance purchused this for me to make money and I havent got anywhere yet!!! This is harder then I thought it was going to be. Please help!!!! LOL

  4. rizkha says:

    i wish you succes with this writing project

  5. Hi
    I wish someone would put some time into creating a similar publication for Movable Type.

    My blog is in MT5 and it is a very complex package to use, but I think gives much more professional results than WordPress. If you have a look at my blog you can see the difference.

  6. Dale says:

    WordPress is a great platform to use. It takes time using it to become proficient with it. A quick start guide like this is

    invaluable to people getting started. I know it took me months of using it till I was comfortable using it.

    Kudos for writing such a helpful guide for beginners!

  7. Arif Rahman says:

    i wish you succes with this writing project, and i’ll be waiting for a launching news for your books

  8. Hej H. says:

    Hi Lisa,

    much respect and congratulations to your success! This post sprung into my eye because I’ve been thinking about this whole blogging thing. Is it something that one should pursue or is it a waste of time? I’m so confused.. On one side I think that hacking, wordpress, online marketing and stuff like that is really interesting and the possiblity of one day maybe running an own business (like you) is really appealing! On the other side, I’m so afraid that the whole thing might not work out and it will just be a huge waste of time… Time in which I could have done something else, like doing internships in different businesses. What are your thoughts on this? And what do other readers think?

    Thanks a lot!

  9. I have WordPress for dummies and also dowloaded this e-book, they are very useful resources that I can refer to when needed. Keep up the good work

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