Launch a Blog In a Day For Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Launch a Blog In A Day (For Dummies)

Happy to announce the release of my latest project for Wiley Publishing. The For Dummies division is launching a new series called “…In A Day For Dummies” which are short e-books geared toward helping you learn a new skill “in a day”.   Wiley Publishing decided to pilot this new series with books on WordPress […]

WordPress All In One For Dummies

WordPress All In One Book Released

My editor at Wiley Publishing started to hint around at the idea of writing an All In One book for WordPress way back in October 2009. Back then, it was just a hint… a ‘hey, Lisa, what would you think about …”. I was in a race to complete the third edition of my WordPress For Dummies book, and certainly wasn’t in the mood to entertain the idea of jumping into another book project, let alone a 912 page collaborative project that would put me in the position of co-author AND project manager.