That one time I dressed up like a cat….

There was this time in 2012 that I dressed up like the Cat in The Hat and gave a presentation about WordPress Themes, and did it in Dr. Seuss rhyme! It was for WordCamp Philly 2012. It was close to Halloween so the organizers decided to have a speaker costume contest (‘lest you think I […]

WordPress Multisite – Is This Thing On???

Where I pelt my unsuspecting audience with candy treats …. My presentation at Wordcamp LasVegas 2012: An introduction to the Multisite feature of WordPress that will help you understand what Multisite is, how to activate the features on you installation, and a walk through of basic features of Multisite. This is followed by several […]

WordCamp Central


The time between now and November has me traveling a great deal for WordCamps and other events.  If you are attending any of these events, I hope you find me there and say HI! WordCamp Grand Rapids – August 18-19th:  Because who doesn’t want to travel to Grand Rapids, Michigan??  It’s always been a dream […]

WordCamp Milwaukee 2012

Speaking at WordCamp Milwaukee on WordPress Multisite

I am excited to say that I will be speaking at WordCamp Milwaukee on June 2-3, 2012.  A WordCamp in my hometown – that’s something new!  All WordCamps I’ve ever attended have included flights (except Chicago – I drove), hotels, room service and sometimes car rentals.  THIS time, however, WordCamp Milwaukee is in my backyard […]

WordCamp Atlanta 2012

Speaking at WordCamp Atlanta on WordPress Theme Basics

I’m excited to be presenting at WordCamp Atlanta on February 4th, 2012!  Atlanta holds a special place for me because I was supposed to be living there by now – -but life intervened and I ended up staying here in Wisconsin.  During my ‘moving to Atlanta’ moving phase, however; quite a few members of the […]

WordPress Twenty Ten Child Themes: WordPress.TV

My presentation, Twenty Ten in 2011,  given at WordCamp Phoenix in January, 2011 – originally posted at

Lisa Sabin-Wilson WordPress Corvette WordCamp Phoenix


WordCamp Phoenix, 2011. (Photo credit: Michael Torbert)

Lisa Sabin-Wilson speaking at WordCamp Phoenix January 2011

Attending and Speaking at WordCamp Phoenix Jan. 29

I’m looking forward to attending WordCamp Phoenix this month. This marks my first, ever visit to Phoenix – I’m looking forward to visiting for 5 days. I will be in Phoenix January 27 – 31, most of that time will be spent involved with the festivities involved with WordCamp Phoenix, including speaking on Saturday, January 29th at 2:15 – 2:45 on the topic of customizing the 2010 (Twenty Ten) default WordPress theme by creating your own child theme, using Twenty Ten as the parent frame work. My session is called 2010 in 2011 – if you are attending WordCamp Phoenix, I hope to see you there!


WordCamp Savannah – WordPress Q&A

I am attending and presenting at WordCamp Savannah this weekend and am really looking forward to it. From what I understand, Savannah has a young WordPress community full of true beginners and people just getting started with WordPress. Jane Wells is doing a bang up job in organizing a local WordPress community there, and this is just the beginning. I’m thrilled to help!

WordCamp Boulder Presentation: Intro to BuddyPress

From WordCamp Boulder (Boulder, CO) in July 2010.


WordPress For Dummies 3rd Edition available

WordPress For Dummies, 3rd Edition by Lisa Sabin-Wilson (Wiley Pub.) is now available on for pre-order. This edition of the book was, almost, completely re-written and covers all the basics about the WordPress platform – including all the great new features that version 3.0 brings to its users, including how to set up and use the new Multi Site features so you can run more than one blog or web site on ONE installation of the WordPress software, how to use the custom menu feature to build and create your own custom navigation menus, a comprehensive look at the NEW default WordPress theme called Twenty Ten, using custom post types to create new ways to present different types of content – – as well as the rest of the information you’ve come to expect from WordPress For Dummies


Want to go to WordCamp NYC?? It's on me!

With WordCamp NYC coming up next weekend – I’m catching that whole WordCamp spirit again.  I have to say that I truly enjoy attending WordCamp and wish more WP users would attend, if they could.  It’s really a great deal of fun just meeting, talking and sharing with other people within the user community – […]