A theme and a book release – my day is done

Today saw the official release of the 4th Edition of my book: WordPress For Dummies (an entire MONTH early) …  Free themes, bonus content, and all!  Today also saw the release of a brand new theme over at Allure Themes called Varied.  I think I’ve done enough damage for one day – enjoy your weekend!

4 Responses to “A theme and a book release – my day is done”

  1. Quick question — bought the 8-in-1 edition of WP for Dummies….then this comes out — other than buying the new book, is there any way I can get that secret code access to those extra themes that comes in the 4th edition of WP for Dummies? Thanks!!

    • Hi Andrea – first, thanks much for reading my work and I hope you enjoy the All In One book. However, they are two separate works – – similar titles, but different one from another.

      As a way of celebrating the 4th edition of this book, my editor decided to provide a bit of a bonus for readers with this release and the themes are available only with this particular book (WordPress For Dummies, 4th Edition).

      Thanks for your interest!

  2. AC says:

    Congratulations. Don continues to be proud of you.